Grey's Anatomy

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The doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital deal with life-or-death consequences on a daily basis—it's in one another that they find comfort, friendship and, at times, more than friendship. Together they're discovering that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white. Real life only comes in shades of grey.

Music from the latest episode:

Episode #1208:   Things We Lost In The Fire
Original Air-Date:   11/19/15
Song Artist Description of Use
Celeste Ezra Vine Amelia, Alex and Jo ride with Meredith. Amelia muses about Owen and Nathan. Alex makes sure Mer is okay. They notice what looks appears to be snow falling from the sky. Arizona talks to April about Nathan…
As Long As You Love Me
(Backstreet Boys cover)
Sleeping At Last
Maggie takes Ruth to Casey's room. Evelyn holds John's hand, Mer questions her about Owen behind closed doors. Ruth comforts her husband until he passes away…
Love Story (Taylor Swift cover) Barcelona Jackson and April have a conversation. Maggie bursts into the room where someone is resting. She professes her feelings for him and they make out. Alex waits for Jo and they have a conversation. A character sits at the bar alone. Nathan shows up…
Episode #1207:  Something Against You
Original Air-Date:  11/12/15
Song Artist Description of Use
Happy (Pharell cover) The Family Crest
A man in his 70s, Mr. Jaffee walks into the ER. Isaac and April try to find out why he's there. Jo and Alex talk about Steph while they are in bed. Jo gets a call about Mr. Jaffee…
Smooth (Santana feat. Rob Thomas cover) Jess Delgado
Mer, Alex and Amelia eat take out. Maggie comes in irritated about Bailey and Nathan. Ben and Bailey have a conversation about Jackson. April and Jackson finish dinner…
The Lakes
RHODES Maggie operates on Loretta. Nathan and Maggie talk about Bailey. Amelia talks to Steph and Jo. Amelia and Steph remove the tumor…
Shoulda Known Better
Janet Jackson
Penny talks to Steph about Mr. Jaffee. Jo is irritated with Penny about the operation. Jackson talks to Ben about April. Arizona tells Richard she's trying to pick up women…
Episode #1206: The Me Nobody Knows
Original Air-Date: 11/5/2015
Song Artist Scene Description
(*NSYNC Cover)
Aaron Espe

Meredith tells Amelia she was right about Penny. Callie calls her out. Meredith looks for some answer about Penny and waits for some divine intervention while Alex keeps her company. 

Oops I Did It Again 
(Britney Spears Cover)
Freedom Fry

Jackson catches up to April and they hug. Nathan and April are going out but Jackson stays behind. Richard explains his reasons for hiring Penny. Penny and Callie make up. Meredith wants Penny to take her class. Penny goes to Mer's class. 

Episode #1205: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
Original Air-Date: 10/22/2015
Song Artist Description of Use
(TLC Cover)
Jenny O

Amelia is enraged. Owen and Amelia fight. Jackson, April, Jo and Steph clean up with Arizona sitting by. April empathizes with Penny. Jackson thanks April for dinner…

Episode #1204: Old Time Rock 'n' Roll
Original Air-Date:  10/15/15
Song Artist Description of Use
Running Behind
HOLYCHILD Richard slices through a human brain. Mitchel leaves, nauseated by the sight. Maggie realizes she hooked up someone. Amelia and Mer pester Maggie for details about her night…
Ignition (Remix) (R. Kelly Cover) The Wind And The Wave
Abraham asks Arizona for an update on someone. Maggie, Mer and Jo assess Gabby. Meredith asks Joe to wait outside while Maggie spills about her night with someone…
Believe (Cher Cover) Correatown Jessica lingers too long with the mourning family. The mother snaps at her and she backs out. Mitchell finally kneels down to break the news to the old man…
Halo (Beyonce Cover) Kris Orlowski
Amelia applauds Steph's bravery. Steph reminds her about the dinner party. Maggie approaches Andrew. He tries to apologize. She pulls him into the library. Maggie apologizes to Andrew…
Butterfly Girl
Duran Duran
Alex and Jo join Amelia and Meredith for the party. Steph and Jo have an interaction. Steph joins April and Arizona. Callie pulls up to Meredith's house…
Episode #1203:  I Choose You
Original Air-Date:  10/8/15
Song Artist Description of Use
Confused Yukon Blonde
Alex sneaks out of bed while Jo sleeps. Jackson and April fight...
Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
Mr Little Jeans
Mer, Amelia, and Callie drink wine and discuss Mer's contract. Maggie has an existential crisis.
No Scrubs Robert Francis And Sasha Spielberg Jackson and April fight. Bailey explains to Ben the process Alex must go through to pick which twin gets the transplant. Alex instructs Andrew to call UNOS. Alex evaluates the twins and studies the lab results...
Already Gone
Sleeping At Last
Bailey, Alex, Arizona, Andrew and Ben with Laurie and Mason. Alex explains that he will need to decide what to do after he has taken a look inside. The babies get named.
Waking Light
Beck The gallery feels bad for Alex about his tough decision. Alex realizes there is nothing to be done and closes the patient. He removes his gown and gloves and holds the baby close as he little heart slows.
Are You Happy Now
Alexi Von Guggenberg
Maggie kisses someone. Alex and Jo make up. April sits on the bed and watches the rain.
Episode #1202:  Walking Tall
Original Air-Date:  10/1/15
Song Artist Description of Use
All About That Bass
(Megan Trainor cover)
Tyler Ward and Two Worlds Mer, Maggie and Amelia idle outside of Jolex's loft. Alex gets in. Mer gets stuck with Bailey to the gathering. Mer tries to give the anatomy class to Bailey, but instead adds more work. Mer mentions the meeting…

Since You've Been Gone
(Kelly Clarkson cover)

Ian Keaggy April is forced to listen to Richard expressing his dissapointment. Jackson and Amelia, Callie, Maggie and Ben can not agree to a plan. Meredith realizes what Bailey is doing.
Keep An Eye On Me Frida Sundemo
Richard gives Bailey a present to encourage her.
Shake It Off
Us The Duo
Amelia tries to avoid someone in the elevator. Two people start kissing. Andrew sees Isaac watching Joe. Bailey, Amelia and Jo wait for Jade to wake up and make sure she's fine…
Episode #1201: "Sledgehammer"
Original Air-Date: 9/24/15
Song Artist Description of Use
Rude Boy Anni Rossi
Meredith wakes up to a strange hammering sound. She rushes downstairs to find Amelia taking a sledgehammer to the wall. Meredith and Amelia argue and complain about one another. Maggie is stuck in the middle. Arizona posts a roommate wanted flyer…
Wrecking Ball
Scars on 45 Owen seeks advice from Callie. Jo rushes in late. Ben receives word about a train accident. Callie, Owen and Mitchell run to the aid of the victims. Meredith watches over the doctors working on the other girl. Callie notices something and leaves the room...
Take Me Up
Coleman Hell
Callie and Maggie join Alex and Steven sitting beside his daughter. Bethany storms toward them. She attacks Maggie, who finally can't take it and punches her. Callie ices Maggie's hand while she freaks out about what happened…
Try Tyler Ward
Maggie tries to apologize to Bethany, who is still angry. Steve steps in. Jess is wheeled in by Callie and cracks a smile. Meredith leads Dakhir to Aliyah's room. He reassures her…
Fancy Tristan Prettyman
Maggie enters Jess's room and finds Steven and Bethany. Maggie apologizes. Meredith leads Dakhir into the room to find Aliyah in stable condition. The guys watch as the presentation wraps in the conference room…


Music from previous seasons:

