Rising Star

By MusicLounge Jun 22, 2014

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ABC's new reality series Rising Star completely reinvents the traditional singing competition as—for the first time ever—the audience has the final say in real time. The show follows a group of aspiring singers as they audition in live performances. During the performances, viewers vote via an App in real time to determine if the singer will advance in the competition. If the voting reaches a certain threshold, the performer moves on, and the performer can see how the voting is going during the performance, so the feedback is immediate and dramatic.

Will you raise the wall? Join the new era of singing competitions! Become a Rising Star home judge and—for the first time ever—see yourself and your vote count in real time on your TV.

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, Download the Rising Star App from the App Store

If you have an Android device, Download the Rising Star App from the Google Play Store

If you have a Windows 8 smartphone or tablet, Download the Rising Star App from the Windows Store

Only a wall of your faces separates each artist from their dream, and only your vote can raise it. The app serves as your judging tool, and puts the power directly in your hands. Every Sunday at 9|8c on ABC, you will decide the fate of each singer before their performance is over. You hold their dreams in your hands as you decide who will be the next Rising Star. 

VIDEO: Get everything you need to know about how to use the Rising Star App!

FAQ: Got questions? We've got you covered. Read the Rising Star App FAQ!

So you’ve downloaded the Rising Star App, what now? Let’s get you ready to be a Home Judge and raise the wall SUNDAYS 9|8c|7m on ABC with this handy guide for how to use the app. And if you’d rather see the app in action than read about it, you can watch the video above for everything you need to know.

Enter the App

Open up the app by tapping on its icon, then swipe right to enter.

Register to Vote

Sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account. The app won’t automatically post to your wall or timeline, but you can choose to submit your image so that you could show up on the wall during an episode of Rising Star! You may also want to allow push notifications. That way, the app will let you know when a vote is coming up.

Now you’re all set and ready to vote when the show begins SUNDAYS 9|8c|7m on ABC!

Check In

Before a performance begins, the app will ask you to check in to vote. Just swipe right on the screen and you’re good to go.

Cast Your Vote

When voting opens, cast your vote! Swipe right on the blue arrow to help raise the wall or swipe left on the red arrow to vote against the performer.

Share Your Vote

Now that you’ve voted, you can choose to share that vote with your friends!

Performance Results

When the voting closes, the results for that performance will show you how everyone voted. Will the wall rise and the performer move on, or will it stay down and send them home? You’re about to find out!

Episode Summary Screen

At the end of each episode the app will show you the night’s results and you can even download the music from the episode!