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Body Of Proof

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About the Show

Body of Proof enters its third season February 19, 2013 creatively revamped to deliver even more exciting episodes with two new cast members complementing the ever brilliant, always driven neurosurgeon-turned-Medical-Examiner Dr. Megan Hunt in her quest to find justice for the dead and prevent harm to the living.

Twenty years ago Megan had her heart broken.  Not that she would ever admit it.  As a surgical resident in New York City, she stitched up a wounded young cop named Tommy Sullivan who was shot during a drug bust, and a passionate love affair began.  It ended just as tempestuously when he cheated on her.  Reeling from this betrayal, she returned to Philadelphia vowing never to be hurt again.  She built a highly successful career and an equally successful marriage.  Or so she thought.  She never appreciated how the demands of her career were taking a toll on her personal life until her husband divorced her and she lost custody of their then seven-year-old daughter Lacey. Adding to this emotional trauma, Megan soon suffered a physical one, a car accident that left her with a condition called paresthesia -- random attacks of numbness and cramping of her hands. Tragically, this condition failed to manifest itself until Megan’s first trip back to the operating room. She lost control of her instruments and her patient died on the table. Megan’s life as a neurosurgeon was over.

Two years into her new life as a Medical Examiner, Megan has rechanneled her genius and personal tenacity into solving the medical mysteries of the dead and uncovering who was responsible and why.  Along the way she has tried to repair some of the emotional damage she caused to her daughter and to others close to her.  She may never be done, but she has arrived at a place of relative peace with herself.  And then Tommy Sullivan walks back into her life.

After a long career in New York City Detective Tommy Sullivan has relocated to Philadelphia where he and his new partner DetectiveAdam Lucas have drawn the unenviable job of teaming with Megan to solve homicide cases.  Needless to say Megan is stunned by Tommy's presence, wants nothing to do him and immediately suspects he has somehow engineered his new post to rekindle their relationship.  Is she right?  Does he have a prayer?  Their personal history will animate every investigation they are uncomfortably forced to work on together.

Starting with an action-packed two-part episode, Season Three will grab you with higher stakes and bigger thrills and chills as Megan, Tommy and their respective colleagues work to chase down killers before they kill again.  And with each passing case, as the personal tension between Megan and Tommy evolves into mutual respect and even hints of their old personal attraction, Megan will start to wonder if she should risk opening herself up to this man again.  The answer will come as they tackle the biggest case of Megan's career -- indeed the biggest mystery of Megan's entire life: Did her father really commit suicide, or was he murdered?

Christopher Murphey (Executive Producer-Creator-Showrunner)

"We're thrilled with the new direction Body of Proof has taken in Season 3.  Our goal was to inject more energy into the show, to give it another gear both in terms of storytelling and in the exploration of Megan's character, and we couldn't be happier with the results.  With two new cast members and a creative overhaul of the show we're confident we will draw in new viewers without alienating our loyal audience, without whom we would never have gotten this opportunity."

Matthew Gross (Executive Producer-Showrunner)

"We're so excited and proud to present Season 3 of Body of Proof. We've re-energized the show with bigger, more exciting stories with higher stakes, thrilling crimes and more malevolent antagonists. This season our episodes have provocative mysteries which not only have arousing twists and turns but in solving them Megan Hunt and her new partners in the Philadelphia Police have to stop something else from happening."

Evan Katz (Executive Producer-Showrunner)

"This season, we wanted to give Megan someone who could stand up to her, and we wanted to add romantic tension to the show.  Both these ideas came together in the character of Tommy Sullivan.  He's not only the new police detective in her life, he's a long lost love who broke her heart.  The season charts the sparks between them and the evolution of their relationship.  The theme of the season is about overcoming the past.  We see Megan grapple with mistakes she's made in love... And with the truth behind her father's suicide."

Body of Proof stars Dana Delany as Dr. Megan Hunt, Jeri Ryan as Dr. Kate Murphy, Mark Valley as Detective Tommy Sullivan, Geoffrey Arend as Dr. Ethan Gross, Windell D. Middlebrooks as Dr. Curtis Brumfield, Elyes Gabel as Detective Adam Lucas, and Mary Mouser as Lacey Fleming.

Music from the series:

Episode #313: "Daddy Issues" (Season Finale)

  Original Air-Date: May 28, 2013
Sir Sly Gold BUY
Scene Description: Montage of Megan going over evidence & Kate doing her sketch

Episode #303: "Breakout"

  Original Air-Date: May 14, 2013
Tony Orlando & Dawn Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree BUY
Scene Description: Song plays on the radio as the guard drives the prisoners.

Episode #309: "Doubting Tommy"

  Original Air-Date: April 9, 2013
The Allah Las "Catamaran" BUY
Scene Description: Megan and Tommy sit in the bar and play cards.
Rosco Bandana "Woe Is Me" BUY
Scene Description: Megan and Tommy continue to hang out at the bar.
FS "Get Up Ninja" BUY
Scene Description: Tommy tries to remember what happened the night before
Hellfire Machina "Aperture" ft. Judith Ude (Dubstep Mix)


Scene Description: Megan and Tommy go back to the club to investigate.

Episode #308: "Skin and Bones"

Original Air-Date: April 2, 2013
My Jerusalem "Shatter Together" BUY
Scene Description: The harvester drives through a college campus looking for his next victim.

Episode # 306: "Fallen Angel"

Original Air-Date: Mar. 26, 2013
The Heavy "Same Ol"
Scene Description: Kate and the Russian go to the hotel where things heat up.

Episode # 304: "Mob Mentality"

Original Air-Date: Mar. 12, 2013
The Village Green "Let It Go"
Scene Description: Song plays over opening shots of the city up to the crime scene.
Voxhaul Broadcast "Starts Right Here"
Scene Description: The song plays on Tommy's radio as they drive to dinner.
Heartless Bastards "Skin and Bone"
Scene Description: In the bar, Martin & Adam have a drink at the bar.
Ku "Nobody Hot As Me"
Scene Description: Tommy and Megan go back to the gym to talk to Avery
Lord Huron "In the Wind"
Scene Description: Martin sits in the bar and is surprised and pleased to see Adam enter.

Episode # 305: "Lost Souls"

Original Air-Date: Mar. 5, 2013
Rossi "Your God"

Episode #216R: "Mind Games"

Original Air-Date: Feb. 12, 2013
LMFAO "Sexy and I Know It"
Scene Description: 1st Use: Friday night madness at a packed college bar. - 2nd Use: Bud and Sam show the video of Nikki at the bar to a possible suspect
Mohombi "Bumpy Ride"
Scene Description: Party source, Lacey calls Megan from a party, loud music is heard.
Tin Sparrow "For You"
Scene Description: Everyone goes to Bud's Baby Shower


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