Episode #1122: "She's Leaving Home"
Original Air-Date: 4/30/15
Song Artist Description of Use
In The Sun
Aron Wright
We see a caravan of cars and a crowd at a gravesite. We then see a wake at someone's house.
Deck The Halls Rue Royale
Alex has Christmas Eve at his house. Richard enters. Jackson gets a phone call. Jackson and April share a Facetime chat. We hear an explostion
Christmas Song (a.k.a. Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) Cast JJ tries to soothe Anne by singing a Christmas song but doesn't realize the reference she's making towards "roasting"...
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Cast JJ tries to soothe Anne by singing a Christmas song but doesn't realize the reference she's making towards "red noses"...
I'll Be Home For Christmas
She & Him
JJ tries to soothe Anne by singing. Jackson is on the porch. Callie and Sofia hang stockings. Amelia is alone in the elevator. Jackson tries to reconnect to April. Anne and Jo sings along with JJ. Mer tucks Zola in.
Grace Kate Havnevik
Mer enters the tidy bedroom. After looking around for a moment she flips the lights and exits. We see a series of flashbacks with Derek.
Chasing Cars The Wind And The Wave
Alex helps Meredith with the kids. Meredith tidies the bedroom. Amelia and Meredith see each other in the house. Alex, Maggie and Merdith dig into pizza and talk about Alex's very sad Christmas party. Meredith gets in scrubs and joins Bailey in surgery
Episode #1121: "How To Save A Life"
Original Air-Date: 4/23/15  
Song Artist Description of Use
Sedona Houndmouth Someone is on a ferryboat. A character grabs the kids and leaves home. Someone calls and starts to leave a message. A character sits in traffic and decides to take a shortcut. Three surgeons are operating on a patient, while someone is on speakerphone. A black car drives recklessly in front of someone, causing an accident.
Gulls David Gray
Someone drives on an empty road. They are t-boned by a semi truck.
Today Has Been Okay
Sleeping At Last Edie asks about a patient. They attempt to intuabte a patient and the patient fights it. They wheel the patient down the hallway.
Into The Fire
Erin McCarley A nurse goes to remove a breathing vent on a patient. We see a flashback. A nurse turns off all the monitors for the patient.
You Were Supposed To Be Different Aron Wright
A nurse goes to remove a breathing vent on a patient. We see a flashback. A nurse turns off all the monitors for the patient.
Chasing Cars Sleeping At Last A nurse goes to remove a breathing vent on a patient. We see a flashback. A nurse turns off all the monitors for the patient.
Episode #1120: "One Flight Down"  
Original Air-Date: 4/16/15  
Song Artist Description of Use
In The Bush Musique Richard sees a small plane heading directly toward him. He ducks.
Jupiter Sleeping At Last
Arizona blows up at Alex for hovering all day. Mer, Maggie and Bailey come out of Sam's surgery exhausted. Meredith and Derek pillow talk.
Parallel Lines
Future Reference feat. Aron Wright Arizona talks to Callie about her leg. Amelia tells Owen about Kate's memory. Owen explains his connection to the disaster. April, Bailey and Jo all work in the E.R. as Steph and Richard enjoy the view. Mer stares at the clock. She sees lights outside of the house.
Episode #1115: I Feel The Earth Move
Original Air-Date: 3/12/15
Song Artist Description of Use
Stayin' Alive Cast (Originally by The Bee Gee's) 1st Use: April and Owen teach Ruby how to sing "Stayin' Alive"
2nd Use: April and Ruby sing the song. April encourages Ruby to keep singing and dial 911.
Goddess Banks Jean is wheeled from the room. Callie taps post-op notes on a tablet. Maggie confides in Callie. Mer and Alex work on Micah while Steph suctions. Jo is worried. Mer gets upset and storms out. She talks to Alex about Derek.
Photograph Ed Sheeran Owen sits with Ruby. Amelia says that Ruby saved her mom's life. Ben apologizes to Bailey. Maggie and Callie check on Jean. Maggie agrees to get a drink with Ethan. Amelia and Owen watch Ruby and her mom through the window. Amelia and Owen make out. Alex charts outside Micah's room. He and Mer talk. Meredith calls Derek and hears a strange voice.
Episode #114: "The Distance"
Original Air-Date: 3/5/15  
Song Artist Description of Use
Worry Rhodes Arizona sits and reflects on when she first started tackling the notecard cases. Callie congratulates someone and make an offer that they refuse. Owen yells at a doctor during surgery for doing something out of protocol. April checks on a patient. Steph wakes up and realizes she needs to do something fast, and just makes it in time...
Saturn Sleeping At Last Arizona checks in on a patient. Time lapse as the sun rises over the city. Arizona and Bailey follow up with another patient. Time lapse of a patient in bed as the hospital buzzes around them. A doctor watches a surgery on tape. The doctors do an MRI. More time lapses and people comfort the patient.
Episode #1113: "Staring At The End"
Original Air-Date: 2/26/15  
Song Artist Description of Use
Grow Odessa Dr. Herman speaks to Bailey in anger that Glenda will not accept her help. Arizona laughs and points out the irony to Dr. Herman. Dr. Herman and Arizona are drunk and laughing. Arizona puts on her mask. Amelia lectures and rhetorically asks how to prevent screwing up. Amelia stares at the scans...
Seasons Hollow Wood
Dr. Herman knows by Arizona's expression she is heading for surgery. A gurney arrives and Dr. Herman gives Arizona advice on Glenda's surgery. The mask goes on Dr. Herman.
Episode #1112: "The Great Pretender"
Original Air-Date: 2/19/2015  
Song Artist Description of Use
Raising Hands Raising Hell Raise 'Em High
The Wind & The Wave
Bailey stands atop a ravine looking down at Ben and his brother as they dump their father's ashes. Arizona drops her robe as Jo walks in and takes over the shower and Arizona's towel. Mer, Maggie and Callie talk about Mer's trip.
A Heartbreak
Angus & Julia Stone
Dr. Herman teases Arizona for being dirty. Arizona laughs. Amelia finishes Hillary's sugery as Jo assists. Callie and Amelia admit they don't have any game anymore. Richard, Catherine and Jackson continue surgery. Catherine gives Jackson advice about April.
Let It Go
James Bay
Richard tells Catherine he feels used. Baily tells Ben she is disappointed in his reaction to Curt. Ben is mad and hurt Curt never told him the truth. Mer talks to Maggie about last weekend.
Weekend Priory Amelia brings sparkling water over to Owen's and leaves. They have a moment. Callie tries Amelia's eye technique on a hot guy and decides to ask him to dance. Dr. Herman and Arizona giggle as they move the couch down the hallway.
Episode #1110: "The Bed's Too Big Without You"
Original Air-Date: 2/5/2015  
Song Artist Description of Use
Never Been In Love! Elliphant Mer throws away and rehangs the Post It. Zola sleeps next to Mer. Bailey sleeps in a nearby crib. Alex and Jo are in bed together. Jo gets a text from Mer. Arizona wakes up, hears muffled voices and thumps from Alex & Jo's room. April lies on a exam table as Jackson stand next to her...
I Think I'm In Love Again
Kat Dahlia

