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By MusicLounge Mar 10, 2014

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Clip featuring "Animal Urges" by Lo-Fang

Clip featuring "When We're Fire" by Lo-Fang

Revenge #314: "Payback"

"When We're Fire" and "Animal Urges" by Lo-Fang

Our producers called me back in December as he was writing this episode mentioning they wanted a musical artist on REVENGE to perform at Charlotte’s Birthday Party. I wanted to find someone who really fit the Revenge musical vibe - someone we could introduce to the audience, someone bubbling under the radar and of course someone with a haunting vibe.  I had been pitching Lo Fang’s music for the show, so it only made sense to see if he would be interested in performing on-camera.  Luckily he said yes, and we made it happen.  We had a great time on-set, and our cast was so friendly and excited about it (thank you guys!).  Lo-Fang’s album was released a few weeks ago, and he just went on tour with LORDE.  Big thank you to Matthew, his band, his managers Phil and Vanessa, Miwa at his label and Natalie at his publishing company.  THANK YOU!! Check him out!!

- Season Kent
REVENGE Music Supervisor

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