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Private Practice

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Private Practice

From Shonda Rhimes, the Golden Globe-winning creator of Grey's Anatomy, comes the story of a team of gifted doctors working together to change the lives of their patients for the better as they look to one another for friendship and love. 

Among the artists who've contributed music to the series include Amy Stroup, Katie Herzig, Augustana, Amos Lee, Sarah McLachlan, Trent Dabbs, Greg Holden, Mayer Hawthorne, Sia, Plan B, Janelle Monae, The Black Keys, Matthew Perryman Jones and Eels.

Music from the latest episode:

Episode #613: "In Which We Say Goodbye"
Original Air-Date: Jan. 22, 2013
Chet Faker "No Diggity" (Blackstreet Cover)
Kathleen Edwards "It Must Have Been Love" (Roxette Cover)
Angus Stone "Clouds Above"
Episode #612: "Full Release"
Original Air-Date: Jan. 15, 2013
People Get Ready "Windy Cindy"
Scene Description: Violet buys gifts at the bookstore. The owner asks her about her husband.
Broken Anchor "Ghosts"
Scene Description: Miranda encourages Sheldon to tell his friends about his sickness.
Kris Orlowski & Andrew Joslyn "I Will Go"
Scene Description: Jake tries to talk to the judge about Addison's adoption.

Episode 610: "Georgia on My Mind" First aired: December 18, 2012
Yuna, "Come As You Are" Buy Watch Full Episode
Charlotte's patience is gone but is interrupted by a kick. Jake has a minor update. Charlotte's desperation has reached a holy level. Amelia finds no evidence of cerebral bleeding. Stephanie brings Charlotte water and shows her some…
JEFF The Brotherhood, "Hypnotic Winter" Buy Watch Full Episode
Mason and Cooper go Christmas tree shopping. Stephanie and Charlotte are friends. Cooper and Mason show up with an early Christmas gift. Charlotte's water breaks. Charlotte sees her daughter.
Episode 609: "I'm Fine" First aired: December 11, 2012
Fort Lean, "High Definition" Buy Watch Full Episode
Sheldon and Miranda discuss relationships.
Bonnie Raitt, "God Only Knows" Buy Watch Full Episode
Sarah is discovered in the hidden room. Sheldon reassures her.
Episode 608: "Life Support" First aired: December 4, 2012
Young Girls, "Lil' Darlin" Buy Watch Full Episode
Cooper and Charlotte get kicked out of birthing class. Two characters get it on in the ladies room.
These United States, "Born Young" Buy Watch Full Episode
Cooper asks Jake and Sam for advice. The babies are Papayas.
Dark Captain, "Flickering Light" Buy Watch Full Episode
Addison delivers an early triplet. Gabi says good-bye to someone. Coop agrees to have Sam operate. Sam saves a life.
Gregory Alan Isakov, "Second Chances"   Watch Full Episode
Cooper baptizes the baby's incubator. Amelia brings Mason to meet his sister. Cooper speaks to the camera before entering Charlotte's room.
Episode 607: "The World According to Jake" First aired: November 21, 2012
Morgan Taylor Reid, "Science" Buy Watch Full Episode
Violet offers up the best advice she can. Jake gets another emergency call from someone. Someone tries to thank Jake.
General Ghost, "Closing Time"   Watch Full Episode
Someone says goodbye. Two characters are having a burger and fries. Addison enters her house in a rush then notices something. Three characters are a family unit.
Episode 606: "Apron Strings" First aired: November 20, 2012
Amos Lee, "Mama Sail To Me" Buy Watch Full Episode
James and Addison mourn something. Charlotte questions Addison about something. Addison looks out the window on her flight. Addison delivers something. Addison and Jake have a conversation.
Eva Cassidy, "Time After Time" Buy Watch Full Episode
Vivian asks Addison to transcribe something. Addison delivers Henry and gives him to Judi. Mildred tells Addison something. Judi offers something to Addison. Addison accepts. Addison promises Vivian something. Addison reconciles with Judi and asks her something.
Episode 605: "The Next Episode" First aired: November 13, 2012
Emil and Friends, "Brick"    
Addison is there for Sam. Dee speaks with Sam about Raymond.
Adam Agin, "Fragile Love" Buy  
Violet's interview. Vigil site nearly empty. Lone reporter interviews the parents as Raymond, Jillian, and Dee leave. The reality crew picks up on the end of the interview.
Episode 604: "You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone" First aired: October 23, 2012
Dr. Dog, "These Days" Buy  
Jake and Addison are interrupted by a thunderstorm. James checks out Todd, the husband of a very pregnant woman, Pam. Turns out St. Ambrose isn't the "sleepy little E.R." Charlie mentioned. Mason Pleads to Cooper..
Shearwater, "Breaking The Yearlings" Buy  
Mason asks Cooper what would happen if he and Charlotte broke up. Addison tells Stephanie that she and Sam go way back. Ron has messed up but wants to try and make it right. Addison gives Same a "heads up."…
Lazlo Bane, "Hold Me" Buy  
Jake opens up a dialogue about trying a different way to get Megan a child. Todd meets his baby daughter. Jake doesn't mind an angry Addison. James asks someone if she'd like to grab a drink. Ron and Dana are…
Episode 603: "Good Grief" First aired: October 9, 2012
Angus Stone, "Wooden Chair" Buy  
Violet attends a grief counseling group. Jake hears sniffling coming from the bathroom. A character is in tears, but tries to convince Jake that nothing is wrong…
The Howls, "All" Buy  
Addison debates confiding in someone, but she's interrupted by the baby monitor. Charlotte helps Violet get up the courage to do something…
Cary Brothers, "Ordinary World" Buy  
Sam apologizes to Stephanie. Addison tells Jake about her past, she's relieved that he accepts her. Violet shares her story with the grief counseling group…
Episode 602: "Mourning Sickness" First aired: October 2, 2012
Cast, "Someone To Watch Over Me"    
Violet tries to be upbeat as she picks up the mic during karaoke. She sings the song. Violet turns angry and stops as she sees Sheldon enter. She lectures the crowd about her marital problems.
Deer Tick, "Death To Everyone"    
Addison asks Amelia to be Hanry's guardian if anything should happen to her. She tells her about Mark. Violet asks to speak with Coop. Jake and Sheldon talk. Addison and Sam talk. Cooper is with Violet as she scatters someone's ashes.
Episode 601: "Aftershock" First aired: September 25, 2012
Dramarama, "Anything Anything " Buy  
Sam carries a tray of Pancakes. Sheldon gives Amelia a cake. Cooper, Charlotte, and Mason share breakfast…
Alt + J, "Breezeblocks" Buy  
Cooper asks Mason if he'd like a sibling. Charlotte thanks Jesus. Charlotte assumes she's miscarried.
