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"REVENGE is universal. As primal as the need for love, sex, or the feeding of a searing hunger. Revenge crosses time and culture. It starts unwinnable wars and visits generations of blood feuds on families with unsettled scores. Revenge is as old as humanity. Dark and dramatic and endless."
- Mike Kelley, Creator of REVENGE

Wealth, beauty and status define the people in this town, but one woman is willing to destroy everyone for the sake of revenge.

Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp) is new to the Hamptons. She's met some of her wealthy neighbors, has made a few new friends and seemingly blends into the town. But something is a little odd about a young girl living in a wealthy town all on her own, and the truth is that Emily isn't exactly new to the neighborhood. In fact, this was once her old neighborhood, until something bad happened that ruined her family and their reputation. Now Emily is back, and she's returned to right some of those wrongs in the best way she knows how – with a vengeance.

Music from the latest episode:

Episode #404: "Meteor"  
Original Air-Date: 10/19/14  
Song Artist Description of Use

Blood Love Young Summer Daniel surprises Margaux at the office.
Come Down Softly Lemonade At the Ripley Pool Cabana, Daniel works on his laptop and prepares for his meeting.
All I Want Sarah Blasko At the pool, Daniel ignores a call from Margaux as he hangs out with Louise.

Episode #403: "Ashes"  
Original Air-Date: 10/12/14  
Song Artist Description of Use

Alive Guards Int. Manhattan Restaurant - Daniel and Marguex have lunch
Give Me The Chance Donnie & Joe Emerson Sc 33, Possible bar source, Daniel nurses a drink in Ripley bar, Louise enters on cell phone.

Episode #402: "Disclosure"  
Original Air-Date: 10/5/14  
Song Artist Description of Use

Heaven Bound Jamey Johnson Victoria and David eat together at a diner and try to reconnect.
Up In Flames Maggie Eckford Charlotte leaves Emily for dead as she burns down the Stowaway.

Episode #401: "Renaissance"  
Original Air-Date: 9/28/14  
Song Artist Description of Use

Fancy (feat. Charli XCX) Iggy Azalea Sc 12, Emily sits in a Bentley listening to music and waiting for Nolan.
The Heat Jungle Sc 28, At Grayson Manor, young party goers mingle, a DJ spins the song of the summer.
Cool Like Me Fryars Emilys summer party is in full swing.
Dangerous (feat. Joywave) Big Data Sc 30, Possible party source, at the Grayson Manor party, Jennifer reacts when she sees Nancy.
Romanticise Chela Nolan follows Jack just outside the party and finds out Charlotte has just gotten in some trouble.
Tongues (ft. Kopps) Joywave Party source continues as Margaux and Nolan have a chat.


Music from previous seasons:

Episode #308: "Secrecy"

  Original Air-Date: 11/17/2013
Song Artist


Silver And Gold Lightships BUY
Scene Description: Jack sits with Margaux in the Stowaway listening to her vent.
Okay Holy Ghost! BUY
Scene Description: Aiden enters Stowaway looking for Charlotte.
Me Vs. Me French Wives BUY
Scene Description: Outside the Stowaway, Aiden meets Charlotte on the deck.


Episode #307: "Resurgence"

  Original Air-Date: 11/10/2013
Song Artist Buy
You Know You Like It AlunaGeorge BUY
Scene Description: A busy morning starts at the Voulez office. Jack asks Margaux out on a date.
Don't Break Your Heart Brock Tyler n/a
Scene Description: Sc 7, at Stowaway Jacks works the bar, Sara comes out of the kitchen wth cupcakes.
Trouble Hands BUY
Scene Description: Sc 14, Nolan enters Stowaway, finds Jack clearing tables.
Tessellate Ellie Goulding BUY
Scene Description: Jack and Margaux hang out in his room.

Episode #306 - "Dissolution"

Original Air Date: 11/4/2013
Deep Heat Oh Mercy n/a
At the Stowaway, Jack and Charlotte discuss Emily's upcoming nuptials.
Temenos The Hiders BUY
Unable to keep it a secret any longer, Nolan reveals to Jack that he is in on Emily's plans.
Charlotte presides over the fashionable reopening of the Stowaway with models and high society clientele.
Turn On The Sunshine Suckers BUY
After the party, Daniel talks with his ex, Sara.

