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  • Mackintosh Braun
    • By MusicLounge
    Mackintosh Braun is a formidable indie electronic duo from Portland who blend crisp, sophisticated production with sharp, emotive songwriting. Mesmerized equally by the joyful simplicity of the Bee Gees and the cerebral cool of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, they feel compelled to make substantive music that showcased a deep range of influences but that you could also dance to. Get a free download of their song "We Ran Faster Then" as featured on Grey's Anatomy # 1006 "Map of You". Read More »

  • Taylor Swift
    • By MusicLounge
    Seven-time GRAMMY winner Taylor Swift announced this week that she will perform a very unique version of her hit single “Red” on this year’s CMA Awards telecast. The all-star performance will feature special guests Alison Krauss, Edgar Meyer, Eric Darken, Sam Bush and Vince Gill. Taylor is nominated for six CMA awards, including Entertainer of the Year, and the show airs live on November 6th on ABC. Read More »

  • HAIM
    • By MusicLounge
    Talent, excitement, chemistry, laughter, and style – this is HAIM. The LA sisters have butterflies for a reason; Danielle, Este and Alana Haim have waited years to set their R&B, pop radio and classic rock inspired songs free. Electric talent, fiery resolve and sparkling character have helped these three Valley girls battle setbacks, insecurity, bitchiness and doubt to ride a surge of acclaim and sign to a major label. “It’s so exciting it makes me want to vomit, we’ve spent years trying so hard to do this together. Actually, like, God dudes I hate you now…I’m kidding!” guitarist and singer Alana (aka Babyhaim) says, pointing at her sisters. Read More »

  • Classified
    • By MusicLounge
    Classified is the Canadian MC from Enfled, Nova Scotia, who has not only remained current, but improved with each disc. Revered and respected, the rapper-producer has taken Canadian hip hop music all over the world, all the while deepening his word play sharpening his beats. Now, returning with his new, first-ever self-titled album on Half Life Records/Universal Music Canada, Classified presents the apex of his trials and tribulations of a lifetime spent in the studio, and on the road. Read More »

  • Half Moon Run
    • By MusicLounge
    It is rare to find a band with such an extraordinary sense of communion as Half Moon Run. To listen to their music, to see them play, is not so much to hear their songs as to feel one is eavesdropping on a musical conversation; it is a convocation, a ceremony of sorts, it is to be struck by the feeling that you are watching something draw flame and catch fire. They create music that is emboldened by paradoxes; it feels familiar and new at the same time; a fresh take on rock music emanating from just guitars, drums, and four voices merged as one. Perhaps they provide the soundtrack for long night drives, snow cutting across the glow of the headlights. Maybe they’re the sound of a break ups, breakdowns, and putting life back together piece by piece. They’re introspective, but outwardly positive. Energized and powered by life and the urge to carry on. Read More »

  • The Fray
    • By MusicLounge
    The history of The Fray and ABC goes all the way back to the second season of Grey's Anatomy, when their then-unknown song "How To Save A Life" was featured in the episode Superstition, and also used in previews for the third season. That usage would help launch the song all the way to #3 on the Hot 100 charts, and set the stage for it to eventually go 3 x Platinum. Now we're helping them launch their latest single, "Love Don't Die" off their fourth album, set for release in January. Click Here to get the full story on the latest from The Fray. Read More »

  • Moon Taxi
    • By MusicLounge
    For the members of Moon Taxi, their third album, Mountains Beaches Cities, represents the idea of exploration - searching both the world and themselves for new experiences. The Nashville rock group, who had honed in on a notably compelling aesthetic with their previous album Cabaret, focused on extending the sonic landscape they’d created in earlier recordings, but this time around they amp up the speed and turn up the volume – creating an overall bigger sound. Read More »

  • Pearl Jam
    • By MusicLounge
    Featured Artist - Pearl Jam. Watch the finale from the 200th episode of Grey's Anatomy, featuring "Future Days" by Pearl Jam (off their forthcoming album Lightning Bolt, available Oct. 15). Also learn more about the band and their new album, including pre-order links & info. Read More »

  • The Wild Feathers
    • By MusicLounge
    Long before it got broken up into a million sub-genres, rock & roll was just rock & roll. Pure, true, organic. Six strings, booming harmonies and the call of the open road. It’s a singularly American tradition that Nashville’s The Wild Feathers are full-force dedicated to not only preserving but also – more importantly - evolving. Their sound melds the five unique voices of Ricky Young, Joel King, Taylor Burns and Preston Wimberly, and Ben Dumas, taking inspiration from across the musical spectrum – country, blues, folk and rock – and spinning it into a roaring web of warm, cosmic melodies with vintage roots and modern tones. The Wild Feathers are a rock band that feels impossibly fresh with the air of having been here all along. Read More »

  • Foy Vance
    • By MusicLounge
    Foy Vance was born in the North Ireland town of Bangor, but his passion for traditional music was born in the southern states of America. As a child, Foy relocated with his father, a preacher, to the American Midwest settling in Oklahoma. With his father, Foy travelled the American South, widening his horizons and absorbing the rich musical traditions he was exposed to. Returning to Ireland some years later, Foy began writing his own music, deeply shaped by the sounds of his youth. Since those days, he has spent a considerable amount of time on the road, touring with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Michael Kiwanuka, Marcus Foster, Snow Patrol, and Ed Sheeran. Foy also scored Oscar-winning short-film The Shore with David Holmes, who collaborated with Vance on his 2012 Melrose EP. Foy’s newest album, Joy Of Nothing, will be released this year. Read More »

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