Divine Fits, "Flaggin A Ride" Buy  
Sheldon is dealing with a personal feeling. Amelia wheels in Debra to see her father. Cooper received some good news…
Episode 522: "Gone, Baby, Gone" First aired: May 15, 2012
Duquette Johnson, "Roll Baby Roll" Buy  
Addison has it all, so she is done with therapy. Addison and someone get caught. Amelia's labor begins.
Lost in The Trees, "Vines" Buy  
Sam can't be a part of the surgery. Mason threw out the invitation to his school's party. Jake knows it's ok if Amelia cries.
Peasant, "We're Not The Same" Buy  
Cooper talks to Pete. Charlotte tells Jake that she is going to fight the lawyers. Sam isn't ready to join the transplant team. Amelia tells him about her research.
Release The Sunbird, "A New You" Buy  
Sheldon and Cooper sit, wait, and worry together. Addison is pacing.
Foy Vance, "Be The Song" Buy  
Sheldon and Cooper sit together. Addison is pacing. Addison helps Amelia.
Bahamas, "Lost In The Light" Buy  
Charlotte is Mason's mama. Sheldon and Amelia help one another. Pete is realizing he may have blown it.
Bahamas, "Montreal" Buy  
Sam lays it on the line. Jake drives to Addison's. Addison got what she wants.
Episode 521: "Drifting Back" First aired: May 8, 2012
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, "Black Tooth" Buy  
Addison talks to her therapist. Amelia gets her sobriety chip.
Katie Costello, "Everything" Buy  
Jake talks someone out of using. Addison talks to Sam. Someone is arrest. Two people kiss. Addison talks to her therapist.
Waterdeep, "It's Alright" Buy  
Jake and Addison talk. Pete turns someone off life support. Roger says goodbye.
Episode 520: "True Colors" First aired: May 1, 2012
Jennifer O'Connor, "Already Gone" Buy  
Addison wonders if nature trumps nurture. Pete drops off Lucas and talks to Violet.
Melogrand, "All The Young" Buy  
Cooper & Violet try to speak to Melody's parents. Pete and Violet talk. Violet & someone go at it like it's the first time.
Tyler Lyle, "I Will Follow Love All The Way Home" Buy  
Addison looks for Henry. Addison finds Sam singing to Henry. Amelia insists on signing the paperwork. Jake comforts her. Addison has a realization.
Cast, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"    
Addison finds Sam singing to Henry.
Phinedroids and Ferbots, "Phinedroids and Ferbots" Buy  
Music plays during the show.
Episode 519: "And Then There Was One" First aired: April 24, 2012
First Aid Kit, "When I Grow Up" Buy  
Pete and Violet talk. Cooper hits Charlotte with a low blow. Amelia tells Jake her plan…
Rufus Wainwright, "Sometimes You Need - Unreleased "    
Amelia is pushed to her limit. Addison hugs the happiest part of her life. Violet has made arrangements to get Missy help.
Mississippi Twilight, "Voodoo" Buy  
Sam and Jake play basketball.
Episode 518: "It Was Inevitable" First aired: April 17, 2012
Rebecca Ferguson, "Mr. Bright Eyes - Unreleased "    
Addison talks to her therapist. Addison delivers Mara's baby.
Perfume Genius, "Normal Song" Buy  
Erica agrees to let Mason see her. Charlotte runs down the stairs
A Fine Frenzy, "Now is The Start" Buy  
Addison tells Jake he's a good man. Violet wants Pete to work on the relationship.
Episode 516: "Andromeda" First aired: February 23, 2012
Perfume Genius, "Sister Song" Buy  
Addison has equal parts love and hate for Sam. Scott leaves abruptly. Charlotte wakes up in an empty bed. Cooper helps Erica stay positive.
Gem Club, "252" Buy  
Violet and Addison discuss Dani and Laurel. Cooper is in a tough spot. Something happens with Violet and Pete. Addison is startled by a noise. Corinne is pacing on the deck.
Trent Dabbs, "Don't Blame Love" Buy  
Seeing Dani has a positive impact on Laurel. Violet sets Cooper straight about Charlotte. Addison needs Jake's help. Corinne makes an emergency exit.
Jennifer O'Connor, "Change Your Life" Buy  
Jake talks to Addison. Sam visits her sister in the hospital. Addison talks to her therapist.
Episode 515: "You Break My Heart" First aired: February 16, 2012
Firehorse, "Our Hearts" Buy  
Addison realizes life is never rid of obstacles. Corrine and Sam are off to a good start. Scott wants more with Violet. Cooper convinces Erica to fly up to Seattle. Sheldon is concerned for Corrine.
J. Viewz, "Rivers and Homes." Buy  
An unstable Gloria goes into labor. Jake helps Sam & Addison try to save her. Erica wakes up from surgery grateful to be alive.
Wilco, "One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley's Boyfriend)" Buy  
Amelia and Derek bond over a surgery. Brad and his newborn girl have to say goodbye to Gloria. Pete and Violet bond. Cooper and Charlotte express gratitude for each other. Violet tells Scott she's happy with their relationship. Addison admits something to Jake. Same makes amends with Corrine. Addison embraces life's struggles.
Perfume Genius, "All Waters" Buy  
Sheldon talks to Corrine. Derek & Amelia start the surgery. Cooper & Mason wait for the surgery. Charlotte breaks down. Addison talks to Violet about Pete. Erica throws a clot. Charlotte explains cancer to Mason.
Episode 514: "Too Much" First aired: February 9, 2012
Blind Pilot, "New York" Buy  
Addison was overwhelmed with trying to graduate in 3 1/2 years. Sam learns something from Hendricks. Violet and someone have "pillow talk." Addison tries to comfort Sam. Corinne enters.
Fort Atlantic, "Up From The Ground" Buy  
Sheldon speaks with Corinne. Sam tells of Corinne's past. Charlotte has found someone. Charlotte tries to calm Mason. Addison checks in on Sam. Two characters kiss and head upstairs.
Megafaun, "Hope You Know" Buy  
Pete admits something to Violet. Addison gives Melissa the update. Denise returns. Sam & Sheldon are in the kitchen. Jake inquires about someone. Addison enters. Amelia explains something to Erica. Sam shares a moment with someone. Addison pushed herself to the limit that semester and loved every minute of it.
Episode 513: "The Time Has Come" First aired: February 2, 2012
The Comfies, "Shake It Like You Mean It" Buy  
Addison hates surprises. Hot Scott surprises Violet. Sheldon meets with Kelly and Rick. Jake tells Addison he will drive.
Blind Pilot, "The Colored Night" Buy  
Sam listens to Pete. Jake tries to get Addison to mingle. Sheldon is trying to help Rick talk to his wife. Addison talks to Jake.
Leaping Eaves, "I Lie - Unreleased"    
Someone talks to Addison about sex.
Marlon Roudette, "The Loss - Unreleased"    
Addison wakes up feeling embarrassed. Pete has a message for Scott. Erica goes into convulsions.
