Mistresses: "Damn Your Eyes" by Alex Clare

By MusicLounge Jun 04, 2013

Mistresses #101: "Pilot"

"Damn Your Eyes" - Alex Clare
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As Savi is struggling with her marriage, sexual tension is building between her and Dominic.  We knew a soulful, sexy yet lyrically descriptive song needing to play over the moment they kiss and end the episode making viewers yearn for more.  This song is actually an Etta James cover that Alex Clare did a few years ago that floated around the internet, but was never released properly on an album.  I loved it when I found it years ago on a blog, and tucked it away in hopes of finding the right scene to use it in!  It was one of the first songs I gave to my producers and they also fell instantly in love.  Lyrically - "I can do what I want, I'm in complete control that's what I tell myself.  I've got a mind of my own, I'll be alright alone don't need anybody else.....Damn your eyes, taking my breath away, making me want to stay, damn your eyes" HOT HOT HOT!  Enjoy!!!

- Season Kent
Mistresses Music Supervisor