Mistresses: "The Light From One" by Ane Brun

By MusicLounge Jun 25, 2013

Mistresses Episode #104:

"The Light From One" by Ane Brun
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After finding out in the previous episode she's pregnant, Savi decides she needs to find out who the father is before she tells Harry.  We have this very tender moment between the two of them in their house - she asks if he will always love her.  She's about ready to just tell him everything, gets scared and decides to move forward with secretly doing the paternity test.    Ane Brun's "The Light From One" had this darkness, haunting yet really sad vibe to it.  The piano melody with the thumping of the drums - almost like a clock.  Time is ticking, time has come - this is serious and heavy and real.  The weight of this song really made us feel Savi's struggle at this moment.  I LOVE this song!!!!

- Season Kent
Mistresses Music Supervisor