Alabama Shakes, "Boys and Girls" Buy  
Sam and Rick catch a basketball game. Violet attacks Scott. A cop accompanies Sam to jail. Addison talks to her therapist.
Episode 512: "Losing Battles" First aired: January 19, 2012
I'm From Barcelona, "Skipping a Beat" Buy  
Addison talks about sailing. Violet asks Scott to stay for breakfast. Amelia raises doubts about Jake's surrogate candidates for Addison. Someone collapses in front of Violet.
Nikki & Rich, "Cat & Mouse" Buy  
Sam and Sheldon have no luck with the ladies.
Gregory Alan Isakov, "Words" Buy  
Joanna swears she has no intentions of actually doing something. Amelia and Addison have a conversation. Erica turns over custody papers to Cooper. The city transitions.
Rosi Golan, "A Lot of Things" Buy  
Violet tells the cops something. Cooper confides in Charlotte. Scott takes care of Violet. Sam is thrown when he sees Jake with someone. Addison finishes her sailing story.
Episode 511: "The Standing Eight Count" First aired: January 12, 2012
The Silver Seas, "The Best Things In Life" Buy  
Addison is captivated by shin-kicking. Addison smiles. Sam, not so much.
Butterfly Boucher, "5678!" Buy  
The guys notice Kara. Kara notices Sam. Pete meets Nina. Kara learns something. Two characters get it on in the elevator. Addison waits for Sam.
Bootstraps, "Guiltfree" Buy  
Cooper is pleased when Charlotte inquires about something. Aaron wants to be a better cop.
Piney Gir, "Oh Lies" Buy  
Addison charts. Violet rants. Charlotte wants Erica to tell Coop something. Erica threatens to take Mason and leave town.
Admiral Radley, "The Thread" Buy  
Two characters kiss. It's another spelling bee. Erica wants to talk with Cooper. Can Addison & Sam be friends? Addison continues with the shin-kicking.
Episode 510: "Are You My Mother?" First aired: January 5, 2012
David Ramirez, "Fires" Buy  
1st Use: Addison has had a lot of disappointment lately. Sam is moving out to feel the social worker. 2nd Use: Charlotte and Amelia are bonding. Jake gives Addison a hug. Cooper tells Charlotte some news.
Jenny O, "I'm Gonna Love You Too" Buy  
Charlotte is helping Sheldon cope with Amelia's harsh words.
Release The Sunbird, "We'll Begin Tomorrow" Buy  
Sam says that having a baby is not rational. Charlotte is helping Amelia.
Episode 507: "Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough" First aired: November 10, 2011
Kyle Andrews, "Lov3r" Buy  
Amelia needs to find a way to score more pills. Sam volunteers to sleep on the couch.
Mayer Hawthorne, "The Walk" Buy  
Addison guards her fertilized egg. Addison meets Ryan. There is a celebration for Violet.
Matt Duncan, "Good Times" Buy  
Violet is happy that Pete stood up for her. Erica lets Mason sleep over. Addison is implanted with Jake's hard work. Coop, Charlotte and Mason make shadow puppets. Shannon's heart is being placed into Leanne. A Character shoots up with Ryan.
Episode 506: "If I Hadn't Forgotten ..." First aired: November 3, 2011
Bootstraps, "Sleeping Giant" Buy  
Flashback of Charlotte getting in an accident.
Lonesome Animals, "Where You Are" Buy  
Cooper visits Mason and Erica. Sam helps Addison make a decision.
Keaton Simons, "If I Hadn't Forgotten" Buy  
1st Use: Addison is sitting in therapy singing the lyrics from "If I Hadn't Forgotten." 2nd Use: Charlotte confronts Amelia. Pete blows up at Violet. Cooper and Chrolotte cuddle. Jake shows Addison something important. Addison is happy.
Episode 505: "Step One" First aired: October 27, 2011
I Hate You Just Kidding, "Bird Sounds - Unreleased"    
Amelia tries to help Michelle but something goes wrong.
Robotanists, "The Ghost You're Haunting" Buy  
Amelia tries to help Michelle but something goes wrong. Sam finds Karen and an out of control Wes in the ER. Amelia tells Pete what happened. Amelia sits next to Karen in the waiting room.
The Bony King of Nowhere, "Going Home" Buy  
Cooper confronts Erica about being a part of Mason's life. Violet waits outside Wes's room. She and Pete share a moment. Sheldon confronts Amelia. She learns that Michelle is still alive and breaks down.
Amy Stroup, "Just You" Buy  
Mason asks Cooper if he's his dad. Erica tells Mason that he is. Addison speaks with the therapist. Jake gives Addison another shot. As she's leaving she asks him to be her fertility doctor. Addison lets herself hope.
Episode 504: "Remember Me" First aired: October 20, 2011
Wye Oak, "Civilian" Buy  
Addison talks about the lady or the tiger. Jodi can't remember anything. Zach doesn't think he can handle Jodi.
"Already Yours" Buy  
Cooper tells Violet how happy having a son makes him feel. Sheldon confesses that he is frustrated with Violet.
Dionne Bromfield, "Move A Little Faster" Buy  
Jake and Sam make points on and off the court.
Sleeping At Last, "Emphasis" Buy  
Sheldon tells Violet she needs to speak with Pete. Erica returns Charlotte's check. Zach has decided to stay with Jodi. Cooper confronts Charlotte.
Sleeping At Last, "Wires" Buy  
Zach has decided to stay with Jodi. Cooper confronts Charlotte. Sheldon confronts Pete about his behavior. Jake shares a story with Addison. Pete and Violet want to try and make it work. Charlotte tells Cooper some important information. Addison tells Sam she is worried. Addison shares thoughts about love to her therapist.
Episode 503: "Deal With It" First aired: October 13, 2011
Ghostland Observatory, "Sad Sad City" Buy  
Addison tells her shrink that Sam is special. Amelia confesses the bender she had the night before. Nina Hopkins tells Addison she is going to have her grandmother's uterus transplanted into her body.
The Old States, "Dim Lit Girl" Buy  
Two main characters have aggressive sex.
The Rocketboys, "On The Other Side" Buy  
Sam tells Addison that he wants to share with her about her IVF. Pete tells Violet he is afraid of dying. Jake tells Addison that she should use him as her doctor. Erica tells Cooper that he has a son. Addison talks to her therapist about renaming the practice.
Episode 502: "Breaking the Rules" First aired: October 6, 2011
The Rumour Said Fire, "The Balcony" Buy  
Addison tells her therapist about living with Derek. Addison and Sam are interrupted by a partygoer. Amelia catches them naked at the window.