Herman looks at the 20 index cards of possible cases. Arizona tries to decide with case should get an index card. Callie sits with Owen and sees Jenna at the bar. She tries to get Owen to go for her. Callie pitches Owen to Jenny but Jenna seems interested in Callie.
Let The Light Back In
Maggie Eckford Mer, Maggie and Bailey are camped out in the printing lab. Amelia talks about tumors and sleeping alone. Jackson crawls into bed and spoons April.
Feels Like Coming Home
JETTA Mer, Maggie and Bailey stare down at Adrian's body. Jo observes. No excess bleeding. Mer takes out a tumor and places it in a pan. Callie talks to Owen. A special ring tone sounds as Jo and Alex enjoy each other (naked). Jo calls 'pause' to read her text. Owen stands over the vent and remembers kissing Cristina...
Episode #1109: "Where Do We Go From Here"  
Original Airdate: 1/29/15  
Song Artist Description of Use
Forget Me Forgotten Hollow Wood Meredith and Owen operate on Brooke. The Nurse tells Mer her screen is back and clean. She wants an explanation. Steph questions Greg as Jackson bandages Mia's facial laceration. Parker has a splint on his arm. Greg is overwhelmed. Steph questions Greg on his wife. Dr. Herman and Arizona talk about her situation.
If I Go Ella Eyre Mer looks to where the Post It used to be and dials the phone. Derek takes a call from Meredith. Meredith loses Der's signal. Mer takes the framed Post It from the trash and hangs it on the wall.
Episode #1108: "Risk"  
Original Air-Date: 11/20/14  
Song Artist Description of Use
Deeper Ella Eyre Arizona asks Dr. Herman personal questions. Dr. Herman replaces Graham. Alex sits with Mer at the cafeteria table. Steph tells Jo she thinks something is wrong with Japril's baby. Maggie, Mer and Alex talk about Derek. Callie talks about her day. Bailey and Richard discuss his relationship with Maggie...
Home Aron Wright Calzona vent to each other about their days. Arizona wants to know if Callie misses her. Maggie works in Holly's chest while Meredith works on her neck. Der and Richard watch and discuss their respective relationships with Mer and Maggie. Things start to go wrong with Holly.
Run Marsha Ambrosius April forgives Steph for telling her about the baby. Maggie approaches Richard. Bailey jets off and advises him about the conversation...
Episode #1107: "Could We Start Again, Please?"  
Original Air-Date: 11/13/14  
Song Artist Description of Use
Feed My Soul Lucy And The Cloud Parade Callie operates on Norris's leg. Meredith works on the abdomen. They talk about Meredith and Arizona. Joe operates on her first solo surgery while Bailey pretends to read a magazine. Alex and Arizona operate on Emily's baby. Nurse Ruth tells Arizona that she is needed in Emily's O.R.
Medicine Broods Jo brags to Steph about her solo surgery, reciting each step. Arizona, April, and Graham work to stop Emily's bleeding. She leaves to check on a baby. She enters an empty O.R. and Alex tells her the surgery went well. Arizona races into the other O.R. doing everything she can, but the patient flatlines.
Home Ella Eyre Hattie and Norris are side by side, waking up. Sarah tells Hattie what happened. Maggie and Mer stand near. Mer asks Maggie if she has plans for the night. Meredith, Callie and Alex drink beer. Maggie learns about their past in the house. Arizona knocks on the door and comes in, too. Derek apologizes to Amelia.
Episode #1106: "Don't Let's Start"  
Original Air-Date: 11/6/14  
Song Artist Description of Use
Not Loving You Mary J Blige Derek and Meredith fight as they get ready for bed. Meredith accepts Derek's idea of inviting some people over for dinner. Jo checks Melissa's vitals. Melissa wakes up and asks where her car is.
Long Hard Look Mary J Blige Ben and Bailey are in bed while she reads. They discuss her health. Meredith and Derek shower. Richard is on deck looking inside the house. Maggie arrives and explains why she is upset with him. Arizona finds Dr. Herman looking at scans. He gives her some news.
Episode #1105: "Bend and Break"  
Original Air-Date: 10/23/14  
Song Artist Description of Use
You Know You Like It Alunageorge Meredith and Callie shoot tequila shots over the course of the night at Joe's Bar. They drunkenly discuss relationships, sex, and vaginas
Touch The Lightning AML Lemon Sun Meredith and Callie shoot tequila shots over the course of the night at Joe's Bar. They drunkenly discuss relationships, sex, and vaginas
She Says Call Me The Pentagons Meredith and Callie shoot tequila shots over the course of the night at Joe's Bar. They drunkenly discuss relationships, sex, and vaginas
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry Hank Williams Meredith and Callie shoot tequila shots over the course of the night at Joe's Bar. They drunkenly discuss relationships, sex, and vaginas
Party It Up In Waves Callie and Mer treat themselves to a cheeseburger and tequila. They decide to split the cheeseburger, and Callie realizes they can also split David's leg.
Therapy Mary J Blige Callie and Derek operate on Emily's spine. Derek reassures Callie. Arizona practices on a jell-o mold. Callie enters and rubs Arizona's neck. Arizona melts. They fall into bed kissing. It's heated. They agree not to tell Dr. Dawson.
Episode #1103: "Got to Be Real"  
Original Air-Date: 10/9/14  
Song Artist Description of Use
Whoa Is Me Grieves Alex is in the shower, naked, while Meredith is in the bathroom venting her feelings. Alex tells her to get out. Jo stands outside the bathroom, not happy with Meredith. Steph arrives. Jo is ranting. Callie walks with Owen through the corridors of the veteran's hospital.
Lyin King Jhene Aiko Jax tells Callie to not argue with the board members in the hallway. He is frustrated. Maggie closes her incision. Bailey, Richard and Steph continue in the abdomen with success. Richard is running through the corridor trying to catch Maggie. Alex is logging into the hospital's records.
You Should Know Where I'm Coming From Banks Owen enters as Callie is scrubbing. Owen apologizes to Callie. He tells her he feels an empty void. Amelia and Derek argue about who is the leader of their department.
Waiting Game Banks Meredith and Richard see Maggie while walking towards the hospital. Meredith heads in and Richard stops to talk with Maggie. Meredith joins Derek on the way to the conference room. Meredith and Derek enter the conference room to find Jax, Callie and Arizona. Baily gives a presentation. Bailey and Alex sit outside the conference room waiting for the board's decision.
Episode #1102: "Puzzle with a Piece Missing"
Original Air-Date: 10/2/14  
Song Artist Description of Use
Everybody Wants You Billy Squier Maggie inserts a tee on Alex and Dr. Lebackes' patient. Nurses dance to a loud song. When Maggie congratulates Alex on his board seat, Dr. Lebackes fires someone.
Episode #1101: "I Must Have Lost It On The Wind"
Original Air-Date: 9/25/14  
Song Artist Description of Use
Le Boom Vent Suite Jill Scott John Doe fights restraints as Mer performs CT. Owen observes from the control room.
Ghost of the Year Correatown & Piney Gir Derek and Owen check in on the John Doe.
I Will Be There Odessa Owen talks to John Doe. His wife and daughter appear. Meredith confirms Alex is a person. They have a nice conversation.
Cold Coast Secret Sun Jo whines to Steph. Mer whines to Alex. Derek arrives and states he broke up with the White House. Mer spots Maggie alone; and together they shoot tequila


Music from previous seasons:

