Revenge #305 - Season Kent Blog feat. Silversun Pickups

By MusicLounge Oct 28, 2013

Revenge #305 - "Ribbons and Detours" by Silversun Pickups

The episode is jam packed with so many great songs!  It was like I was the house DJ at the Voulez Party!  Pre-party included the hot french song "La Foret" by Lescop, into the party opener "Right Action" by Franz Ferdinand into slow jam french song "Bisou Magique" by Melody's Echo Chamber into the jammin' groove "Money Rain Down" by Big Black Delta.  I loved the idea of doing current english and french song!  The clip I wanted to include for the blog was our end montage song "Ribbons and Detours" by Silversun Pickups.  This song we had swirling around last season, and one of our editors grabbed it to try here.  Such a REVENGE vibe - and I love the build up to the end of the episode - Nolan and Patrick hot and heavy!  Enjoy!

- Season Kent
Revenge Music Supervisor