The Rumour Said Fire, "Free" Buy  
Jake is surprised to learn something about Sam and Addison. Sheldon tries to reason with Charlotte regarding her treatment of Amelia…
Buried Beds, "Telegram" Buy  
Violet tells Pete he needs to see a therapist. Amelia passes a breathalyzer test. Charlotte's going to a meeting. Amelia shuts her down. Addison tells Sam that she hired Jake…
Episode 501: "God Laughs" First aired: September 29, 2011
Miss Eighty 6, "I Don't Really Care ft. Rae - Unreleased"    
Sam gets called to the hospital and leaves Addison in bed. Amelia is on the table top.
Alex Cornish, "Space and Time" Buy  
Violet reaches out to Joanna but Joanna is reluctant to accept her help. Cooper makes a funny joke about seeing Pete's butt. Cooper busts into the house and begins administering CPR.
Alex Cornish, "Rely" Buy  
Charlotte is pressing Amelia. Sam intervenes. Addison tells Lucas his dad is going to be okay. Violet intervenes before Joanna and David board their flight…
Alex Cornish, "Aways A Way" Buy  
Addison talks about control and her desire to have a child. Addison is stunned to see jake.
Episode 422: "... To Change the Things I Can" First aired: May 19, 2011
Morcheeba, "Easier Said Than Done" Buy  
Addison talks to a shrink. She examines pregnant women. Addison watches Sam. Addison lies in bed alone. Addison performs surgery.
Sara Swenson, "Time To Go" Buy  
Addison tells the shrink about her life. Violet stands in the middle of the office with no patients. Violet talks to pete.
The Rocketboys, "I Saw A Stone" Buy  
Amelia calls Charlotte to ask her for help as she is about to perform sugery. Cooper helps Jason regarding his doughter. Charlotte tells Kaiten she can help her deal with the rape situation. Sam instructs Naomi about Fife.
Shelly Fraley, "I Don't Know" Buy  
Addison convinces herself to go on a trip. Pete and Lucas say goodbye to Violet. Charlotte and Cooper discuss the fate of their patients.
Katie Herzig, "Make A Noise " Buy  
Addison runs into Naomi and they talk about Fife. Naomi and Fife have an intimate conversation. Addison goes to the airport. Addison discusses business with the people of the OWG…
Episode 421: "God Bless the Child" First aired: May 12, 2011
Birgit Bidder, "Psalm Of A Heart"    
Violet talks to comatose Betsey. Amelia orders a drink. Naomi talks to Betsey about her future.
Augustana, "Just Stay Here Tonight" Buy  
Cooper and Charlotte consummate their marriage in Las Vegas. Naomi and Fife are in a Los Angeles hotel, post coitus. Pete and Violet are in bed together. Sam does push ups. Addison is alone in bed. Fife talks to Naomi…
Episode 420: "Something Old, Something New" First aired: May 5, 2011
Matt Duncan, "Heart & Arrow" Buy  
Fife thinks he knows better than Sheldon how to help Marion. Naomi does not like Fife's option.
Amos Lee, "Violin" Buy  
Addison tells Sam about her interview with the Medical Board. Charlotte shares concerns with Amelia. Violet hears raised voices coming from reception...
William Fitzsimmons, "The Winter From Her Leaving" Buy  
Violet would like to stay home with Lucas and send Pete to the rehearsal dinner. Amelia's party isn't going well. Pete defends Violet…
Chrisette Michele, "Love Is You" Buy  
Cooper tells Charlotte they have to change plans. The lovebirds fly away to Las Vegas. Amelia announces the text message change of plans. The group gives a toast.
Episode 419: "What We Have Here ..." First aired: April 28, 2011
Gold Motel, "We're On The Run" Buy  
Addison is greeted at home by Amelia. Cooper discovers things about Charlotte and her ex-husband Billy.
Sanders Bohlke, "Search and Destroy" Buy  
Addison is greeted at home by Amelia. Cooper discovers things about Charlotte and her ex-husband Billy.
Jason Poe, "With All My Lungs" Buy  
Addison is greeted at home by Amelia. Cooper discovers things about Charlotte and her ex-husband Billy.
Episode 418: "The Hardest Part" First aired: March 31, 2011
Scissor Sisters , "Whole New Way" Buy  
Sheldon wakes up with Marla.
Trent Dabbs, "This Time Tomorow" Buy  
Dennis talks with Patrick. Alarms blare. Pete and Adam take Frances' hands. She takes one last breath.
Sarah McLachlan, "Bring On The Wonder " Buy  
Charlotte gives Cooper a piano. Sheldon talks to Marla about Violet. Marla gives Sheldon an ultimatum. Pete breaks down.
Episode 417: "A Step Too Far" First aired: March 24, 2011
Wham!, "Everything She Wants" Buy  
Violet, Pete, and Lucas are up early. Pete and Violet are going over the reviews. Addison is sick. Pete examines Lorraine while Elliot and Claudine wait. Claudine cries out in pain.
Chrisette Michelle, "I'm Your Life" Buy  
The book party. Addison drinks ginger ale. Sheldon meets Maria. Sam is suspicious about Addison's sickness.
Trent Dabbs, "Second Wind" Buy  
The aneshtesiologist alerts Addsion to further complications with Claudine. Randy meets Cooper and Sam for Tyler's MRI appointment. Marla and Sheldon have lunch. Addison and Pete tell Claudine and Elliot the baby is fine, but Claudine needed surgery. Cooper, Sam, and Randy rush to stop Tyler, but the match is already underway.
Gareth Dunlop, "Miss Previously Loved" Buy  
Pete tells Lorraine she'll need to fight for custody of the baby. Cooper talks with Sheldon. Addison brings the baby to Claudine as Elliot enters the room.
Ry Cumming, "Always Remember Me" Buy  
Stacy shows Cooper a letter. Amelia talks with Addison in the bathroom. Charlotte gives Cooper a pep talk. Sheldon visits Marla. Pete tells Violet he likes the way things turned out. Addison has a conversation with Sam.
Episode 416: "Love and Lies" First aired: March 17, 2011
Flo Rida, "Respirator" Buy  
Amelia tries to convince Michelle to get tested. Fife is back to woo Naomi.
Trent Dabbs, "Leave To See" Buy  
Addison confronts Frank and Isobelle. Charlotte knows that Addison doesn't want to do the surgery. Amelia convinces Michelle that life is worth living. Violet makes a decision. Naomi rejects Sam, Addison, and fife.
William Fitzsimmons, "The Tide Pulls From The Moon" Buy  
Naomi rejects Sam, Addison and Fife. Charlotte and Cooper make up. Amelia comforts Addison.
Episode 415: "Two Steps Back" First aired: February 24, 2011
Diane Birch, "This Corrosion" Buy  
Naomi holds Olivia while she and Sam talk. Pete is furious about Violet's book. Sheldon consults with Lara Kingston about her sister Andi.
Shelly Fraley, "Sway" Buy  
Sheldon tries art therapy on Andi. He meets an alter ego named Maggie. Erin talks to Sam and Naomi while she watches them through the window. Ricky and Tanya become upset when they think Erin won't let them have the baby. Cooper tells Charlotte about Amelia.