Episode #1024: Fear (Of The Unknown)   Original Air-Date: 5/15/14
Portions For Foxes (originally by Rilo Kiley) Caught A Ghost BUY
Scene Description: A Seattle weather guy gives the forecast. Owen tries to coax Cristina back into bed...
Take On Me (originally by A-Ha) Aqualung n/a
Scene Description: Cristina wants to feel a sense of completion with Link's surgery. Meredith demands that she leaves...
Ruby Blue (originally by Roisin Murphy) Sleeping At Last BUY
Scene Description: Richard tells Bailey he is recommending her for something. Cristina and Meredith talk to Richard...
Where Does The Good Go Tegan and Sara BUY
Scene Description: Cristina and Meredith dance it out...
99 Red Balloons(originally by Nena) Sleeping At Last BUY
Scene Description: April finds Jackson and hugs him. Owen watches Maggie brief Sabine on Link. Bailey is in bed with someone and is overjoyed at work news...
Episode #1023: Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right Original Air-Date: 5/8/2014
P.Y.T. (Originally by Michael Jackson) Shelby Earl n/a
Jump (For My Love) (Originally by The Pointer Sisters) Brock Tyler n/a
Tainted Love (Made famous by Soft Cell) Claire Guerreso BUY
Dance Hall Days (Originally by Wang Chung) Imperial Mammoth BUY
Episode #1022: "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"   Original Air-Date: 5/1/14
"One Thing Leads To Another" (Originally by The Fixx) Sophie Koh BUY
Scene Description: Owen tells Cristina that both the Cleveland Clinic and a hospital in Zurich want her to present her paper...
"Like A Virgin" (Originally by Madonna) Caught a Ghost BUY
Scene Description: Burke discusses Cristina losing the Harper Avery and his experiences winning...
"You Get What You Give" (Originally by New Radicals) VASSY n/a
Scene Description: Steph tells Bailey that she knows something...
"Like a Virgin" (Originally by Madonna) Amos Lee n/a
Scene Description: When Cristina declines Burke's offer telling him that she can't work for him, he explains something to her...
EPISODE #1021: "Change of Heart"   Original Air-Date: 4/24/14
"Blister In The Sun" (Originally by Violent Femmes) Radiant Life Perspective Cover not available
Scene Description: Meredith tells Derek something over the phone. Derek's sister surprises him...
"Ordinary World" (Originally by Duran Duran) Joy Williams Cover not available
Scene Description: Shane, Leah, Owen and Cristina finish working on a patient...
"What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)" (Originally by Information Society) Joe Gil Cover not available
Scene Description: Shane tells Leah her work on a patient was great and she did nothing wrong...
"We Built This City" (Originally by Starship) Jill Andrews & Aron Wright BUY
Scene Description: Jackson tells April that they share the same beliefs...
Episode #1020: "Go It Alone"   Original Air-Date: 4/17/14
"Holiday" (Originally by Madonna) Capital Cities n/a
Scene Description: Owen watches Cristina packing a suitcase...
"Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" (Originally by The Police) Sleeping at Last BUY
Scene Description: Derek is at the microscope, carefully slicing into Nova's Brain...
"Something About You" (Originally by Level 42) Cary Brothers feat. Laura Jansen BUY
Scene Description: As the residents go we stay with Leah who bursts into tears...
"Everybody Wants To Rule The World" (Originally by Tears For Fears) Aron Wright BUY
Scene Description: Cristina is alone among a crowd in tuxedos and gowns...
Episode #1019 - "I'm Winning"   Original Air-Date: 4/10/14
"Maneater" (Originally by Daryl Hall, John Oates) CLARA-NOVA n/a
Scene Description: Meredith and Cristina bolt upright when the alarm goes off...
"Sister Christian" (Originally by Night Ranger) Juliette Commagere BUY
Scene Description: Alex warns Braden that if he keeps bumping his remote control car into the plastic, it will tear...
"Private Eyes" (Originally by Daryl Hall, John Oates) Sleeping at Last BUY
Scene Description: Richard accuses Bailey of something. Stephanie bolts passed nurses and orderlies.
"FAME" (Originally by Irene Cara) Mree BUY
Scene Description: Cristina, Owen and Arizona tell Sabine and Jon that Link is doing well...
Episode #1018: "You Be Illin"   Original Air-Date: 4/3/14
Burning Up
Originally by Madonna
Magic Wands n/a
Scene Description: Little Myla sneezes into Arizona's face. Arizona finds Alex and tells him she's moving a surgery...
Atomic Dog George Clinton / Cast BUY
Scene Description: 1st use: Arizona, Dr. Lebackes and his nurses groove to 80's funk.
2nd use: (Song is sung by Justin Chambers)
Originally by General Public
The Donnies The Amys BUY
Scene Description: Worried he is getting sick, Shane convinces Stephanie to watch over the conduit kids...
"I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)"
Originally by Whitney Houston
Bootstraps n/a
Scene Description: Braden wakes up in a scary isolation room. April and Bailey watch as Bradencries out for his parents...
Episode #1016 - "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" Original Air-Date: March 20, 2014
"I'm So Excited" Le Tigre (Originally by The Pointer Sisters) BUY
Scene Description: Richard is greeted by Bailey and Arizona who wish him a happy birthday as they get on the elevator...
"How Will I Know" Sam Smith (Originally by Whitney Houston) n/a
Scene Description: Callie and Derek continue their argument over the sensors. Cristina and Owen look at scans...
"Something About You" Correatown (Originally by Level 42) BUY
Scene Description: April calms down Jackson and Catherine. She apologizes for the marriage and says they will make this all right...
"Kiss on My List" The Family Crest (Originally by Daryl Hall John Oates) n/a
Scene Description: Mer tells Eric and Stephanie that she has failed carrying on her mother's research. Shane hold Sheryll's newborn baby and tells her something...
Episode #1015: "Throwing It All Away"   Original Air-Date: 3/13/2014
"Just Like Heaven" Joy Zipper BUY
Scene Description: Beginning of Episode, Arizona rises from bed and picks up her prothesis. Owen and April work on Donald, a crash Victim...
"Maneater" Graham Fink n/a
Scene Description: Arizona and Callie argue over whether Callie should amputate a patient's legs. Anne leads Arizona into her office, she sees Leah...
"Tainted Love" Gloria Jones BUY
Scene Description: Jo is excited to perform organ recover on Donald. Stephanie tells her she ran over Jackson with a gurney. Alex arrives. Bailey and Mer work on Jared. Mer notices Alex in the gallery staring at her...
"Time After Time" The Wind and The Wave n/a
Scene Description: Anne leads Jackson to an office where Stephanie is filling out a report. Callie is angry about Leah's complaint. Arizona and Callie talk. Christina talks to Owen about Emma...
Episode #1014: "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away"   Original Air-Date: 3/6/14
Don't You Forget About Me The Wind & The Wave n/a
Scene Description: Two characters are in bed together. Owen asks Emma if they should get a bigger place together. Derek asks Mer what tie to wear for the interview with the President. Mer doesn't want him to get the job. Derek wants to get into the shower with Mer, but she shuts the door. Callie and Arizona are getting ready for work among a pile of unpacked boxes. Callie gives Arizona a ring to commemorate their new house and new start as a couple. April asks Jax to remove the wedding ring as they pretend to not be married. Owen tells Derek that him and Emma are moving in together. Cristina hears the conversation. Owen gathers the entire staff to brief them on the new non-fraternization policy.
All Through The Night Sleeping at Last BUY
Scene Description: Bailey and Ben work at opposite ends of the table.They talk about the new non-fraternization policy. Ben leans over to make out with her, but Bailey suddenly discovers a mutation in the p53 gene. Mer and Cristina drink wine on the couch. They talk about Derek and Owen. Cristina is concerned that she will lose Owen forever if he gets kids with Emma. Derek arrives. Cristina shows up drunk to Owen's trailer with a bottle of wine. Alex and Jo sip beers and snuggle on the couch. They are convinced the deception worked and that the whole thing will soon blow over. Arizona finds Callie unpacking and starts kissing her. It turns into devouring. Owen and Cristina talk about curtain rods, and Cristina unexpectedly calls her mother to get the word she's looking for, valence. Two characters start kissing and move towards the bed.
Man in the Mirror (feat. Cameron The Public) J2 BUY
Scene Description: Steph, Shane, Leah and Ben research Li-Fraumeni. Ben has found a similar case, where the patient died. Jo enters to tell Steph that April and Jax are still together. Jo admits she and Alex faked the breakup and she blames Steph for filing the anonymous complain, causing all the problems. Leah breaks in and says it was her and it was a real complaint. Shane shifts everyone's attention saying they need to focus on saving Rory's life and not let trivial matters distract them. Richard and Alex have done thoracotomy, trying to stop the bleeding. They are desperately trying to save Rory. Steph, Shane, Leah, Jo and Ben are all on their feet, books open, brainstorming. Alarms blare. Richard and Alex look up at the monitors. V fib, starting cardiac massage. Steph, Shane, Leah, Joe and Ben continue brainstorming. Alex has the paddles on the heart. Defib goes off and Alex checks they got a heart rhythm. They can now go in and find the source. Steph, Shane, Leah, Joe and Ben have come up with a plan and are excited to go and tell Richard. They all run off. Alex and Richard come fresh out of the OR like defeated soldiers. The exited residents surround them. Shane says they got a plan ready, but Richard breaks the sad news.
Don't You Want Me Young Summer BUY
Scene Description: Pam yells at someone on the phone. Lisa watches delighted. Pam is breaking up with Lisa's boyfriend, as she would not be trusted to do it herself. Jax and April enter and Lisa asks Jax to take her out for dinner. Jax politely declines as he has plans with his wife, April. Bailey and Ben are dressed in streets heading home. They bump into Leah, Steph, and Shane who invite Ben to the bar. He takes off with them. Bailey tells him not to stay out too late. Two characters are in a booth mid-fight. They break up. She is baffled and heartbroken. Derek enters with news that the White House called him to ask if he could be on the president's advisory board. Mer is both Mad and happy, but she tells Derek she will have sex with him because she finds a presidential appointment irresistibly sexy.
Episode #1013: "Take It Back"   Original Air-Date: 2/27/14
"Total Eclipse Of The Heart" Sleeping At Last BUY
Scene Description: Jackson and April run out of the barn holding hands. April and Jackson jump in the car. There is a moment of panic before April kisses Jackson as they drive off...
"Bones" Josh Record n/a
Scene Description: Callie, Arizona, Derek, Mer, Cristina, Jackson and Richard sit around the table. Owen tells them that a surgical resident has lodged a formal complaint of harassment...
Episode #1012 "Get Up, Stand Up" (Winter Finale)   Original Air-Date: 12/12/13
Best of Friends Palma Violets BUY
Scene Description: Jackson and Steph are with Karen as Dalton wakes up, post-surgery. Dalton can't speak and seems disoriented. Mer and Cristina continue arguing. Mer asks how long Cristina's been sleeping with someone. They exchange vicious barbs.
Nearly Morning Luke Sital-Singh BUY
Scene Description: Leah finds Richard and begs him to help. The wedding begins. The bridesmaids walk down the aisle. Richard finds Shane frozen at the OR table. He suggests doing some bypass. April walks down the aisle on her father's arm.
