Mistresses: "Good Intent" by Kimbra

By MusicLounge Jun 10, 2013

Mistresses #102: The Morning After

"Good Intent" by Kimbra
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We had some really great songs in this episode.  I love the sexy Kimbra song "Good Intent" over kinky Joss, Quantic featuring Alice Russell in the scene with Joss and Alex.  A bit of a nod to the same vibe we had them in last episode, and the very emotional end song "Running Away" by Richard Ashcroft.  My favorite use in this episode though was "Youth" by Daughter.   It's used in the scene, when April is rushing around her house in search of some sort of evidence that her late husband was cheating on her.  She's angry, yet extremely emotional.  Lyrically we wanted something that was depicted how she was feeling with the quiet guitar, and then grows with the intensity with the percussion and April's emotions.  I love this song, and so happy we were able to use it!

- Season Kent
Mistresses Music Supervisor