Greg Holden, "Following Footsteps" Buy  
Sheldon trips up Andi in a session. Naomi asks Sam to go with her. Charlotte confronts Amelia about something. Cooper tells Violet something. Amelia tells Charlotte not to make something out of nothing. Violet tells Cooper he should have kept his mouth shut. Charlotte's trust is violated, but Amelia reminds her about something. Sam and Naomi arrive hoping to give Erin good news about the results, but she has already chosen to abort her daughter's baby.
Gareth Dunlop, "Dreamers" Buy  
Andi apologizes to Sheldon and they decide to start fresh. Lara joins them. Pete tells Violet the group has voted in favor of her publishing her book, and he's ready to fool around. Charlotte tells Cooper she likes the idea of a spring barbecue. Sam and Naomi are having dinner and watching Olivia together again. Sam comforts Naomi.
Episode 414: "Home Again" First aired: February 17, 2011
Seinking Ships, "We Will Drink Wine" Buy  
1st Use: Addison has a serious talk with Sam. Violet treats Hilary, who's husband is on death row. 2nd Use: Hilary and Violet arrive to see Brett. Sheldon watches Brett get strapped to the table. Brett sees Hilary and dies. Addison places Susan's urn inside Bizzy's coffin. Addison says goodbye. Naomi and the Captain comfort Archer.
Unkle Bob, "In My Head" Buy  
Cooper gives Sam advice. Hilary apologizes to Ellen. Pete compliments Amelia on all she is doing for Addison. The Captain and Pete get inot a fistfight.
Episode 413: "Blind Love" First aired: February 10, 2011
The Sweet Hurt, "Things Fall Apart" Buy  
Naomi comforts Addison. Sheldon discusses Charlotte's predicament with her.
Jon Black, "This Is Not The Answer" Buy  
Bizzy and Addison make up.
David J. Roch, "Hour Of Need" Buy  
Pete makes a confession about Lizzie's surgery. Pete, Amelia, Janet and Lizzie figure out a strategy for Lizzie and Janet to work together. Charlotte tells Cooper that she feels closure with Lee. Addison enters the room to spend the night.
Episode 412: "Heaven Can Wait" First aired: January 13, 2011
Mayer Hawthorne, "Your Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin" Buy  
Addison and Naomi shop for flowers. Addison vents
Billy Harvey, "Heading For The Hills" Buy  
Same confronts Simone. Addison talks to Naomi about Sam. Naomi is upset with Addison. Abe needs help.
Metro Station, "Shake It" Buy  
Charlotte tells Sheldon that Larry needs help. Naomi and Sam discuss Abe.
Dale Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., "God Only Knows" Buy  
Cooper and Charlotte get frisky in the hallway. They take it into the ice room. Cooper and Charlotte get back to having sex. Sheldon "helps" Larry. Addison tells Naomi she's taken back the proposal. Rodriguez has moved on with Amelia. Susan collapses.
Episode 411: "If You Don't Know Me By Now" First aired: January 6, 2011
She & Him, "Brand New Shoes" Buy  
Violet tells Naomi she wrote a book. Amelia helps Addison break bad news. Bizzy insists Addison will save Susan.
Farryl Purkiss, "Pennies In The Snow" Buy  
Naomi and Sheldon tell Violet her book is great. Naomi tells Addison Susan's medical situation is impossible and she should stand up to Bizzy. Pete tries to caution Violet about her book. Charlotte isn't ready for sex.
Sia, "I'm In Here" Buy  
Addison and Rodriguez perform surgery on Susan. Janel tells Patricia she's pregnant. They agree to let Pete try to save Corey. Charlotte thanks Violet.
Little Jackie, "31 Flavors" Buy  
"Addison and Naomi share a bottle of wine. Amelia joins in the conversation. Violet tells Pete she is going to New York. Cooper and Charlotte want to have sex but it's awkward. Bizzy tells Addison about her divorce and new plans to marry.
Episode 410: "Just Lose It" First aired: December 2, 2010
Matt Duncan, "1000 Boys" Buy  
Amelia joins Pete, Sam, Coop, and Sheldon for poker night. Cooper fights with Charlotte, sending her to the bathroom, trying to control her sobbing.
Unkle Bob, "Ships On The Shoreline" Buy  
Addison denies Sam's request. Cooper is not ready to open up about Charlotte. Addison tells Pete and Violet that she didn't tie Emily's tubes. Violet gives up on trying to convince Addison. Cooper learns from a patient that he has been molested.
Noëlle Hampton, "Here On The Ground" Buy  
Bruce apologizes to Justin for not being there. Addison offers Emily the choice of her baby or money. Violet asks Sam to come to Addison's aid. Sam and Addison talk about babies. Pete and Violet wish that Emily's story would have turned out for the better.
"Homesick" Buy  
Sam and Addison talk about babies. Pete and Violet wish that Emily's story would have turned out for the better. Cooper tries to kiss someone. Cooper asks Sheldon if he will help him. Addison gets a phone call. Bizzy and Susan Grant need Addison's help.
Episode 409: "Can't Find My Way Back Home" First aired: November 18, 2010
Undersea Poem, "Juju's Theme" Buy  
Addison and Sam discuss Charlotte. Sam says they did the right thing. The police want to see Charlotte. She tells Cooper to find out what they want.
Black Prairie, "Red Rocking Chair" Buy  
Julie tells her Mom that she wants to have the surgery. Charlotte tells Cooper that she is done with the line-ups. Pete doesn't want to have to lie. Sheldon tells Charlotte about Lee's family.
Fran Healy, "In The Morning" Buy  
Pete second guesses his decision. Violet tries to confront him. Cooper has a serious conversation with Charlotte. We are back in the line-up and Charlotte has to choose.
Episode 408: "What Happens Next" First aired: November 11, 2010
Andy Zipf, "Stumble on the Line" Buy  
Sam, Addison, Violet, and Amelia decide to toast to Charlotte. Diego is in the waiting room with Pilar and Carlos. Addison interrupts the hot and heavy to let Sam in on Charlotte's secret.
Ben Cooper, "The Moon Is Down" Buy  
Sheldon explains Rachel's surgery to Nick. Elisa tells Pete she doesn't want Chemo. Addison can't sleep. She's worried about Charlotte. Sam reassures her that Violet will talk to her. Charlotte thanks Sheldon. Pete tells Violet he thinks she's right. Charlotte wants Cooper close.
"Watermark" Buy  
Violet tells Charlotte about her rape. Sheldon talks to Detective Price about a potential suspect. Sam is with Addison when she makes a call about the medical evidence. Charlotte asks Amelia to take her to a meeting.
Episode 406: "All in the Family" First aired: October 28, 2010
Plan B, "She Said" Buy  
Violet sews Lucas a Halloween costume. Charlotte realizes that Coop wants a baby.