Total Eclipse of the Heart Jill Andrews BUY
Scene Description: Derek is told to hold for POTUS. As the wedding progresses, we see reactions from everyone. Richard and Leah work while a patient flat-lines. We follow a trail of blood to someone, standing expressionless in the elevator. Jackson stands up and professes his love to someone. He asks if she feels the same.
Episode #1011 – "Man On The Moon" Original Air-Date: 12/5/13
Scene Description: April, Matt, and April's sisters are having dinner and drinks. Jax enters to buy a coffee and April waves at him. April introduces Jax to her sisters. There is an awkward moment as the sisters seem to know everything about Jax. April gets a page from work and rushes off with her sisters, leaving Jax and Matt behind.
Make The Money Macklemore & Ryan Lewis BUY
Scene Description: Dr. Alma is still on Bailey, pushing her. Richard is across the room. Dr. Alma again encourages that Bailey take the medication. Now she is mad and yelling. Richard suggests taking a break. She rebuttals she needs surgery. Mer pops in to talk to Cristina. She mentions how Shane has changed and is spending a lot of time on Cristina's service. Accusations are thrown left and right until Cristina's pager goes off and she has to leave. Cristina bursts in to find Shane checking a patient's lungs. Ashley and Don are in tears. Stats are stable. Cristina is relieved and tells them it is working. Cristina and Shane do a little silent victory then get back to work. Jo charts as she hears Jimmy yell for Helen. Jo bolts in. Jimmy stands agitated, furious, and delirious. Jo tries to guide him back to bed. He gets aggressive with Jo and slams her against the wall. Alex comes in to save Jo and ready to kill Jimmy.
Team Lorde BUY
Scene Description: A hospital lounge has been transformed into a bridal bash. The sisters, Arizona, Mer, and Cristina are amongst the crowd of people watching April open gifts. Richard hovers over the appetizers. Steph and Jo sneak in late. April reaches for a present that the sisters say should be opened in private. April thinks it is the mother's veil. Before they can stop her, she opens to find a pearl thong. The conversation escalates quickly from thong to hating Duckie to losing her virginity and ultimately firing her bridesmaids. She hires Mer, Cristina, and Arizona.
Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst Kendrick Lamar BUY
Scene Description: A hospital lounge has been transformed into a bridal bash. The sisters, Arizona, Mer, and Cristina are amongst the crowd of people watching April open gifts. Richard hovers over the appetizers. Steph and Jo sneak in late. April reaches for a present that the sisters say should be opened in private. April thinks it is the mother's veil. Before they can stop her, she opens to find a pearl thong. The conversation escalates quickly from thong to hating Duckie to losing her virginity and ultimately firing her bridesmaids. She hires Mer, Cristina, and Arizona.
Episode #1010: "Somebody That I Used To Know" Original Air-Date: 11/21/13
Song Artist Buy
"Differentology" Bunji Garlin BUY
Scene Description: Ben watches as Bailey puts on her purse, zips it, unzips it, pulls her keys out and puts them back in over and over again…
"Moon" Sleeping At Last BUY
Scene Description: April tells Jackson that she's inviting Steph to her wedding and he can be her plus, but she's not inviting him directly…
"Romeo" Until The Ribbon Breaks BUY
Scene Description: Mer arrives as Cristina and Shane practice a surgery. Mer yells at Cristina; Shane comes to her defense…
Episode #1008 Original Air-Date: 11/8/2013
Block Banger N.E.P.H.E.W. n/a
Scene Description: Alex and Mer operate on a patient. They remove 1 of 14 tumors, and counting…
Bravado Lorde BUY
Scene Description: Alex has just told a patient about the last tumor. The patient is disappointed, but Alex suggests a plan to make the extended stay more comfortable…
Right Here (feat. Foxes) Rudimental BUY
Scene Description: A character tells someone she loves him. They agree to wain and respect each other's wishes. Then it gets hot and sexy…
Episode #1007: "Thriller" Original Airdate: 10/31/13
Change Banks BUY
Scene Description: Marge tells Callie that her room doesn't look like a hospital room and not to miss Halloween with her kid. Cristina and Owen scrub out as Cristina tells Owen that she's going to the party and will talk to Mer. She gets a text from Mer. As Alex treats a patient, Joe sort of apologizes to Alex. Victor wakes up and begins to freak out about zombies. April explains the zombie to Victor and tells Jackson that's how you shut someone down when they are spinning out of control.
Sun Sleeping at Last BUY
Scene Description: Leah sits on a bench, she's been crying. Arizona enters and comforts her, telling her the story of her first needle stick. As Shane treats a patient, he tells her that Dr. Brooks died and that he'll be her doctor now.
Inner Ninja Classified feat David Myles BUY
Scene Description: Richard asks how the surgery went. Mer has Jo explain as she sneaks out fo the room. Stephanie wears a clown costume. Leah enters as a cowgirl, excited with her news that she is hepatitis free. Jackson sits down next to Stephanie and tells her she should have listened to him. Mer, Der, and Arizona are ready to take butterfly Zola and pumpkin Baby Bailey trick-or-treating. Callie and space princess Sofia join them. Mer asks Alex if he's coming. Shane buys Cristina and himself tequila.
Episode: 1006: "Map Of You"   Original Air-Date: 10/24/13
Changing Of The Guard Holy Ghost! BUY
Scene Description: Derek gets an idea while watching Zola draw. Derek and Callie unpack a cortical sensor array. Derek aligns his cortical sensors on a patient's brain. Derek and Shane observe a patient's progress. They discover the patient has low temporal lobe activity and schedule an MRI.
Everybody Get Up Chops n/a 
Scene Description: Emma admits something. Alex advises Arizona on how to detach from a clingy hookup. Leah tells Jo something. Shane leaves in the middle of gluing the mug. Leah tells Stephanie something. Shane asks Cristina if glue has ever been used in the heart.
Look What You've Become Left Hand Smoke BUY
Scene Description: Jimmy and Alex chat. Jimmy asks Alex to play a song with him. Derek loses a patient on the operating table.
Bright Lights, Big City Originally by Jimmy Reed BUY
Scene Description: Two characters stand on an empty stage playing 'Bright Lights Big City' on guitars. They're playing in perfect concert, enjoying it, until suddenly one of the characters has to stop. His hands are shaking, he's trying not to cry. The other character plays a few more bars and then stops.
We Ran Faster Then (Free Download) Mackintosh Braun FREE DOWNLOAD
Scene Description: Mer chastises Cristina for not having time for people who don't want the same things as her. Alex tells Jo he's angry she pushed him to contact his dad and now he feels crappy. Alex angrily flops onto his bed. Arizona texts Leah. Derek tells Mer it's a big year for her and he's going to cut back on surgeries so she can concentrate more on her career.
Episode #1005: "I Bet It A Stung" Original Airdate: 10/17/13
Ukulele Anthem Amanda Palmer BUY
Scene Description: Callie wakes up. Her pager alarm goes off. Derek slams the alarm. He and Mer get out of bed.
Let's Go Vassy BUY
Scene Description: Steph knocks on Richard's open door and Catherine turns around looking surprised to see her. Steph asks Catherine to help out with Gabe.
You Know You Like It AlunaGeorge BUY
Scene Description: Leah is checking on Richard. He guides her through an exam until she has her eureka moment and diagnoses him to have a symptomatic pancreatic leak. Leah storms out and passes Catherine. Callie runs into Owen who tells her something. Alex accidentally bumps into his dad in the elevator.
The End Fitz & the Tantrums BUY
Scene Description: Arizona is at the bar with Leah and Steph close by. Callie arrives and starts telling Arizona something. Leah offers Arizona to stay at her place, then she recounds the night they spent together after the gala.
Lose It Little Jackie BUY
Scene Description: Callie has put Sofia to bed. She spots her iPod and puts it on and starts dancing in her underwear. Mer is looking for something to eat as Derek walks in.
Episode #1004: "Puttin' On The Ritz" (200th Episode) Original Air-Date: 10/10/2013
Muppets Theme Voiceover (Lyrics) BUY
Scene Description: Lyrics spoken without Melody in a voice over. Derek has little Bailey in a Baby Bjorn over his tux. Zola plays nearby the floor.
Boom Ha feat. Shad K Smalltown Romeo BUY
Scene Description: Jackson walks onto the red carpet. Owen falls in step. Donors arrive…
What You Want Impirio & Cru BUY
Scene Description: The ER is full of patients and nurses on the move. Leah asks Steph, then Shane to trade assignments…
Come Together Spaceman Feat. Suspence BUY
Scene Description: Arizona enters the gala and sees Callie talking to a donor…
Neon Queen of Hearts BUY
Scene Description: Alex eats shrimp. Jo grabs him and tells him he needs to talk to the donors. He passes Jackson who tries to stop him from leaving…
Strobes Pt. 2 Lemaitre BUY
Scene Description: Derek holds baby Bailey with a group of lady donors surrounding him. Mer accuses Derek of using the baby to do his dirty work…
Falling Polly Scattergood n/a
Scene Description: Owen watches Emma chat with donors. Emma admits to Owen she's trying to get donations for Seattle Pres.
Hold Yourself Up Polyphonic Spree BUY
Scene Description: Bailey enters the room to find Richard struggling with an orderly who is trying to keep him from taking off his C-pap mask.
Poppin Bottles Skully Boyz n/a
Scene Description: Orderlies roll Gene in Richard's room, followed by Bailey with some brochures in hand...
Future Days Pearl Jam BUY
Scene Description: Richard watches Gene flip through brochures. Bailey watches Richard from the nurses station…
This Is It / Overture (Bugs Bunny Theme) Voiceover (Lyrics) BUY
Scene Description: Lyrics are spoken without Melody in a voice over "On with the show, this is it"...The end of the show comes to a wrap.
Episode #1003 - "Everybody's Crying Mercy" Original Air-Date: 10/03/2013
Because Of You feat Pigeon John C2C BUY
Scene Description: Callie helps Meredith and Derek take care of their three crying kids.
White Lies Max Frost BUY
Scene Description: Steph is excited about Cara's surgery, but she and Jackson discover Owen has moved Cara out...
Swimming Pools (Drank) Kendrick Lamar BUY
Scene Description: Derek tells Meredith that baby Bailey refuses to sleep. Meredith tells Derek about her predicament with Richard, but he falls asleep.
All Fall Down Garrison Starr & AG BUY
Scene Description: Owen reveals to Jackson that he lied about transferring his patient...
You & I (Nobody In The World) John Legend BUY
Scene Description: Cristina suggests something to Owen. Two characters have sex...
Episode #1002: "I Want You With Me"   Original Air-Date: 9/26/13
"Before I Ever Met You" Banks BUY
Scene Description: Two characters operate on a patient. Meredith and Alex are waiting on news...
"Cold Front" Laura Welsh n/a
Scene Description: Two characters are making out and taking their clothes off...
"So Good" B.o.B BUY
Scene Description: Lydia is in her bed. Cristina finds owen...
"Down On Life" Elliphant BUY
Scene Description: Steph, Leah, Jo and Shane are drinking...
"More Than Anything" feat. Emeli Sande Rudimental BUY
Scene Description: Steph enters. Lydia is awake. Steph and Lydia have a conversation...
"Lie Or Lie Awake" Katie Herzig n/a
Scene Description: Cristina is on her way out for the night and tells Owen she will watch Zola at Mer's house...
Episode #1001: "Seal Our Fate"   Original Air-Date: 9/26/13


