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  • 12:00pm
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    Michael gives two educators cooking lessons; Robert Egger, who works with farmers to create jobs.
  • 1:00pm
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    Anna and Alexis agrue; Franco gives Nina something nerve-racking.
  • 6:30pm
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  • 8:00pm
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    Jessica convinces Honey and grandma that they'd make more money renting out the renovated house.
  • 8:30pm
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    Jimmy becomes faith leader at a Catholic retreat, while Kenny becomes ring leader of bad kids.
  • 9:00pm
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    As the threat of Hive looms, the team must come up with a decisive resolution.
  • 10:00pm
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    A wine-spritzer maker needs to partner with a winery; the Mission Belt salesman needs to expand.
  • 11:35pm
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    Comic Adam Carolla; The Avett Brothers perform.

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