The Open Sea, "All In A Day" Buy  
Charlotte reveals Jacob's test results. She wants to tell Angela. Pete asks for more time with Jacob, first. Violet wants to send an e-mail to a man she believes is Pete's brother. Coop advises against it. Addison and Sam have a fight.
Yael Meyer, "Shed Their Fear" Buy  
Cooper makes up to Charlotte. Pete tells Violet why he wants to forget his past. Lee attacks a doctor.
Episode 405: "In or Out" First aired: October 21, 2010
Janelle Monae, "Tightrope" Buy  
Addison, Violet and Amelia ride the elevator up. Addison freaks out about her boyfriend. Amelia wants to get laid. Violet suggests a very well endowed Sheldon to her. Sheldon meets them outside the elevator. Cooper and Charlotte are about to have sex and then start a conversation about their future. Charlotte then crawls under the sheets and takes Cooper's mind off their conversation.
Colin Devlin, "Innocent World" Buy  
Cooper is playing with Lucas. Violet tells him about Lewis. Cooper is concerned about Charlotte. Sam and Addison work on a tumor. The patient flatlines.
Zach Chance, "Black And Blue" Buy  
Charlotte finally begins "the talk" with Cooper. Then she confuses him with sex. Sam and Addison have an intimate talk in bed. Violet, covered in blood, is distraught. Violet and Pete try to have a conversation and he walks away.
Episode 404: "A Better Place to Be" First aired: October 14, 2010
David Gray, "Holding On" Buy  
Cooper has a serious conversation with Violet.
Ben Cooper, "Severus and Stone" Buy  
Pete and Steve have a chat. Charlotte and Coop discuss his upbringing. Addison tells Steven that Elana and the baby are doing well. Jackie talks to Coop about Kenny.
Alex Cornish, "The Shame" Buy  
Addison and Same make up. Violet asks the staff a question. Violet reprimands the staff for not stepping up.
Episode 403: "Playing God" First aired: October 7, 2010
Jesca Hoop, "Four Dreams" Buy  
Sam talks to Addison, A post coital Charlotte exits to the bathroom. Cooper reads er phone...
Cat Power, "Sea Of Love" Buy  
Cooper has set up appointments with a realtor. Naomi is going away on foundation business.
Epicure, "Sea Of Love" Buy  
Violet runs into Pete on his way out to help Gibby. Addison ask Sam about Yates. Sam is in surgery...
Episode 402: "Short Cuts" First aired: September 30, 2010
The Bamboos, "Got To Get Over It" Buy  
Pete and Violet have sex. Cooper gets in trouble with Violet. Sam and Addison talk. Charlotte introduces Jane Finch to Sheldon.
Lazlo Bane, "Take On Me" Buy  
Charlotte encourages Jane to open up. Sam is concerned about Addison and Naomi. Amelia walks in on the conversation. Charlotte is mad at Cooper. Cooper walks in on Pete and Violet having sex.
Zach Chance, "Bring Your Love" Buy  
Jane thanks Charlotte for help. Her good cheer is unsettling. Pete comes to see how Zack is. He and Cooper come to an understanding. Naomi has a moment with Sam. Charlotte tells Sheldon something's wrong with Jane. Addison gives Amelia a plane ticket. Amelia tells Addison to take some of her own medicine...
Peasant, "Hard Times" Buy  
Jane thanks Charlotte for help. Her good cheer is unsettling. Pete comes to see how Zack is. He and Cooper come to an understanding. Naomi has a moment with Sam. Charlotte tells Sheldon something's wrong with Jane. Addison gives Amelia a plane ticket. Amelia tells Addison to take some of her own medicine...
Episode 401: "Take Two" First aired: September 23, 2010
The Black Keys, "Your Touch" Buy  
Cooper and Charlotte get hot and heavy and cool off with wedding talk. Violet and Pete get hot and heavy.
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, "Mamma Don't Like My Man" Buy  
Sam and Dink play basketball, Sam shows Dink how to stand his ground. Amelia says goodbye.
Matthew Perryman Jones, "I don't Want To Leave"    
Kendra asks Addison for another chance. Ryan tells a patient the he might die.
Wilco, "The Thanks I Get" Buy  
There is a wedding ceremony and reception. Pete talks to Addison. Addison wonders about second chances in the bathtub with Sam.
Episode 323: "The End of a Beautiful Friendship" First aired: May 13, 2010
David Gray, "Transformation" Buy  
Naomi looks through the window of Maya's room. She talks to Dell and Fife. Cooper talks to Charlotte. Naomi talks to Addison…
Titiyo, "X" Buy  
Violet watches Dell visit with Betsey. Amelia finishes and Addison and Fife jump in to save the baby…
Royal Wood, "Paradise"    
Amelia and Addison meet in the hallway. Cooper, Violet, Pete Betsey, Sheldon, Sam, Naomi and Dink all hear the news…
Mark Sholtez, "We Could Get Lost"    
Charlotte and Cooper talk in Charlotte's office. Violet and Pete talk. Sheldon talks to Addison and tells her she deserves to be happy…
Episode 319: "Eyes Wide Open" First aired: April 1, 2010
Nouvelle Vague, "Ca Plane Pour Moi" Buy  
Addison arrives with Lucas and meets up with Charlotte. Addison hands off Lucas to Charlotte. Eddie talks to someone comatose. Addison doesn't want him to get his hopes up. Dr. Ginsberg arrives. Addison reunites with someone.
The Cribs, "I'm a Realist" Buy  
Pete, Fife, and Cooper commiserate. Fife should make a move. Cooper needs to make a move. Pete moves off the stool and heads home. Sheldon counsels Charlotte. It's either the wrong thing for the wrong reason or the wrong thing for the right reason.
The Robotanists, "Wait a Minute Here" Buy  
Amelia worries and Sam reassures her. Sam and Amelia check on a patient. Fife realizes he is not ready for something. Addison thinks Amelia got lucky. Oscar and Nora come by for after treatment advice. Charlotte thanks Cooper. Vanessa is hurt. Sam can't lie about something.
The Rescues, "Follow Me Back Into the Sun" Buy  
Vanessa is hurt. Sam can't lie anymore. Sheldon points out that Charlotte and Cooper managed to work together. Sheldon invites someone out for a drink. Addison wants to stay with Pete and Lucas. The doorbell rings. Pete opens the door. Pete, Addison, and Lucas hang out. Someone wants to see Lucas.
Episode 318: "Pulling the Plug" First aired: March 25, 2010
Mayer Hawthorne, "Green Eyed Love" Buy  
Vanessa checks on the babies. Vanessa and Sam argue. Addison tries to calm Lucas.
Angus and Julia Stone, "Santa Monica Dream" Buy  
Sam checks in on Addison and brings her something to eat.
Gin Wigmore, "Dying Day" Buy  
Charlotte relieves the attending nurse. Eddie enters the room. Addison climbs into bed with Pete. Vanessa apologizes to Sam. Eddie has pulled out Kayla's vent tube. Sam uses a chair to break a window. Sam and Vanessa hurry to help Kayla.
