Meet the Veterans

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  • Donna served in the U.S. Army (1999-2011). Currently, she is a freelance writer and is inspired by every person who raises their right hand in defense of freedom. Watch Donna's film now! Read More »

  • Ryan served as an U.S. Army Engineer for eight years (2001-2009). Ryan’s goal is to direct and produce television and feature films. He is driven by structural and visual aspects of storytelling. Watch Ryan's film now! Read More »

  • Colin served in the US Army from 2008-2012 as an Infantryman and was deployed with Operation Enduring Freedom.Originally from Hollywood, California, he is a writer and aspiring filmmaker. Watch Colin's film now! Read More »

  • Donre served in the US Army from 2001-2012. He currently resides in Compton, California and is a Military Liaison for Columbia College Hollywood helping veterans pursue their dreams of working the film and entertainment industry. Watch Donre's film now! Read More »

  • Rebecca served in the U.S. Army (2004-2013) as a Public Affairs officer and currently resides in Los Angeles. She is an independent filmmaker and just finished directing her first documentary film. Watch Rebecca's film now! Read More »

  • A Homecoming
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    Donna Bachler' film, A Homecoming, is a story of a young veteran who excitedly awaits the return of his best friend, the warrior and hero he served with. Click here for a complete list of credits. Read More »

  • The Dance
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    Ryan Curtis' film, The Dance, is a touching story about a young soldier who’s determined to surprise the girl he loves with the dance they never had. Click here for a complete list of credits. Read More »

  • Laughter Under Fire
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    Colin Wells' documentary short, Laughter Under Fire, is told from the filmmakers’ experience in Afghanistan, his time served in the Army, and how laughter brought his battalion together. Click here for a complete list of credits. Read More »

  • Yellow Ribbon
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    Donre Walker’s film, Yellow Ribbon, is a heartwarming, emotional story that celebrates the power of hope. Click here for a complete list of credits. Read More »

  • We encourage you to explore the Heroes Work Here website and discover where you can begin the next chapter of your personal career story! Read More »

  • The Letter
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    Rebecca Murga’s film, The Letter, tells the heartwarming story of a little girl who writes a letter to Santa. Click here for a complete list of credits. Read More »

  • ABC embraces "Home for the Holidays," a campaign with five short films that are written, directed and produced by US veterans. Click here to learn more! Read More »