Grey's Anatomy #1003: "Everybody's Crying Mercy"

By MusicLounge Oct 04, 2013

Clip features "You & I (Nobody In The World)" by John Legend

Music from Grey's Anatomy #1003 "Everybody's Crying Mercy" including songs from C2C feat. Pigeon John, Max Frost, Kendrick Lamar, and Garrison Starr - PLUS an exclusive video clip of the final scenes, set to "You & I" (Nobody in this World) by John Legend. 

Music featured on the episode:

Episode #1003 - "Everybody's Crying Mercy" Original Air-Date: 10/03/2013
Because Of You feat Pigeon John C2C BUY
Scene Description: Callie helps Meredith and Derek take care of their three crying kids.
White Lies Max Frost BUY
Scene Description: Steph is excited about Cara's surgery, but she and Jackson discover Owen has moved Cara out...
Swimming Pools (Drank) Kendrick Lamar BUY
Scene Description: Derek tells Meredith that baby Bailey refuses to sleep. Meredith tells Derek about her predicament with Richard, but he falls asleep.
All Fall Down Garrison Starr & AG BUY
Scene Description: Owen reveals to Jackson that he lied about transferring his patient...
You & I (Nobody In The World) John Legend BUY
Scene Description: Cristina suggests something to Owen. Two characters have sex...