Revenge #305: "Control"

Original Air-Date: 10.28.2013
Stories Don't End Dawes BUY
Scene Description: Margaux asks Jack out on a date, but Jack is hesitant.
Luxury Hotel - Trio (Inst.) Heavy Hitters n/a
Scene Description: Victoria, Charlotte and Emily go bridesmaid dress shopping.
La Foret Lescop BUY
Scene Description: Margaux and Daniel get ready for the Voulez launch party.
Right Action Franz Ferdinand BUY
Scene Description: Sc 14,Party source, Daniel & Margaux survey the scene at the launch party in full swing,
Bisou Magique Melody's Echo Chamber BUY
Scene Description: Sc 14,Party source, Daniel & Margaux survey the scene at the launch party in full swing,
Money Rain Down Big Black Delta BUY
Scene Description: Track plays as the part continues at the launch of Voulez magazine.
Ribbons & Detours Silversun Pickups BUY
Scene Description: When Emily realizes she is losing Daniel, she shares a part of her past to reel him back in.

Revenge #304: "Mercy"

Original Air-Date: 10.20.2013
Pilgrim's Blues Oh Mercy n/a
Scene Description: Int Stowaway - Jack and Charlotte talk about Emily and her upcoming wedding.
How I Miss You Speedmarket Avenue BUY
Scene Description: Int Stowaway - Emily tells Jack that Conrad tried to murder again and Jack decides get involved.
Warm Thoughts Flume BUY
Scene Description: Victoria starts working at an art gallery and Charlotte comes by to support her.
Altitude Clearside n/a
Scene Description: Victoria and Sheila enter the back room of the art gallery to have it out with each other.
I Move Around Gospel Claws BUY
Scene Description: Int Stowaway - Jack tells Emily that someone tampered with Conrad's breaks.
Cold Feet Lost Lander BUY
Scene Description: Sc 37 Possible bar source, late at the Stowaway, Jack looks at paint swatches, Emily enters.

Revenge #303: "Confession"

Original Air-Date: 10.13.2013
Royals Lorde BUY

Revenge #302: "Sin"

Original Air-Date: 10.6.2013
Do It Again Camera Obscura BUY

Revenge #301: "Fear"

Original Air-Date: 9.29.2013
Sea Salt Quadron BUY
Scene Description: Daniel and Emily poolside discussing plans for the summer
Jets (instrumental version) Bonobo BUY
Scene Description: Daniel sits in a swanky bar, Margaux approaches.
Throw Caution To The Wind Ronnie Gesser BUY
Scene Description: Emily and Daniel enter the outdoor party, things are in full swing
Hey Now London Grammar BUY
Scene Description: End Montage - Nolan and Emily on the beach, flashback to Emily's takedown in the episode - back to Nolan and Emily on the beach

Episode #219: "Identity"

Original Air-Date: April 28, 2013
Lord Huron Ends Of The Earth BUY
Scene Description: Sc. 5 Jack and Ashley talk strategy against Conrad
Oh Mercy Europa n/a
Scene Description: Sc 20 Charlotte & Regina sip lattes at an edgy, hipster cafe.
Biffy Clyro Black Chandelier BUY
Scene Description: Sc 26 After heading into Jack's house above the bar, he and Ashley continue to strategize against Conrad.
Otis Taylor The Wind Comes In (feat. Mato Nanji) BUY
Scene Description: Sc 27 Aiden refuses Takeda's order to go back to Japan in favor of trying to save Emily.
Sky Ferriera Everything Is Embarrassing (Twin Shadow Remix) BUY
Scene Description: Sc 39 Charlotte & Regina go to a nighclub
Times New Viking No Room To Live BUY
Scene Description: Sc 47 Jack warns Declan to be careful who he trusts.