Episode 924: "Perfect Storm" Original Air-Date: May 16, 2013
Ingrid Michaelson Without You BUY
Scene Description: A character is trying to save someone in a dangerous situation.
John Legend All of Me n/a
Scene Description: Two characters share a joyful kiss. Someone confesses their love to another.
Sara Jackson-Holman Freight Train BUY
Scene Description: Two characters have a sad discussion about their relationship.
Episode #923: "Readiness is All" Original Air-Date: May 9, 2013
The Proclaimers "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" BUY
Scene Description: A character is proposing marriage and a flash mob ensues.
The Boxer Rebellion "You Belong To Me" BUY
Scene Description: Alex leaves Jason's room and bumps into Derek.
Sleeping At Last "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" BUY
Scene Description: Arizona leans in the doorway as Lauren throws her roller bag on the bed.
Episode #922: "Do You Believe In Magic" Original Air-Date: May 2, 2013
Isbells "Elation" BUY
Scene Description: Ethan and Owen play soccer. Nancy comes outside.
Van She "Beat Of The Drum" BUY
Scene Description: Cristina types on her laptop as she's on the phone with a hospital in France. Derek works on Iris's brain. Heather assists. Alex stands by Joe. Jackson watches April remove Kim's entire stomach. Arizona watches Lauren go over Tyler's surgery
Sleeping At Last "Uneven Odds" BUY

