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By MusicLounge Apr 17, 2014

Clip featuring "FAME" by Mree
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Episode #1019 - "I'm Winning"   Original Air-Date: 4/10/14
"Maneater" (Originally by Daryl Hall, John Oates) CLARA-NOVA n/a
Scene Description: Meredith and Cristina bolt upright when the alarm goes off...
"Sister Christian" (Originally by Night Ranger) Juliette Commagere BUY
Scene Description: Alex warns Braden that if he keeps bumping his remote control car into the plastic, it will tear...
"Private Eyes" (Originally by Daryl Hall, John Oates) Sleeping at Last BUY
Scene Description: Richard accuses Bailey of something. Stephanie bolts passed nurses and orderlies.
"FAME" (Originally by Irene Cara) Mree BUY
Scene Description: Cristina, Owen and Arizona tell Sabine and Jon that Link is doing well...

Clip featuring "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" by Bootstraps
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Episode #1018: "You Be Illin"   Original Air-Date: 4/3/14
Burning Up
Originally by Madonna
Magic Wands n/a
Scene Description: Little Myla sneezes into Arizona's face. Arizona finds Alex and tells him she's moving a surgery...
Atomic Dog George Clinton / Cast BUY
Scene Description: 1st use: Arizona, Dr. Lebackes and his nurses groove to 80's funk. 2nd use: (Song is sung by Justin Chambers)
Originally by General Public
The Donnies The Amys BUY
Scene Description: Worried he is getting sick, Shane convinces Stephanie to watch over the conduit kids...
"I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)"
Originally by Whitney Houston
Bootstraps n/a
Scene Description: Braden wakes up in a scary isolation room. April and Bailey watch as Bradencries out for his parents...

Clip featuring "How Will I Know" by Sam Smith
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Episode #1016 - "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" Original Air-Date: March 20, 2014
"I'm So Excited" Le Tigre (Originally by The Pointer Sisters) BUY
Scene Description: Richard is greeted by Bailey and Arizona who wish him a happy birthday as they get on the elevator...
"How Will I Know" Sam Smith (Originally by Whitney Houston) n/a
Scene Description: Callie and Derek continue their argument over the sensors. Cristina and Owen look at scans...
"Something About You" Correatown (Originally by Level 42) BUY
Scene Description: April calms down Jackson and Catherine. She apologizes for the marriage and says they will make this all right...
"Kiss on My List" The Family Crest (Originally by Daryl Hall John Oates) n/a
Scene Description: Mer tells Eric and Stephanie that she has failed carrying on her mother's research. Shane hold Sheryll's newborn baby and tells her something...

Clip featuring "Time After Time" by The Wind and The Wave
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Episode #1015: "Throwing It All Away"   Original Air-Date: 3/13/2014
"Just Like Heaven" Joy Zipper BUY
Scene Description: Beginning of Episode, Arizona rises from bed and picks up her prothesis. Owen and April work on Donald, a crash Victim...
"Maneater" Graham Fink n/a
Scene Description: Arizona and Callie argue over whether Callie should amputate a patient's legs. Anne leads Arizona into her office, she sees Leah...
"Tainted Love" Gloria Jones BUY
Scene Description: Jo is excited to perform organ recover on Donald. Stephanie tells her she ran over Jackson with a gurney. Alex arrives. Bailey and Mer work on Jared. Mer notices Alex in the gallery staring at her...
"Time After Time" The Wind and The Wave n/a
Scene Description: Anne leads Jackson to an office where Stephanie is filling out a report. Callie is angry about Leah's complaint. Arizona and Callie talk. Christina talks to Owen about Emma...

Clip featuring "Don't You Want Me" by Young Summer 
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Episode #1014: "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away"   Original Air-Date: 3/6/14
Don't You Forget About Me The Wind & The Wave n/a
Scene Description: Two characters are in bed together. Owen asks Emma if they should get a bigger place together. Derek asks Mer what tie to wear for the interview with the President. Mer doesn't want him to get the job. Derek wants to get into the shower with Mer, but she shuts the door. Callie and Arizona are getting ready for work among a pile of unpacked boxes. Callie gives Arizona a ring to commemorate their new house and new start as a couple. April asks Jax to remove the wedding ring as they pretend to not be married. Owen tells Derek that him and Emma are moving in together. Cristina hears the conversation. Owen gathers the entire staff to brief them on the new non-fraternization policy.
All Through The Night Sleeping at Last BUY
Scene Description: Bailey and Ben work at opposite ends of the table.They talk about the new non-fraternization policy. Ben leans over to make out with her, but Bailey suddenly discovers a mutation in the p53 gene. Mer and Cristina drink wine on the couch. They talk about Derek and Owen. Cristina is concerned that she will lose Owen forever if he gets kids with Emma. Derek arrives. Cristina shows up drunk to Owen's trailer with a bottle of wine. Alex and Jo sip beers and snuggle on the couch. They are convinced the deception worked and that the whole thing will soon blow over. Arizona finds Callie unpacking and starts kissing her. It turns into devouring. Owen and Cristina talk about curtain rods, and Cristina unexpectedly calls her mother to get the word she's looking for, valence. Two characters start kissing and move towards the bed.
Man in the Mirror (feat. Cameron The Public) J2 BUY
Scene Description: Steph, Shane, Leah and Ben research Li-Fraumeni. Ben has found a similar case, where the patient died. Jo enters to tell Steph that April and Jax are still together. Jo admits she and Alex faked the breakup and she blames Steph for filing the anonymous complain, causing all the problems. Leah breaks in and says it was her and it was a real complaint. Shane shifts everyone's attention saying they need to focus on saving Rory's life and not let trivial matters distract them. Richard and Alex have done thoracotomy, trying to stop the bleeding. They are desperately trying to save Rory. Steph, Shane, Leah, Jo and Ben are all on their feet, books open, brainstorming. Alarms blare. Richard and Alex look up at the monitors. V fib, starting cardiac massage. Steph, Shane, Leah, Joe and Ben continue brainstorming. Alex has the paddles on the heart. Defib goes off and Alex checks they got a heart rhythm. They can now go in and find the source. Steph, Shane, Leah, Joe and Ben have come up with a plan and are excited to go and tell Richard. They all run off. Alex and Richard come fresh out of the OR like defeated soldiers. The exited residents surround them. Shane says they got a plan ready, but Richard breaks the sad news.
Don't You Want Me Young Summer BUY
Scene Description: Pam yells at someone on the phone. Lisa watches delighted. Pam is breaking up with Lisa's boyfriend, as she would not be trusted to do it herself. Jax and April enter and Lisa asks Jax to take her out for dinner. Jax politely declines as he has plans with his wife, April. Bailey and Ben are dressed in streets heading home. They bump into Leah, Steph, and Shane who invite Ben to the bar. He takes off with them. Bailey tells him not to stay out too late. Two characters are in a booth mid-fight. They break up. She is baffled and heartbroken. Derek enters with news that the White House called him to ask if he could be on the president's advisory board. Mer is both Mad and happy, but she tells Derek she will have sex with him because she finds a presidential appointment irresistibly sexy.

Clip featuring "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Sleeping At Last
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Episode #1013: "Take It Back"   Original Air-Date: 2/27/14
"Total Eclipse Of The Heart" Sleeping At Last BUY
Scene Description: Jackson and April run out of the barn holding hands. April and Jackson jump in the car. There is a moment of panic before April kisses Jackson as they drive off...
"Bones" Josh Record n/a
Scene Description: Callie, Arizona, Derek, Mer, Cristina, Jackson and Richard sit around the table. Owen tells them that a surgical resident has lodged a formal complaint of harassment...