Episode 317: "Triangles" First aired: March 11, 2010
Barrett Johnson, "Portraits" Buy  
Naomi and Fife meet up. Pete talks to Addison about William and Naomi. Addison's uncomfortable playing mommy to Pete's son and makes a hasty exit. Sheldon tries to explain himself to Charlotte. Addison comes to talk to Sam. He understands her dilemma.
Macy Gray, "That Man" Buy  
A woman makes an assumption about Addison. Pete tells her people see what they want to see. Sheldon and Cooper both tell Charlotte about their dreams. Addison's patient Kayla (a surrogate mother to be) has blood clots and needs to reduce her pregnancy from 3 to 1. The expectant parents want to wait.
Sanders Bohlke, "Misdirection" Buy  
Addison tells Pete something very serious. Cooper and Sheldon are with Joe and Cyndy as they allow Maggie to be admitted. Addison talks to Sam about Pete. They wish each other well. Naomi is irate. Sheldon apologizes to Charlotte, and she accepts. Addison is with Pete and Lucas.
Episode 316: "Fear of Flying" First aired: March 4, 2010
Adele & The Raconteurs, "Many Shades Of Black" Buy  
Pete brings Addison her panties. Charlotte wonders when Violet's coming back. Sam talks to Addison. Sheldon tries to fly to San Francisco.
Mozella, "Four Leaf Clover" Buy  
Addison spies on Sam, while Pete wonders about Violet. Addison gets a phone call. Addison interrupts Sam and Vanessa.
Nico Stai , "The Skies Over Your Head" Buy  
Pete's going to try and help Mary & Henry. Esau sees his baby.
Nico Stai , "The Skies Over Your Head" Buy  
Sam is ready to chase Vanessa. Cooper walks in on Charlotte and Sheldon getting it on.
Episode 315: "'Til Death Do Us Part" First aired: February 18, 2010
Kaiser Cartel, "Dog Stars" Buy  
Cooper and Charlotte confront Scott. He doesn't answer. Scott tries to walk away and Charlotte stops him. Naomi has a serious talk with Shira. Pete trusts Addison and Matthew can't accept it. Cooper asks Charlotte again and she has had enough. Corrine helps Maya prepare. Sam is here for Maya.
Ella Fitzgerald, "(I've Got) Beginner's Luck" Buy  
Sam raises his glass and finishes his toast. Violet samples from platters going by. She explains to Pete that everything there she did. It's her wedding. Sam calls Addison on her behavior with Pete. He doesn't want to see her. He goes to dance with Maya. Naomi watches as Sam dances with Maya.
Episode 314: "Love Bites" First aired: February 11, 2010
Tingsek, "Burned to the Ground" Buy  
Violet helps Sam sort through details for Maya's wedding. Addison asks for a moment with Sam and they talk.
Billie Holiday, "Crazy He Calls Me" Buy  
Naomi gives her speech at the ball. Addison, Charlotte, Violet, and Dell sit together. Cooper and Sam are working the room. Pete and Fife sit with PWC peers. William asks Maya to dance. Addison and Charlotte have a run-in with Sam and Cooper. Pete and Violet make nice.
Chet Baker, "Let's Get Lost" Buy  
Pete and Violet make nice. Violet and Dell support each other. Addison sees Sam dancing and orders a drink. Pete and Addison have a meeting of the minds. Pete and Addison have a very intimate moment.
The King Cole Trio, "(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons" Buy  
William invites Naomi out for a drink. Pete and Addison have an intimate moment.
Episode 313: "Shotgun" First aired: February 4, 2010
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly., "Waiting For The Monster To Drown" Buy  
Renee gives birth to a baby boy. She and her husband Jerry can't wait for Addison to collect the cord blood. Dink asks Sam an important question.
The Rifles, "Winter Calls" Buy  
Cooper, Sam and Pete discuss cases over drinks. Violet snuggles up in her living room with a martini. Sam is drunk and has an intimate moment with Addison.
Ginuwine (Feat. Timbaland & Missy Elliott), "Get Involved" Buy  
1 Use: Sam is drunk. He has an intimate moment with Addison; 2 Use: Sam and Addison consider something. Sheldon interrupts them. Naomi is willing to talk now.
Steve Moakler, "Hesitate" Buy  
Addison admits she likes someone. Sheldon asks her an important question. Cooper knocks on Violet's door. Charlotte tells him Violet is not home. Sam and Addison have a conversation.
Episode 312: "Best Laid Plans" First aired: January 21, 2010
Harper Simon, "Berkeley Girl " Buy  
Addison goes over options with Lynn and Dell. Lynn wants to continue with her birthing plan. Pete and Cooper try to support Sam. Violet sits down to talk with Nathan about his wife and Lucas.
Matt Kanelos & The Smooth Maria, "What You're Supposed To Do" Buy  
Charlotte has moved all of her stuff. Violet's been at the hospital all night. Charlotte offers her some fresh clothes. Lynn is still in labor and crying out in pain...
Lady of the Sunshine, "Silver Revolver"    
Addison tries to prepare Maya for the procedure. Lynn is too far along for drugs. Dell tries to talk her through it. Dr. Fife is explaining to Colin that the bolt needs to be removed when Pete comes in with another option...
Diane Birch, "Magic View" Buy  
Violet helps Nathan go home and confesses to him. Pete implants the antibiotic treatment. Sam tells Dink information about Maya...
Gary Jules and The Group Rules, "The Old Days Are Gone" Buy  
Violet invites Charlotte to live with her. Naomi has a moment of comfort in Dr. Fife's arms. Addison comforts Sam...
Episode 311: "Another Second Chance" First aired: January 14, 2010
Raphael Saadiq, "Let's Take A Walk" Buy  
Addison tells Mark about Bizzy. Mark tells her about Lexie. Addison complains about her life.
Tyrone Wells, "Sink Or Swim" Buy  
Mark, Naomi, Sam & Addy are socializing on the deck.
James Morrison, "Please Don't Stop The Rain" Buy  
Andrea retreats into the house when the social worker arrives. Pete helps Lucas sleep. Dell and Pete mend their friendship. Mark and Addison have a discussion.
Matt Nathanson, "Bulletproof Weeks" Buy  
Addy does an ultrasound, then broaches the subject of adoption with Sloan. The fight between Cooper and Charlotte has come to a lull. Andrea is scared of losing Cody...
Episode 310: "Blowups" First aired: December 3, 2009
Eels, "Marie Floating Over the Backyard" Buy  
1st use: Addison holds it together. Dell and Heather exchange a look. Dell walks to his car, collecting his thoughts. 2nd use: Addison curls up into a ball on Sam's bed. Addison fixates on something. Sheldon talks to Addison. Bizzy waits for Addison. Betsey wakes up.
