Revenge #303 - Season Kent Blog feat. Lorde

By MusicLounge Oct 14, 2013

Revenge Episode #303: "Confession" 

Featuring "Royals" by Lorde
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"Ok seriously - this song is HOT!  I heard it back at the end of season 2.  Couldn't find a home for it  then, and am so excited we found an amazing scene for it in Season 3. This was such a great use because not only was the vibe exactly the kind of cool that Nolan’s pool party needed, but this was the first time that the message of a song on Revenge included some social commentary on the rich and fabulous Hamptonites - plus this song is blowing up right now!  It's really perfect, and we are so excited Lorde said yes!  So fun!!"

- Season Kent
Revenge Music Supervisor