Season Kent on The Rubens

By MusicLounge Jan 24, 2013

Revenge ep. #212 "Collusion" featuring "Lay It Down" by The Rubens - Click Here to Preview / Purchase Song on iTunes

"This episode didn't have a big end montage song, but there is one Stowaway bar source song I wanted to write about. The Stowaway bar music has always been great vibe and texture to establish the lack back feel of the bar. A down home, feel good kinda place (I'd love to hang out there!). A band a ran across recently called The Rubens had just the sound of our Stowaway - raw, rockin' and laid back! They are 3 brothers from Australia, actually have a gold record there and just signed a record deal here in the States. If you find yourself in Austin for SXSW - check them out! It's their first US appearance!"

Season Kent (Music Supervisor, Revenge)

MUSIC LOUNGE EXCLUSIVE - 5 Questions with singer Sam Margin:
ABC ML: How does it feel to have your first song licensed?Sam Margin: Pretty amazing, I can't say that I ever expected to hear one of our songs on an American show. Very cool.
ABC ML: What is your favorite film score/soundtrack?SM: I couldn't pick one, but Tarantino usually gets it right.... Or 'Drive'!
ABC ML: What’s are your...