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  • Tennessee Jet
    • By MusicLounge
    Tennessee Jet is one-man electric & acoustic roots rock ‘n roll show from Nashville. A wide-eyed exploration of contrast and de-construction, TN Jet utilizes a variety of instruments; Electric and acoustic guitars, bass drum, tambourine, bones, and harmonica. Read More »

  • Chris Carmack studied at NYU’s esteemed Tisch Adler Conservatory for two years before heading out to Los Angeles, where he helped launch the theatrical production of “Elephant.” His work in the play attracted the attention of the producers from the hit drama “The O.C.,” who cast him as Luke Ward in the series in 2003. Read More »

  • Delta Rae
    • By MusicLounge
    Seymour Stein’s office sits way up in the highrises of the Rockefeller Plaza; a corner office, with a beautiful view out over New York City, its surfaces cluttered with all of the memorabilia, awards and accumulated paraphernalia of a lifetime spent in the music industry. It was into this office that the six members of Delta Rae shuffled one day in the summer of 2011. A rather convoluted connection had led them here to this meeting, their first with a major record label, and no one was quite sure how to proceed. “We were very nervous,” recalls Ian Holljes, with perhaps some understatement. Read More »

  • London Grammar
    • By MusicLounge
    It is doing no disservice at all to London Grammar to say that very little happens in their songs. Talk to Hannah Reid, Dot Major and Dan Rothman and it’s soon clear that they’d take that as a compliment, though; that what the three of them prize above all in music is space, understatement – even silence, if that’s what a song needs. This approach – “actually, that should be ‘obsession’, Hannah corrects – has resulted in a debut album whose emotional impact is out of all proportion to the musical content of the songs. The result of 18 painstaking months spent writing and recording, its eleven tracks are testament to the trio’s innate understanding of the roles that subtlety, contrast and restraint have always played in great music. “That’s how this all started,” says Dan, “and it’s always been our primary goal, to keep space in the music. The way that, say, the guitar and vocal interact is massively important to us.” Read More »

  • Foy Vance
    • By MusicLounge
    Foy Vance was born in the North Ireland town of Bangor, but his passion for traditional music was born in the southern states of America. As a child, Foy relocated with his father, a preacher, to the American Midwest settling in Oklahoma. With his father, Foy travelled the American South, widening his horizons and absorbing the rich musical traditions he was exposed to. Returning to Ireland some years later, Foy began writing his own music, deeply shaped by the sounds of his youth. Since those days, he has spent a considerable amount of time on the road, touring with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Michael Kiwanuka, Marcus Foster, Snow Patrol, and Ed Sheeran. Foy also scored Oscar-winning short-film The Shore with David Holmes, who collaborated with Vance on his 2012 Melrose EP. Foy’s newest album, Joy Of Nothing, will be released this year. Read More »

  • Bear McCreary
    • By MusicLounge
    Bear McCreary was launched into pop culture with his groundbreaking score to the hit series Battlestar Galactica, that was lauded by Variety as “the most innovative music on TV today.” It “fits the action so perfectly, it’s almost devastating: a sci-fi score like no other” (NPR). Io9.com ranked McCreary one of the Ten Best Science Fiction Composers of All Time, and recently WIRED Magazine declared him one of only five “Secret Weapons” of the television industry. Bear was recently announced as the composer for ABC’s highly-anticipated Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a project that will allow him to collaborate with the visionary Joss Whedon on the first foray into television for the blockbuster Marvel cinematic universe. Read More »

  • Bonnie McKee
    • By MusicLounge
    You may not know her face yet, but you definitely know her work. Bonnie McKee is a singer and songwriter who has co-written songs for an array of A-list pop stars, including Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Carly Rae Jepsen, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, and Taio Cruz, racking up eight No. 1 singles, including Perry’s “Teenage Dream” and “California Gurls,” Spears’ “Hold It Against Me,” and Cruz’s “Dynamite” — in the process. Now the girl whom Rolling Stone called 2011’s “Best Secret Weapon” is ready to step out as an artist in her own right with her single “American Girl,” an anthemic pop tune that showcases her powerhouse voice, knack for big choruses, and nostalgia-tinged lyrical point of view. Read More »

  • Matt White
    • By MusicLounge
    Born in New Jersey, raised in New York City, went to college in Wisconsin and is currently splitting his time between Los Angeles and NYC when he’s not on the road, Matt White has done and seen quite a bit. His first love was the piano, which he started to play at just three years old. Initially focusing on classical music and opera until he was a teenager, he then moved toward finding his voice and more mainstream influences. Like a boy leaving his high school sweetheart behind, he went away to college and cheated on the piano with the guitar, only because a piano was not readily available. Moving back to NYC, he continued his affair with the guitar, busking on street corners and in Washington Square Park to make ends meet. Eventually, the NYC music scene provided him a place for both his lovers at venues such as Joe’s Pub and The Living Room, where he watched his audience grow significantly with each performance. Read More »

  • Act As If
    • By MusicLounge
    Peter Verdell started his career as an A&R rep for Drive-Thru Records during the pop-punk revolution of the early-mid 2000’s, an era which saw the label propel bands like Something Corporate and New Found Glory to mainstream success. Verdell decided to leave the label and begin recording his own music, and in May 2010 he released his debut LP 'There’s a Light' under the name Act As If. Read More »

  • Jamestown Revival
    • By MusicLounge
    At the heart of Jamestown Revival is a friendship that spans over a decade. Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance grew up together in the small Texas town of Magnolia. From a young age, they shared a love for music as well as the outdoors. About an hour north of Magnolia TX, there was some old family land with a dilapidated ranch house where they spent the better part of their adolescence exploring the thousand-acre property, and when the sun when down they took to the records of the songwriters and bands that inspired them. Read More »

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  • Ella Eyre
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