Episode #218: "Masquerade"

Original Air-Date: March 31, 2013
Current Swell "For The Land" BUY
Scene Description: Stowaway Apt. - Day - Nolan visits Jack. Jack asks for help in bringing down Conrad.
The Elliot Lawrence Band "Blue Room" n/a
Scene Description: Hotel Grand Ballroom - Masquerade Ball Cont. - Aiden arrives. He and Emily give Nolan the bad news about Padma.
Elliot Lawrence "Apple Core" BUY
Scene Description: Hotel Terrace - Charlottoe overhears girls from her school trash talking Amanda. Charlottoe punches one of them.
Elliot Lawrence "But Not For Me" BUY
Scene Description: Hotel Grand Ballroom - Masquerade Ball Cont.
Episode # 217: "Victory"
Original Air-Date Mar. 24, 2013
My Morning Jacket Welcome Home
Int. Stowaway Apt. - Declan takes a giggling Carl out of his crib, waking Jack. Emily then stops by to check on Jack since he hasn't been returning his calls
Deer Tick Funny Word
Bar source,in Stowaway, Jack examines Trey's phone.
Foxygen On Blue Mountain
Int Stowaway - Crowd is gathering for the press conference at the Stowaway. New crews are setting up their cameras at the end of the bar.
Episode # 215: "Retribution"
Original Air-Date Mar. 10, 2013
Quantic "Archipelago"
Jay Marsh "Have A Taste"
Episode #214 "Sacrifice"
Original Air-Date Feb. 17, 2013
Bahamas "I Got You Babe"
Scene Description: Int. Emily's Beach House - Emily on video conference with Nolan and Aiden
Local Natives "Ceilings"
Scene Description: Int. Stowaway - Day - Emily and Charlotte talk at the Stowaway.
Lost Lander "Dig" (How It Feels To Lay In the Soft Light)
Scene Description: At the Stowaway, Nolan and Emily talk about finding Jack & Amanda.
Gospel Claws "I Move Around"
Scene Description: At the Stowaway, Padma looks for Nolan.
Episode #213 "Union"
Original Air-Date Feb. 10, 2013
Light Heat "Elevation"
Outside of the Stowaway, Jack asks Declan if he and Charlotte can watch Carl for a few days because he wants to take Amanda on a little honeymoon
Takka Takka "A Bad Sign" (Highs and Lows)
Int. Stowaway - Day - Amanda prepares wedding decorations. Jack tells Amanda her wants to take her to Nantucket for a few nights as a honeymoon
Phonograph "Nu Americana"
Int. Stowaway Day - Jack pours himself a much needed shot. Both Jack and Declan reeling from the news that Conrad has his own plans for the Stowaway's future.
Sorta "85 Feet"
Int. Stowaway Day - Conrad signs his half of the bar back over to Jack.
Episode #212 "Collusion"
Original Air-Date Jan. 20, 2013
The Rubens "Lay It Down"
Quantic "The 5th Exotic"
Episode #211 "Sabotage"
Original Air-Date Jan. 13, 2013
Harper Blynn "Hard to Love Me"
Night Beds "22"
Kovas "Baskin and Robbins"
Motorhead "Ace Of Spades"

