Captain Rebecca Murga

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Captain Rebecca Murga

Captain Rebecca Murga, originally from Chicago IL, is 35 years old and currently resides in Los Angeles. She is an independent filmmaker and just finished directing her first documentary film “Patriots: A Story about Latinos in the Military”.

Rebecca served in the U.S. Army (2004-2013) as a Public Affairs officer. While deployed in Afghanistan she served as a Cultural Support Team Leader who helped Afghan women get access to health care and education. She has been producing for sports, news and the Army for over 10 years now and wants to make the leap into film and television.

She loves the art of telling stories through photography, writing or directing.

“I want people to understand there are women out there who give up a lot to serve their country.They leave behind their kids, families, and homes, and don't ask for recognition or awards. They are strong women that walk around the streets, women you would pass by and never even notice, but women who would lay down their lives for their country, just like a man would. And, in some cases, they did pay the ultimate sacrifice. Those are the type of stories that need to be told”. – Rebecca Jill Murga

Rebecca’s film "The Letter" tells the heartwarming story of a little girl who writes a letter to Santa. She is angry at Santa because every Christmas she doesn’t get what she asks for. This year, the only thing she wants is for her mother, who is deployed to Afghanistan, to come back home for Christmas.


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