Scene Description: Cristina enters the ER to find Owen and Nancy. Arizona steps out and gives them an update. Cristina pours Zolpidem into a patients' feeding tube. Mer and Richard come out of Kayla's room Danny and Cherise ask about her condition

Jill Andrews "Rust Or Gold" BUY
Scene Description: Ethan is asleep. Owen arrives to see Nancy talking with a social worker. Stephanie sits alone at the bar when Jackson and Alex enter. Arizona meets Lauren in the elevator. Cherise sits by Kayla's bed. Danny watches. Shane sketches as Heather walks up...
The Boxer Rebellion "New York" BUY
Scene Description: Bailey continues to test herself. Ben knocks on the door. Cristina and Owen lie in bed intertwined. Callie comes out of the bathroom and talks to Arizona. Derek, Mer and Zola have a tea party
Episode #921 - "Sleeping Monster" Original Air-Date: April 25, 2013
Zola Jesus "Avalanche" BUY
Scene Description: Bailey washes her hands. Jackson greets the CDC.
Aretha Franklin "Think" BUY
Scene Description: 1st Use – Bailey scrubs her hands at the sink.
Jake Bugg "Broken" BUY
Scene Description: Frankie pushes Callie and Arizona to report the CDC story. 
Keane "Sea Fog" BUY
Scene Description: Al tells Jackson his family is all he has.
Anderson East "Say Anything"
(feat. Jill Andrews)
Scene Description: Richard tells Bailey that a patient dies. Bailey is enraged at Richard.
Episode #920: "She's Killing Me" Original Air-Date: April 4, 2013
The Rubens "The Day You Went Away" n/a
Scene Description: Mer and Derek face Bailey. Bailey gives Mer some news.
Flight Facilities "Clair De Lune" feat. Christine Hoberg BUY
Scene Description: Matthew is in bed as April rushes in. Matthew tells her something.
Foals "My Number" BUY
Scene Description: Mer and Cristina lead Adad through a lobectomy. April arrives and starts talking about someone.
Jon E. K. "Cold World" BUY
Scene Description: Cristina watches Owen through the window as Mer arrives. Cristina understands why Owen has been crazy all day.
Episode #919: "Can't Fight This Feeling" Original Air-Date: March 28, 2013
Fitz & The Tantrums "Spark" BUY
Scene Description: Meredith and Derek kiss in bed. Derek opens the bedroom to find Zola waiting.
Annie Williams "Roll On Hills" BUY
Scene Description: Arizona and Bailey call out to Callie. Bailey's Bike messenger has a broken tibia.
Daughter "Amsterdam" BUY
Scene Description: Callie gets gowned and gloved as Richard and Bailey finish up on Cam. Cristina lies on a bed.
Keaton Henson "Teach Me" BUY
Scene Description: Jackson confronts April as she cries. Alex asks about Elyse.
The Airborne Toxic Event "The Storm" BUY
Scene Description: Owen finds Cristina outside Paul's room as she looks at a tablet. Stephanie hugs Jackson
Episode #918 - "Idle Hands" Original Air-Date: Mar. 21, 2013
Quadron "Hey Love"
Scene Description: We see the new Grey Sloan Memorial logo as we push into the new ER.
The Helio Sequence "Open Letter"
Scene Description: Bailey and Mer operate on Madeline. They realize the cancer has progressed beyond being operable.
Houses "Big Light"
Scene Description: Just after Mer has told someone the bad news, three kids from her school show up.
Laura Welsh "Hollow Drum"
Scene Description: Callie and Arizona bond when Callie uses her medical expertise to relieve Arizona's pain.
Neulore "Shadow Of A Man"
Scene Description: Derek tells Shane that Jim needs shaking. Mer arrives and continues worrying about Derek.
Episode #917: "Transplant Wasteland" Original air-date: Mar. 14, 2013
Cold War Kids "Miracle Mile"
Little Children "Distant Shouts"
Rose Cousins "Go First"
Left Hand Smoke "Sugar on Sunday"
Episode #916 "This Is Why We Fight" Original Air-Date: Feb. 21, 2013
Esthero "Never Gonna Let You Go"
Scene Description: Cristina and Meredith drink coffee. Alex enters and heads to the fridge.
MS MR "Salty Sweet"
Scene Description: Bailey tells Heather not to say a word about what she overheard. Heather, Shane, Leah, Stephanie and Jo huddle around a table as they eat…
MS MR "Bones"
Scene Description: Alex finds Jo in an empty room crying. Cahill leads the board members through the new deal. The crew tries to talk to Crest's assisstant. Julian Crest enters the room. Derek and Richard take a ride in the helicopter…
Kris Orlowski & Andrew Joslyn "Mountains"
Scene Description: Owen sits at the bar, Cristina arrives and tells him about Crest. Shane finds April on a bench. Melissa is awake and enjoys her family. Heather joins Bailey at the Nurses Station…
Serena Ryder "What I Wouldn't Do"
Scene Description: Richard talks to Catherine about the plan to buy the hospital. Jackson enters the lobby surprised to see Callie and Arizona. Mer, Der, Callie, Arizona, Jackson and Richard are in the hotel restaurant…
Episode #915 "Hard Bargain" Original air-date: Feb 14, 2013
Metric "Synthetica"
Scene Description: Callie, Mer, Derek and Arizona discuss Pegasus. Owen and Cristina have sex. Derek talks about Pegasus. Owen gets a call from Cahill. He and Cristina are worried about a buyout…
Rihanna "Stay" feat. Mikky Ekko
Scene Description: Jackson advises April to tell Matthew who she really is. Mer and Derek escape wth their document in hand. Arizona tells the group about Bailey. Cristina tells everone about Pegasus and her new plan…
Ellie Goulding "Dead In The Water"
Scene Description: Matthew reveals that he's saving himself for marriage. Roberta demands Owen and Alan do something to salvage the sale. Owen pushes Alan to appease Pegasus or find another buyer. Alex and Jo tell Langer and Finch their baby will be fine…
Episode #914: "The Face of Change" Original Air-Date: Feb. 7, 2013
Lucius "Turn It Around"
Scene Description: Alex is in a photo session. Cahill watches and talks about him being the Brand Ambassador.
Leagues "Spotlight"
Scene Description: Cahill walks the buyers around making the pitch while Derek is in shock. Cahill discovers flesh blood on the floor and walks out.
Phosphorescent "Song For Zula"
Scene Description: Alex and Jackson approach Jess with good news on Brian's surgery. Jess talks to Daniel about Brian.
Grizzly Bear "Gun Shy"
Scene Description: Callie and Richard sit in the parking lot talking about the package. April and Matt talk about her patient.
Episode #913: "Bad Blood" Original Air-Date: Jan. 31, 2013
Stealing Sheep "Shut Eye"
Scene Description: Meredith and Cristina stare at the camera. A voice says "morning." Alana Cahill addresses Alex, Jackson, Bailey, Richard, Cristina, Mer and other surgeons.
Wild Belle "Shine"
Scene Description: Owen instructs Cahill to remove the clamp. Jo, Stephanie, Shane and Leah stumble out for a breath of air. Callie leans against the dumpster holding a cup of coffee. Derek negotiates with Dr. Russell.
Sara Jackson-Holman "Come By Fire"
Scene Description: Leah watches as someone is coding. Cristina works on a patient and asks the CCU nurse how long it's been.
NO "Town on Fire"
Scene Description: Arizona finds Callie and Alex outside Simmi's room. Arizona convinces Simmi to get up. Callie brings over a walker as Alex watches. Two of the logger's friends are by his side. The logger's wife thanks Owen and Cahill…
Josh Ritter "In Your Arms Again"
Scene Description: As April and Derek try to explain their plan to save the ER, Cahill explains it won't help. Owen realizes something. Owen switches of the lights in the empty ER. Mer's belly; he feels the baby kick.
Episode #912 "Walking On A Dream" Original air-date: Jan. 24, 2013
Lord Huron "Time To Run"
Scene Description: Arizona jogs in a park. She runs into the ER following a patient on a gurney,
Future of Forestry "Someone"
Scene Description: Heidi is worried. Bailey gets a call from Meredith.
Matt Hires "Forever"
Scene Description: All the doctors gather to hear Alana's conclusions.