Episode 209: "Revelations" First aired: December 2, 2012
Bringing Down The Man, "The Temporary Thing"   Watch Full Episode
The Tallest Man On Earth, "Leading Me Now" Buy Watch Full Episode
The Hundred In The Hands, "Tunnels" Buy Watch Full Episode
Episode 207: "Penance" First aired: November 11, 2012
Frankel, "Burn to Shine"   Watch Full Episode
Jack and Amanda putting baby Carl to sleep
Moo Industries, "Hummingbird"   Watch Full Episode
Luncheon at the Grayson's for their clients to smooth things over
Smith Westerns, "Only One" Buy Watch Full Episode
Amanda meets Mason at the Stowaway
UNKLE, "Sunday Song (ft. Rachel Fannan)" Buy Watch Full Episode
End Montage - Conrad comforts Victoria after an almost death experience, Emily thanks Aiden for his help with her mom.
Episode 206: "Illusion" First aired: November 4, 2012
The Fearless Vampire Killers, "The Deadline" Buy Watch Full Episode
Mason enters motorhome, hears a radio playing - music from radio.
Stevenson Ranch Davidians, "Don't Get Hung Up" Buy Watch Full Episode
At Stowaway, Jack snaps money into cash register, Kara sits across from him at bar.
US Royalty, "Fool To Love (Like I Do)" Buy Watch Full Episode
Bar source, at Stowaway, Declan watches news report of Conrad being arrested.
Sleepy Sun, "V.O.G." Buy Watch Full Episode
Stowaway is open for business - Jack celebrats with family and his new business partner.
Stevenson Ranch Davidians, "Cosmic Blues" Buy Watch Full Episode
Jack on boat with Amanda, talking about their future.
Massive Attack, "Paradise Circus" Buy Watch Full Episode
End Montage - Showing us Emily's take down of the white haired man
Episode 205: "Forgiveness" First aired: October 28, 2012
Kurt Vile, "So Outta Reach" Buy Watch Full Episode
Int. Stowaway - Charlotte returns Declans coat to him.
Ferraby Lionheart, "Vermont Avenue" Buy Watch Full Episode
Jack comes back to the Stowaway to give Declan an update on Amanda
Rainbow Arabia, "Blind (Salva Remix)"   Watch Full Episode
Daniel and Ashley take Aiden out for drinks at a chic NYC bar
Angus and Julia Stone, "For You" Buy Watch Full Episode
Emily stands by the beach and has a flashback about her father
Actor On-Set, "Strangers In The Night"   Watch Full Episode
Mason whistles as he leaves Emily's House
Episode 204: "Intuition" First aired: October 21, 2012
Sun Kil Moon, "You Are My Sun" Buy  
Int. Stowaway -- Jack is restocking the bar, getting ready to re-open.
Eliza Doolittle, "Skinny Genes" Buy  
Emily arrives at Amanda's baby shower
Quantic and Alice Russell, "Magdalena" Buy  
Amanda and Emily talk about the plan
Wild Belle, "June"    
Amanda opens baby gifts
Azure Ray, "The Heart Has Its Reasons" Buy  
End Montage - Emily walks through hals of hospital worried about Amanda, Jack meets his new son
Yukon Blonde, "Fire" Buy  
Int. Stowaway - Declan and Jack wipe down the bar, as inspector comes in to check things out.
Episode 203: "Confidence" First aired: October 14, 2012
Damien Jurado, "Everything Trying" Buy  
Amanda can't sleep, Jack finds her downstairs at the bar in the middle of the night
Lord Huron, "I Will Be Back One Day" Buy  
Emily goes to the Stowaway to talk to Amanda
Episode 202: "Resurrection" First aired: October 7, 2012
INXS, "Never Tear Us Apart" Buy  
Flashback 1989, Amanda's mom sings along with this song in the car
The Fieros, "Songbird" Buy  
Jack and Amanda enter the Stowaway as Declan is working on repairs.
Django Django, "Life's a Beach" Buy  
Declan on the boat, talking to a guy from high school
Daiquiro, "More" Buy  
Nolan and Padma have lunch.
The Interns, "Smother"    
Jack and Declan share a glass of scotch at the Stowaway.
