The Bachelorette

By MusicLounge Jun 18, 2013

The Bachelorette

Desiree Hartsock and the Bachelor Nation faithful thought she would happily end up with America’s favorite Bachelor, Sean Lowe. After struggling to regain the relationship they once had, Sean and Desiree seemed to be on the right track – until the hometown dates. Millions watched, stunned, as Sean sent Desiree home, and they fell even more in love with her as she struggled to tell him he was making a big mistake. Now it’s time for Desiree to call the shots when she gets a second opportunity to find love in the ninth edition of The Bachelorette, the female version of ABC’s hit romance reality series.

Desiree, 27, moved numerous times with her family as a youth and eventually settled in Colorado. Although her family was of modest means, they were rich in love. Their values helped guide Desiree to become an industrious, passionate and creative woman who is working hard to make her dreams come true. She is confident that in the future she will be a bridal gown designer with her own boutique. But Desiree’s ultimate dream is to find a love like the one her parents share. Married for 35 years, they’ve always supported and appreciated one another. This spunky, athletic and artistic woman is eagerly looking for a life filled with spontaneity, love and laughter. And she is positive, after falling in love on The Bachelor, that she can find her soul mate on The Bachelorette.

Desiree’s hunt for Mr. Right will take place on some of the most romantic and adventurous dates ever, with exciting surprises in store for both her and the bachelors as they travel the world for intimate dates in Atlantic City, NJ; Germany, Spain, the island of Madeira and other exciting locations.

A jam packed schedule in Los Angeles will have Desiree surprising one lucky man with a day of wedding-themed events. Then, after a VIP view from atop of the Hollywood sign, they enjoy a private performance by R&B pop-rock singer Andy Grammer. Fourteen enthusiastic men join Desiree to make a rap video with superstar Soulja Boy. A dodge ball group date ends up with someone making an emergency room visit, but Desiree treats one man to a private concert by soul/pop/gospel singer Kate Earl. Danger lurks as Desiree and one special guy try to take love to new heights when they join dance troupe “Bandaloop” who perform on the side of a glass skyscraper suspended by cables. Then it’s “Hi-Ho, Silver! Away!” as five rugged guys learn how to perform stunts from professionals at a cowboy boot camp and compete for a ticket with Desiree to a VIP screening of Disney’s eagerly awaited upcoming release, “The Lone Ranger,” starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. It’s onward to Atlantic City, but wait until 11 of the men discover they’ll compete for the first-ever coveted title of “The Bachelorette’s Mr. America.” Desiree and one bachelor also visit the area devastated by Hurricane Sandy and meet a couple who were victims of the storm. What Desiree and her date decide to do brings the couple to tears. Country chart-topper Darius Rucker plays a part in the heart-wrenching surprise.

An excited Bachelorette makes her first trip to Europe, taking the remaining men to Germany, exploring beautiful, historic Munich on an individual date -- which culminates with a VIP concert by rock/pop artist Matt White -- then taking a group of the guys up the Alps to the tallest peak in Germany for a day of sledding. Continuing the European tour, the group travel to romantic Barcelona. A world famous soccer stadium is the site for six men to suit up and compete against a professional team – but there’s a jaw-dropping twist. The idyllic island of Madeira is the backdrop for a special date in its capital city, Funchal, complete with a stroll through lush tropical gardens, tobogganing down the town’s steep winding streets and a performance by a Fado singer. On a one-on-one date, Desiree takes her suitor up a winding road through the clouds to the mountain peak of Pico do Arieiro for a romantic picnic and a fireworks display. Finally, after the crucial hometown dates, three lucky men travel with Desiree to an exotic destination for some of the most intimate and sensual overnight dates ever. The Bachelorette will have traveled the world again for love, but will she finally make her own fairytale come true?

As in the past, men will continue to be eliminated each week, but if at any point along the way a bachelor should decide that he’s no longer interested in the Bachelorette, he can reject her invitation to continue dating. Two lucky men will meet her family, and she will visit the final bachelors’ hometowns for a slice of their lives in an effort to determine the man with whom she is most compatible -- but there are surprises in store for Desiree that will shake her world. At the end of the journey, the Bachelorette may quite possibly have found true love. But the big question is: After all of this, will he pop the question, and will she say yes?

Music from the series:

Episode #905 Original Air-Date: June 24, 2013
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Episode # 903 Original Air-Date: June 10, 2013
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Episode #902 Original Air-Date: June 3, 2013
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Episode #901 Original Air-Date: May 27, 2013
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