Matt White

By MusicLounge Aug 13, 2013

Matt White

Born in New Jersey, raised in New York City, went to college in Wisconsin and is currently splitting his time between Los Angeles and NYC when he’s not on the road, Matt White has done and seen quite a bit. His first love was the piano, which he started to play at just three years old. Initially focusing on classical music and opera until he was a teenager, he then moved toward finding his voice and more mainstream influences. Like a boy leaving his high school sweetheart behind, he went away to college and cheated on the piano with the guitar, only because a piano was not readily available. Moving back to NYC, he continued his affair with the guitar, busking on street corners and in Washington Square Park to make ends meet. Eventually, the NYC music scene provided him a place for both his lovers at venues such as Joe’s Pub and The Living Room, where he watched his audience grow significantly with each performance.

As time went on and social networking took off, Matt’s fan base grew into a major label record deal. With a successful EP, The Bleeker Street Stories, selling over a 100,000 copies, his debut full length, Best Days, garnering him a #4 spot on Billboard’s New Artist chart and the recognition as one of Rolling Stone magazine’s “10 Artists to Watch,” Matt had everything he needed out of the major label; the muscle to open people’s ears to a new artist. Once they did and he was welcomed with open arms, the major label merger that every signed artist dreads eventually happened, leading to dozens of artists being dropped, White included. However, the shakeup did not slow down the steady incline of his career. He signed with Ryko Disc and released the much lauded, It’s The Good Crazy, before the label folded and he was left with all the best things the industry had to offer; a solid album sales history, tours upon tours under his belt, a handful of hit singles, one with an accompanying video on VH1’s Top 20 Countdown for 16 weeks, a publishing deal that earned him TV, film and advertising licensing and most importantly, his dedicated fan base. 

In short, over the last few years, Matt White’s music career can be summed up like this: A few albums, a few record labels, a consistent flow of licensing placements through tv, film and advertising and on top of that, a substantial amount of songwriter’s credits on successful tracks he penned for other artists, including Jason Derulo and Cody Simpson.

And now? Matt White is taking both his major and indie label experience and combining them with his city boy smarts, dry sense of humor and the key ingredient that has been the constant through his career, his slightly rough around the edges, undeniable heart… resulting in his new album, Shirley, for the people who may have heard him on a street corner, on their tv or radio, at one of his live shows or for those whom are sure to be a new part of the next chapter.