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, "Only In My Dreams" Buy  
Episode 201: "Destiny" First aired: September 30, 2012
M. Ward, "There's A Key" Buy  
Declan on the phone in Stowaway, Jack & Amanda enter.
Tame Impala, "Elephant" Buy  
Nolan training at the boxing gym.
Soft Swells, "Shake It Off, Turn It Up" Buy  
Ext. Stowaway - Jack cleans his boat. Nolan appears. They are happy to see each other again.
Lightships, "Girasol" Buy  
Int. Stowaway - Jack works on repairing the bar. He and Amanda discuss starting a family.
Chromatics, "Into The Black" Buy  
End Montage
Episode 122: "Reckoning" First aired: May 23, 2012
Florence + The Machine, "Seven Devils" Buy  
Final End Montage.
Episode 121: "Grief" First aired: May 16, 2012
The Hiders, "Slow Me Down" Buy  
Jamie and Declan work on school project at Stowaway.
The War on Drugs, "Brothers" Buy  
Declan brings Jamie to Stowaway.
Gabriel and the Hounds, "The World Unfolds" Buy  
Nolans Car - He talks to Emily, she grabs her gun and get the address of the WHM.
Episode 120: "Legacy" First aired: May 9, 2012
The Hiders, "Back Home" Buy  
Pete Yorn, "Life On A Chain" Buy  
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, "Spread Your Love" Buy  
Wilco, "Jesus, Etc." Buy  
50 Cent, "In Da Club" Buy  
Jimmy Eat World, "The Authority Song" Buy  
The Hives, "Hate To Say I Told You So" Buy  
Episode 119: "Absolution" First aired: May 2, 2012
Tulsa, "St. Paul - Unreleased "    
Nolan talks to Jack and Declan at the Stowaway about helping pay for Declan's Collins Prep tuition.
Episode 118: "Justice" First aired: April 25, 2012
Crocodiles, "No Black Clouds for Dee Dee - Unreleased "    
Nolan at Stowaway, on phone with Jack.
Devendra Banhart, "Wiliamdzi - Unreleased "    
Victoria in Dominik's loft.
Imperial Teen, "Don't Know How You Do It" Buy  
Charlotte visits Declan while he's studying.
Episode 117: "Doubt" First aired: April 18, 2012
Lovers, "Igloos for Ojos" Buy  
Jack works at Stowaway on a slow nighyt, Mason Treadwell enters.
The Dirty Secrets, "Revolution" Buy  
Victoria meets Lee in a Manhatten dive bar.
Okkervil River , "One Soul Less On Your Fiery List"    
Jack is solo at Stowaway closing up. Nolan joins him.
Leonard Cohen, "If It Be Your Will"    
Victoria at loft looking at paintings.
Dum Dum Girls, "Coming Down"    
Jack says good-bye to Declan at Stowaway.
Bad Sports, "Someday In The Future" Buy  
Emily, incognito, talks to Lee at Manhatten dive bar.
Retribution Gospel Choir , "Feel It, Superior" Buy  
Mason Treadwell shows up at the Stowaway.
Episode 116: "Scandal" First aired: February 29, 2012
Bahamas, "Southern Drawl" Buy  
Brooks shows up at the Stowaway to talk to Jack.
Plains, "Good Son" Buy  
Nolan gets suspicious of Ashley.
Howl Baby Howl, "Stand In Line" Buy  
Declan questions Jack about the hoodie.
Episode 115: "Chaos" First aired: February 15, 2012
Strange Boys, "Over The River And Through The Woulds" Buy  
Ext/Int Stowaway - Jack tells Declan he's planning to go to Haiti.
Blitzen Trapper, "Fletcher" Buy  
Music plays from the Stowaway as Jack loads up his boat.
The Smoking Flowers, "Something I Said" Buy  
Music continues from Stowaway as Amanda and Jack make up.
Rewards, "Equal Dreams (Instr)" Buy  
Fire and Ice party continues, Emily has sand on her hand.
Washed Out, "You and I " Buy  
Fire and Ice Party in Full swing, as drama ensues.
SBTRKT, "Pharaohs" Buy  
Fire and Ice Party continues.
Episode 114: "Perception" First aired: February 8, 2012
American Tomahawk, "Please" Buy  
Nolan Delivers a TV to Jack who is recovering from his attack.
