Ep101 Pilot

09/25/13 Season 1 PG D, L

Terry Gannon, Jr. is back home. After a rough divorce, she and her son Danny have moved in with her father, ex-minor league baseball player Terry “The Cannon” Gannon, Sr. You see, Terry and The Cannon don’t get along…mostly because The Cannon is maybe-possibly-kinda-sorta abrasive (just a little bit).

Danny’s trying out for baseball to impress a girl at his new school, but he’s not great, and he doesn’t make the team. To help her son out, Terry offers to coach a team full of all the kids who didn’t make it. They’re the Angels…except their jerseys have typos. So now they’re the Angles. And boy, are they…eclectic. Terry has her work cut out for her, but she convinces The Cannon to help coach. She’s determined to give those kids a chance, and start a new life for herself and Danny.

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Memorable Quotes:

Did my father, Sir Drinks-a-Lot, get in your ear and tell you that you have to play baseball?

Terry: So which kid is yours?
Lulu: Him over there. That’s Michael.
Terry: Is he…dancing?
Lulu: Oh yes. He’s so gay.

The Cannon: Is that the kid that hit you?
Danny: Yeah.
The Cannon: OK, here’s what I want you to do. You take your lit cigarette, and you flick it over his shoulder. You take this bat, and you bash his knees in.
Danny: No! I’m not hitting a kid and I do not smoke. What is wrong with you?

Dick: Is this your house?
Terry: Mhmm.
Dick: Maybe you should invite me in sometime for… some bugs.

Dong: I killed a wolf.

Terry: I can’t believe I even have to address this, but the cups you wear are not for drinking.
The Twins: (in unison) Then they should call them something else.

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