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  • 6:30am
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    America This Morning
    Breaking news.
  • 7:00am
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    Author Abbi Jacobson; pastry chef Candace Nelson; pair eliminated from ``Dancing With the Stars''.
  • 10:00am
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    Author Dana Perino; actor Will Forte.
  • 12:00pm
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    Actress Mary Steenburgen; recipes from the show's newest cookbook.
  • 1:00pm
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    Sonny faces Scott; Danny learns he's going to be a big brother; Jordan gets important information.
  • 6:30pm
    On Now
  • 8:00pm
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    Frankie learns that the kids would choose to live with Mike if the two of them divorced.
  • 8:30pm
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    Katie joins the zombie run; Anna-Kat and Greg get a little too enthusiastic about being zombies.
  • 9:00pm
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    On Halloween, Louis makes every effort to scare Jessica, who's busy drafting a horror novel.
  • 9:30pm
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    Kenny throws his own Halloween party; Jimmy and Shannon plan the ultimate Halloween prank.
  • 10:00pm
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    S.H.I.E.L.D. breaks into a high-security prison to decipher the secrets.
  • 11:35pm
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    Chef Gordon Ramsay; actress Felicity Jones; Jimmy Eat World performs.

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