Wolf Gang, "Back To Back" Buy  
Jack talks to Nolan about the tape of Amanda.
M83, "Wait" Buy  
End Montage.
Heartless Bastards, "Late In The Night"    
Boston Bar Flashback.
Episode 113: "Commitment" First aired: January 18, 2012
Spectrals, "You Can't Live On Love Alone" Buy  
Nolan in Stowaway sipping drink watches Amanda light candles.
The Fling, "Dogpile" Buy  
Nolan is surprised to see Ashley enter the Stowaway, she glares at him.
Bad Sports, "You Don't Wanna Know" Buy  
Music plays at the Stowaway as Jack cleans up.
Episode 112: "Infamy" First aired: January 11, 2012
Viva Voce, "Black Mood Ring" Buy  
Jack & Declan work the pre-lunch crowd at the Stowaway.
Foreigner, "Hot Blooded" Buy  
The Stowaway is packed, music is pumping, Amanda works the bar.
Girls, "Love Like a River" Buy  
Charlotte finds Declan asleep in his arm chair. She covers him with a blanket.
Summer Fiction, "Throw Your Arms Around Me" Buy  
Jack brings Amanda the tip jar, and decides to take her on a trip.
Gem Club, "Red Arrow" Buy  
Emily visits Daniel
Episode 111: "Duress" First aired: January 4, 2012
Twin Shadow, "Shooting Holes " Buy  
Emily vists Nolan to apologize.
Phantogram, "Don't Move" Buy  
Guests arrive at Emily's house for Daniel's birthday.
Treefight for Sunlight, "Facing The Sun" Buy  
Charlotte and Declan arrive at Daniel's Birthday party.
Wye Oak, "Plains" Buy  
The Grayson's gather around the beach for Daniel's clam bake birthday celebration.
Lissie, "Nothing Else Matters" Buy  
End Montage
Episode 110: "Loyalty" First aired: December 7, 2011
The Fling, "You're In My Dreams" Buy  
Emily enters Stowaway Tavern, Sammy & Jack greet her.
Plains, "Judy" Buy  
Jack struggles to keep up with bustling crowd at Stowaway Tavern.
Bad Sports, "Someday In The Future" Buy  
Amanda and Jack together at the Stowaway.
The Velvet Underground, "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'" Buy  
Jack makes dinner for Amanda.
Funkservice International, "Life Is Good" Buy  
Tyler and Ashely have dinner.
Episode 109: "Suspicion" First aired: November 23, 2011
Free Energy, "Bang Pop" Buy  
Daniel and Tyler play volleyball.
Agent Ribbons, "I'm Alright" Buy  
Emily confronts Amanda on Jack's boat.
Blitzen Trapper, "Astronaut" Buy  
Nolan talks with Emily on the phone at Stowaway.
J Roddy Walston And The Businees, "Pigs and Pearls" Buy  
Amanda watches Jack work at Stowaway.
Turtle Giant, "Sunlight" Buy  
Bar closed, Jack packs up food for his boat ride with Amanda.
Broken Social Scene, "Sweetest Kill" Buy  
Declan prepares for another romantic evening with Charlotte, lights candles, turns on music.
Alabama Shakes, "Hold On" Buy  
Nolan talks to Jack about Amanda at the Stowaway.
Episode 108: "Treachery" First aired: November 16, 2011
Frankel, "No Work and All Play" Buy  
Charlotte leaves the bar, Jack talks to Declan about a girl staying over.
Yukon Blonde, "Fire" Buy  
Daniel quits the bar.
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, "Trouble" Buy  
Amanda swimming, Jack shows up.
Smokey and Lee, "Blues For Tiny - Unreleased"    
Amanda makes Jack a Black Dhalia.
The Romany Rye, "Untitled (Love Song)" Buy  
Declan gets ready for date with Charlotte.
Widowspeak, "Limbs" Buy  
End Montage / Bar Source
Kurt Vile, "Puppet To The Man" Buy  
Nolan shows up a the bar to give Jack his boat back.
Episode 107: "Charade" First aired: November 2, 2011
Summer Fiction, "By The Sea" Buy  
Declan works at Stowaway shucking oysters, Charlotte enters.
The Falcon, "Credit Cards" Buy  
Stowaway packed with young Hampton hotties & hipsters.
Bill Evans, "Know What I Mean"    
