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  • Andrew Ripp
    • By MusicLounge
    Andrew Ripp creates music that pushes the boundaries of genre stereotypes, blending the energetic beats of pop music into a soul culture and adding the depth and groove of soul music into a pop culture. Since beginning his career in 2005, Ripp’s songs and records have successfully impacted a diverse and growing audience including true music lovers: fans that appreciate the nuances of a well-crafted album, and easy listeners: fans who simply want to hear a catchy tune. Read More »

  • Ingrid Michaelson
    • By MusicLounge
    In the past two years, Ingrid Michaelson has vaulted from overachieving indie-pop sweetheart to a bona-fide pop star. Her last release, Human Again, debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard album chart (plus No.1 on iTunes). This achievement merely crowned the considerable success Ingrid had already earned with her previous compositions: beautiful, idiosyncratic songs that have been prominently featured in popular films, television and on regular rotation in commercials. Her DIY approach to making music was a slam-dunk. Now, it has evolved into a well-oiled machine, The New York Times even weighed in, declaring her songwriting “smart,” her tunes “irresistible” and her live show “seamless.” Read More »

  • Johnny Stimson
    • By MusicLounge
    After an exciting arrival with a viral video to accompany his debut single, "Human Man," beguiling new pop artist, Johnny Stimson, shows no signs of slowing down. Stimson has since unleashed three additional hits with "Daddy's Money," "Here We Go Again" and "SO.GOOD." All four tracks rose organically to the top of The Hype Machine's highly respected Pop Chart and, after a personal hat tip on their socials, are proving that he is here to make "major waves" (Idolator) on the pop scene. Read More »

  • American Young
    • By MusicLounge
    American Young. It’s more than a name. It’s a movement. A passion for music and more importantly it’s meaning. As artists, songsmiths, producers, and entertainers, Jon Stone and Kristy Osmunson define American Young this way. They are seasoned veterans on how music can inherently affect emotion and even culture. The collaborative fresh new duo already claim songwriting credits for hit makers Kenny Chesney, Lee Brice, Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton and more. Recording and writing comes from a deep, poignant place with a desire to affect global audiences with songs featuring tight harmonies and storytelling. Read More »

  • Ben Fields
    • By MusicLounge
    Ben Fields brings a style of introspective songwriting pioneered by artists like Nick Drake and Van Morrison. A stylistic homogeny of Harry Nilsson, The Beatles, Curtis Mayfield, and Lowell George gives his upcoming debut album, Extraordinary Light (Sire Records) a sound that defined an era. The album is available now. Read More »

  • Jon Pardi
    • By MusicLounge
    Like his heroes, Pardi is a longtime road warrior, a veteran of four-set shows and constant travel, someone who brings a wealth of experience to bear every time he steps in front of a microphone. He has gone on tour with kindred spirit and labelmate Eric Church, and earned a slot on the Austin City Limits Festival, one of the country world's most prestigious venues. His on-stage charisma and accessibility, his polished yet raucous sound, and his well-crafted and infectious songs earn him new fans wherever he goes. Read More »

  • Boyz II Men
    • By MusicLounge
    Boyz II Men remains one of the most truly iconic R&B groups in music history. The group redefined popular R&B and continues to create timeless hits that appeal to fans across all generations. Recently celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, the band has penned and performed some of the most celebrated classics of the past two decades. The group’s 4 Grammy Awards are just the tip of the iceberg: throughout their 20-year career, Boyz II Men have also won a whopping 9 American Music Awards, 9 Soul Train Awards, 3 Billboard Awards, and a 2011 MOBO Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music. Read More »

  • This Wild Life
    • By MusicLounge
    Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso knew the punk rock rulebook backwards and forwards. The duo behind This Wild Life grew up as doing exactly what’s expected of kids growing up in the tightknit DIY scene in Long Beach – avoiding MTV and the radio, attending punk shows at Chain Reaction, the ear gauges, the tattoos. And of course, they started their own pop-punk band. They played fast, they played loud and they didn’t stand out from the crowd until they did the least “punk” thing possible. It was also bolder than anything in the punk rock rulebook: they got quiet. Read More »

  • Watch a clip from the Revenge season 3 finale, "Revolution" featuring the song "Softly, As I Leave You" by Bobby Darin, with commentary from show music supervisor Season Kent. Watch now and don't miss Revenge - SUNDAYS @ 10|9c! Read More »

  • Welcome to the Nurses Ball! The Nurses' Ball was founded in 1994 by Lucy Coe as a fundraiser for HIV and AIDS awareness and research. Port Charles residents sing, dance and show off their many talents along with a surprise guest or two. This year we are releasing original music from the Nurses Ball, culminating in a Nurses Ball mini-soundtrack. Click here for info on the available songs, the full release schedule, and more! Read More »

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