Once Upon A Time

By ABC Music Lounge Sep 24, 2015


About the show

There was an enchanted forest filled with all the classic fairy tale characters we know and love… until a curse trapped them in a place called Storybrooke. After the curse was broken, new dangers, magical forces, and exciting worlds have continued to emerge. Now, the fairytale characters cope with Emma's new role as The Dark One and begin the search for Merlin. This is a journey that will take our heroes from the Enchanted Forest to Camelot and along the way bring many surprises, including encounters with a brave and headstrong Scottish princess named Merida. 

Music from the latest episode:

Episode #503:   "Siege Perilous"
Original Air-Date:   10/11/2015
Song Artist Scene Description
Heigh-Ho Cast We her whistling inside the mines, the dwarfs are hard at work.
Good Love The Murmaids Granny's Diner
The Night That You Left Phil Parlapiano Granny's Diner
Episode #502:   "The Price"
Original Air-Date:   10/4/2015
Song Artist Scene Description
Only You Yazoo

1st Use: Sc 22A, at the ball Henry shares his earbud with a girl, we hear this song playing from it.
2nd Use: Sc 28, at Granny's Diner, Henry sees the girl from the ball, he plays this song on the juke box.

Episode #501:   "The Dark Swan"
Original Air-Date:   9/27/2015
Song Artist Scene Description
Whistle While You Work Cast Sc 4, Emma, reborn in Fairy Tale Land, hears whistlinig - it's Rumplestiltskin