Declan arrives at the Greyson's.
Les Baxter, "Simba" Buy  
Nolan and Tyler hang out.
Airbourne, "Blonde Bad and Beatiful" Buy  
Frank arrives at the strip club to do some investigating.
Hazel Scott, "Peace of Mind - Unreleased"    
Dinner continues at the Greyson's - Everyone gets upset and leaves.
Bonjay, "Shotta" Buy  
Strip Club - Frank talks to Amanda.
The Bug, "Source Cue - Strip Club - Unreleased"    
Source Cue - Strip Club
Kurt Vile, "Baby's Arms" Buy  
Emily and Daniel at the beach.
Episode 106: "Intrigue" First aired: October 26, 2011
Peter Bradley Adams, "Full Moon Song" Buy  
Declan opens up the Stowaway.
Peter Bradley Adams, "Waltz For The Faithless" Buy  
Double Date.
The Strange Boys, "YTEFGHWS - Unreleased"    
Megafaun, "Second Friend" Buy  
Daniel shows up late for work.
The Donkeys, "Bloodhound" Buy  
Declan giving Jack a speech about Emily.
Allah-Las, "Catamaran" Buy  
Tyler shows up at the bar.
AgesandAges, "No Nostalgia" Buy  
Daniel not feeling good at work.
Silver Swans, "Anyone's Ghost - Unreleased"    
End Montage.
Episode 105: "Guilt" First aired: October 19, 2011
Emma Louise, "Bugs" Buy  
Ashely shows up at Emily's house
Little Hurricane, "Get By" Buy  
Declan opened up the Stowaway by himself, Jack impressed.
Ella Fitzgerald, "Cheek To Cheek" Buy  
Little Dragon, "Twice" Buy  
End Montage.
Mr. Little Jeans, "Angel (RAC Remix) - Unreleased"    
Charlotte Driving.
Episode 104: "Duplicity" First aired: October 12, 2011
Fools Gold, "Leave No Trace" Buy  
Stowaway - Declan thinks the bar will mean a whole new beginning.
Agnes Obel, "Riverside" Buy  
1st Flashback with young emily and doctor.
Thurston Moore, "Benediction" Buy  
Emily goes to Stowaway.
The Strange Boys, "Me and You" Buy  
Stowaway - Daniel hanging out drinking.
Middle Brother, "Wilderness" Buy  
Nolan gives Jack finacial advice.
Episode 103: "Betrayal" First aired: October 5, 2011
Fruit Bats, "You're Too Weird" Buy  
Charlotte texting in her room.
Sun Kil Moon, "Blue Orchids" Buy  
Declan and Jack talk at bar after their father's death.
The Allman Brothers, "Melissa" Buy  
The Wake at the Bar.
Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, "A Twist In The Sky" Buy  
Declan and Jack talk about their father at the bar.
Mari Persen, "All In One" Buy  
Jed & Lucia, "Apostrophe (Shawn Lee Remix)" Buy  
Victoria greets a guest at her party.
Little Majorette, "Undercover" Buy  
Greyson BBQ in Full Swing.
Episode 102: "Trust" First aired: September 28, 2011
Agnes Obel, "Avenue" Buy  
End Montage
The Elected, "Babyface" Buy  
Emily talks to Daniel at Polo Field.
Beach Fossils, "Daydream" Buy  
Emily's party.
The Raveonettes, "Red Tan - Unreleased"    
Declan puts on music, gets beat up.
OK Sweetheart, "Home" Buy  
Emily on porch.
Those Darlins, "Let U Down" Buy  
Int. Stowaway.
Episode 101: "Pilot" First aired: September 21, 2011
Angus and Julia Stone, "Hold On" Buy  
Flashback on beach - SWAT Team.
Angus and Julia Stone, "For You" Buy  
(1) Fire & Ice Party Source (2) Emily with real estate agent and flashback to Dad (3) Daniel and Emily talk (4) end of show montage.
The Postelles, "Sound The Alarms" Buy  
Dock Source - Nolan wants to buy the boat.
Keegan Dewitt, "Say La La" Buy  
Moving In.
John Vandervelde, "California Breezes - Unreleased"    
Bar Source -Jack and kids in bar.
Latin Bitman, "Summertime" Buy  
Boat Party Source Cue - Emily arrives at party.
Bushwalla, "I Raise Up" Buy  
Boart Party Source Cue - Victoria meets Emily.
The Love Language, "Summer Dust" Buy  
Bar Source Cue - Jack walks out behind credtior guy .


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