Andrew Bird, "Cataracts" Buy  
Addison arrives home. Cooper would rather do something besides talk. Sam comforts Addison.
Sometymes Why, "The Sound Alseep" Buy  
Heather dies.
Amy Stroup, "Hold Onto Hope Love" Buy  
Susan talks to Addison. Dell gives sad news to Betsey. Cooper doesn't forgive Charlotte. Bizzy says she tried to be a good mother.
Episode 309: "The Parent Trap" First aired: December 3, 2009
Blue Roses, " Doubtful Comforts" Buy  
Violet and the Captain sleep together. Violet opens up about her fears. The Captain talks about his relationship with Addison.
Port O'Brien, "Love Me Through" Buy  
Cooper, Violet, and Charlotte meet with RABBI JAY. The Captain congratulates Addison. Sam talks with Maya. Addison tells Naomi about her dad.
Cham Pain, "Off The Wall" Buy  
Addison tells Pete about Violet and the Captain
Kate Earl, "Can't Treat Me That Way" Buy  
Addison confronts Violet. Violet blasts back about her telling Pete. Sam skids up to Naomi's house and kicks Maya out of the car
Episode 308: "Sins of the Father" First aired: November 19, 2009
Aiden Hawken, "If Something's Wrong" Buy  
Violet and Naomi try to talk to Deli but he walks out. Addison tells her father off.
Golden State, "All Roads Lead Home" Buy  
Addison delivers Margaret and Neil's baby girl. Charlotte tells Cooper Evan lied. Neil meets his daughter. Cooper tells Addison it was his job to believe Evan.
Ray LaMontagne, "Let It Be Me" Buy  
Dr. Fife defends his methods in the name of science. Violet apologizes to Dell. Addison meets with the Captain.
Matthew Perryman Jones, "I Can't Get You Out of My Mind" Buy  
Neil has hand-foot syndrome. Fife's treatment has not helped Neil. Pete and Naomi are upset. Addison tells Sam about her dad. Charlotte is delivering the antibiotics to Evan and his father when the police arrive.
Episode 307: "The Hard Part" First aired: November 12, 2009
Juliette Commagere, "The Big Middle" Buy  
Kara is gone. Addison screams. Addison hands Jake a baby. Sam breaks bad news. Pete watches Lucas sleep.
Basko, "Drop It" Buy  
Pete and Sheldon play darts. Dawn walks past and smiles.
The Leaning Eaves, "I Lie"    
Pete runs into Sheldon and Megan at the bar.
Hazy Malaze, "Thank You in Advance" Buy  
Dawn finds Pete. Pete introduces her to Sheldo
Hazy Malaze, "Looking Out for You" Buy  
Sheldon spots Dawn and makes his move. Pete butts in.
Episode 306: "Slip Slidin' Away" First aired: November 5, 2009
Pixie Lott, "The Way The World Works"    
Addison worries about Milo. Charlotte takes out her frustrations on Cooper's plumbing.
Alex and Sam, "The One" Buy  
Pete and Violet talk to Jimmy. William is evasive with Naomi. Sam and Addison search for Mila.
Mirah, "Gone Are The Days" Buy  
Lillie asks Addison to look after her cat while she has treatment.
Episode 305: "Strange Bedfellows" First aired: October 29, 2009
Mayer Hawthorne, "Your Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothin" Buy  
Cooper is running late. Charlotte wants to get into the practice.
Farryl Purkiss, "Sticks & Stones" Buy  
Zoey decides to have the surgery. Cooper, Pete and Sam talk about Violet and Charlotte. Charlotte is not charmed about drunk Cooper.
Greg Holden, "Choking On The Concrete" Buy  
Cooper and Charlotte make up. Violet and Pete have a heart to heart. . .
Episode 304: "Pushing the Limits" First aired: October 22, 2009
Al Green, "Take Me To The River" Buy  
Addison and Sam hike side by side. Violet meets Pete and Lucas in the elevator. Dell is back. . .
Denison Witmer, "From Here On Out" Buy  
Sheldon advises Naomi to hire Pete. Dell and Violet confide in each other. Danielle steals hospital supplies. Sam struggles to connect Elliot's blood vessels. . .
Great Lake Swimmers, "Imaginary Bars" Buy  
Danielle thanks Sam for saving her son's life. Daniel invites her mom back into her life. Violet apologizes to Collete and Ty. . .
The Sounds, "The Only Ones" Buy  
Kimmie confronts Dell. Cooper admits he's broke. Addison and Sam celebrate. Pete tells Violet he's going to Pacific Wellcare. . .
Episode 303: "Right Here, Right Now" First aired: October 15, 2009
Hall & Oates, "You Make My Dreams" Buy  
Pete and Cooper find Ryan at the dance with Kelli. He is burning up with fever. He gives her an epic kiss. He collapses leaving the dance.
Joey Ryan, "As It Must Be" Buy  
Cooper confronts Violet. She wishes that she could feel something, anything. Addison sees Naomi with Lucas. Addison has mixed emotions. Addison steps outside to clear her head.
Tal & Acacia, "Drifting Away"    
Addison and Sam are heart broken without Naomi. Violet exits her house, suitcase and baby in hands. Darren is awake. The family is reunited. Sam, Addison, and Cooper have done a great job. Addison gives Naomi the "nice shoes" again.
Kate Earl, "Learning to Fly" Buy  
Pete and Sheldon wait for their results of the paternity test. Sheldon finds out the results of the test. Cooper watches as Kelli visits with Ryan. Cooper gives Charlotte an epic kiss. Bailey tells Addison about her marriage with Tucker. Addison and Naomi have a heart to heart.
Episode 302: "The Way We Were" First aired: October 8, 2009
"I Can't Fix Us Two"    
Sheldon suggests Pete leave Violet. Cooper asks Charlotte to help him with Tammy. Pete tells Violet they need to put Lucas first.
"Make a Name for Me and You"    
Sam, Addison, and Cooper wonder if their good deeds are enough while Darren lays in his coma. Cooper arrives as Charlotte is leaving. Cooper tells Violet he is sorry.
Aron Wright, "Song for the Waiting" Buy  
Addison and Sam are heart broken without Naomi. Violet exits her house, suitcase and baby in hands. Darren is awake. The family is reunited. Sam, Addison, and Cooper have done a great job. Addison gives Naomi the "nice shoes" again.
Episode 301: "A Death in the Family" First aired: October 1, 2009
Laura Izibor, "Mmm..." Buy  
Pete and Sheldon watch the baby. They don't know his name. Pete moves into his new office. Violet assures him he'll find someone. . .
Gemma Hayes, "Chasing Dragons" Buy  
Pete stares at casket atop an open grave. Naomi and Sam watch, concerned. Pete discovers Violet, lying on the floor in a pool of blood. . .
Home Video, "You Will Know What To do" Buy  
Naomi gives Addison news about Violet. Violet talks about hiring Pete. Naomi and Addison get into a fight.


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