James Brown Baby You're Right
Scene Description: Two characters eat grilled cheese in bed.
Episode #911: "The Ends Is the Beginning is the End" Original air-date: Jan. 17, 2013
Serena Ryder "Stompa"  
Scene Description: Derek and Mer are in bed talking about the court case. Owen mistakes Jo for Cristina.
Mynabirds "Disaster"
Scene Description: Alex and Jo watch the ping pong game. Shane and Derek play. Callie worries about Derek's wrist.
Engineers "What It's Worth"
Scene Description: Richard finds Catherine eating alone, they talk about grieving. Jackson talks to James about the unsuccessful operation
Left Hand Smoke "Shine on Everything"
Scene Description: Jo walks Alex into the living room to show him a present.
Episode #910: "Things We Said Today" Original air-date: Jan. 10, 2013
Metric "Speed The Collapse"
Scene Description: The guests, April, Shane, Jackson, Stephanie, Alex, and Jo wait for the wedding to start.
Atlas Genius "Trojans"
Scene Description: Richard rips into someone. As Richard is about to punch them, Mer steps in.
Diego Garcia "Nothing to Hide"
Scene Description: Rage tells Owen something. Bailey tells Ben something.
Iko "Lightning Bolts"
Scene Description: The sound of wedding guests clinking spoons against champagne glasses.
Erin McCarley "What I Needed"
Scene Description: Bailey is at the buffet table with her mom. She looks up to see Richard.
Ed Sheeran "Kiss Me"
Scene Description: The DJ calls Bailey and Ben to the dance floor for their first dance.
Angela McCluskey & Tryptich "My Funny Valentine"
Scene Description: Richard watches Bailey and Ben dance and starts to think about Adele.
Episode 909: "Run, Baby, Run" First aired: December 13, 2012
Sugar & the Hi-Lows "Jingle Bells" Buy
Scene Description: Bailey wants to be sure that April, not Leah, has her patients taken care of, while she is gone for her honeymoon.
Luke Sital-Singh "Fail For You" Buy
Scene Description: Bailey wants to drive herself to the wedding. Then a stretch limo pulls up and someone steps out.
Tal & Acacia "Silver Bells" Buy
Scene Description: Callie loves her red bridesmaids' dresses, Bailey and Callie walk and talk and Callie advises Bailey to do something.
Gabe Simon "Sweetest Sound" n/a
Scene Description: In the limo, Richard's informed that someone is en route to the ER. Bailey instructs the driver to go to SGMW.
Sky Ferreira "Lost In My Bedroom" Buy
Scene Description: Jackson, Alex, April, Mer, and Cristina are getting ready for the wedding.
Episode 908: "Love Turns You Upside Down" First aired: December 6, 2012
Tiesto "Knock You Out
(Owen Westlake Remix)"
Scene Description: Heather congratulates Mer on something. Mer tells her to keep quiet.
Broadheds "Nothing That I Care About" Buy
Scene Description: Callie and Jackson are testing the interns to see who would be best for an important surgery.
Beirut "Santa Fe" Buy
Scene Description: Mer and Derek argue about something. Heather is frustrated. Derek's sister Lizzie suddenly appears.
Broadheds "Something All Our Own" Buy
Scene Description: Shane concentrates on something as he talks to April.
Episode 907: "I Was Made for Lovin' You" First aired: November 29, 2012
Milo Greene "1957" Buy
Scene Description: Attendings Derek, Mer, Callie, Richard, Bailey, and April and fellows Cristina, Jackson, and Alex listen as Owen finishes up the morning Attending's Meeting.
Katie Herzig "Let You Go" n/a
Scene Description: Richard works on research as Owen enters.
The Soft Pack "Mexico" Buy
Scene Description: Bailey finds Richard as he waits at the elevator. Interns Joe, Shane, Stephanie, and Heather drink and play darts.
Matt Hires "Signal In The Sky" Buy
Scene Description: Callie arrives home to find Arizona in her wheelchair
Episode 906: "Second Opinion" First aired: November 15, 2012
Iko "Dazed and Confused" Buy
Scene Description: Owen is angry at Jo that she didn't release someone. Instead, she got them cleaned up so that they would be seen as someone who deserves medical care.
Miss Li "You Could Have It (So Much Better Without Me)" Buy
Scene Description: Meredith is in bed with someone, whispering while on the phone with someone, discussing Cristina's return.
Damien Jurado "Museum of Flight" Buy
Scene Description: Two characters uncomfortably wait for Russell to join them. Yang defends her surgical decision. Russell enters, commends Cristina for her actions. Derek sits with the lawyers.
Caught A Ghost "Connected" Buy
Scene Description: Annoyed Jackson confronts someone about receiving an e-mail from them that was meant for Jackson's mom.
Aron Wright "And Still, The Darkness Comes" Buy
Scene Description: Alex tells Mer that he is trying to improve himself by buying Mer's house.
Episode 904: "I Saw Her Standing There" First aired: October 25, 2012
Miss Li "Forever Drunk" Buy
Scene Description: Two characters are in the midst of some early morning lovin'. Two characters pull each others clothes off.
Daughter "Home" Buy
Scene Description: Mer steps out of Rob's room to find Derek waiting for her. Arizona indirectly invites Callie to sit with her and watch TV
Birdy "I'll Never Forget You" Buy
Scene Description: Cristina tells Parker that she is meeting a friend for drinks. Arizona stares at herself in the mirror with her prosthetic.
Calahan "Moving On" Buy
Scene Description: Two characters make out. Owen sits at the bar, whiskey in hand as Callie sits down next to him.
Episode 903: "Love the One You're With" First aired: October 18, 2012
Icky Blossoms "Heat Lightning" Buy
Scene Description: Mer, Der, Owen, and Callie meet with their attorney and an airline lawyer. Mer and the others react to a settlement amount the lawyer hands them…
Julia Stone "It's All Ok" Buy
Scene Description: April and Jackson show Roxie her new body. When Frank arrives, Roxie is pleased to show her new body to him…
The Heavy "What Makes A Good Man?" Buy
Scene Description: Cristina expresses her frustration to Parker. Parker placates her with promises of cool surgeries to come…
Benjamin Francis Leftwich "I Won't Back Down" n/a
Scene Description: Callie finds someone sitting in their own urine. She forces them into the shower and makes them realize they are in this predicament together…
Dolorean "What Could You Do" Buy
Scene Description: Jackson and April fight during Roxie's surgery. Mer realizes something. Derek thinks as he does strengthening excercises, pondering the settlement offer…
Episode 902: "Remember the Time" First aired: October 4, 2012
Kodaline "All I Want" Buy
Scene Description: Richard helps Mark with end of life paperwork. Mark Signs
Episode 901: "Going, Going, Gone" First aired: September 27, 2012
The Mynabirds "Body Of Work" Buy
Scene Description: Using an iPad, Meredith tells Cristina about her nickname. Owen is nearby. Meredith and Jackson sit and watch the interns...
Miss Li "My Heart Goes Boom Boom" n/a
Scene Description: Cristina watches Dr. Thomas' surery and talks on her iPad. Ben and Bailey make out. Dr. Barnett introduces himself to Alex.
Tristan Prettyman "My Oh My" Buy
Scene Description: Alex catches up with Callie. Meredith watches as Jo operates. Cristina and Dr. Thomas get gowned and gloved. Callie talks to Derek.
Mikky Ekko "Feels Like The End" Buy
Scene Description: A patient is removed from life support.
Rilo Kiley "Portions For Foxes" Buy
Scene Description: New interns catch up. They run into Bailey and Meredith.
One Two "Without You" Buy
Scene Description: Meredith spots Alex at the gate. Owen runs through the airport. Ben joins Bailey, Richard and Jackson. Derek and Callie sit by a patient's bed.
Ingrid Michaelson "Into You" Buy
Scene Description: April guides a pig into a pen. Callie moves from the couch to the bedroom. We see Arizona in bed. We see a video flashback of Arizona…