Mackintosh Braun

By MusicLounge Nov 08, 2013

Mackintosh Braun is a formidable indie electronic duo from Portland who blend crisp, sophisticated production with sharp, emotive songwriting.  They find themselves drawn to the technical side of music: sampling, sequencing, and high-end production. Mesmerized equally by the joyful simplicity of the Bee Gees and the cerebral cool of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, they feel compelled to make substantive music that showcased a deep range of influences but that you could also dance to.  

This is the kind of music you can break a sweat to on the dance floor with a new crush then play the next day to console yourself if they don’t call. 

"We Ran Faster Then" is from their forthcoming Chop Shop/Island Records album Arcadia, which will be released in Spring of 2014.