Ep102 Stay In or Bail Out

10/02/13 Season 1 TV-PG D, L

Terry and Danny need more space. (They also need to stop sharing a bathroom with The Cannon, but that’s another story.) The Cannon has a master bedroom, but he keeps it locked and says it’s overrun with junk so no one can go in there -- ever. So Terry goes job hunting so she can make ends meet and move out.

The Angles are having trouble hitting… mostly because they won’t stay in the batter’s box, which is a pretty solid Step 1. So The Cannon does the logical thing: He takes the Angles to a local prison to get some real hardball coaching from The Blade, Silent Julio, and Senseless Paul.

Memorable Quotes:

Terry: Hazmat suits won’t protect us from what you drop in [the bathroom]. It’s like you took a Number 3 in there!

Terry: I can’t wait to start work, get out there, find a place for Danny and I to live. Plus, with the extra money, I can finally afford some insurance that covers more than just bear attacks.
Lulu: Or the boobs I’ve always wanted for you.

(The Cannon spots Angel -- one of the Angles -- climbing a fence at the baseball field.)
The Cannon: Amigo! Down! You’re in America already!
Angel: I was born in Irvine, you gringo.

Terry: I can do anything a man can do.
Lulu: Hahahahaha…darling, if you could then we would not be talking. You’re young, blonde, and desperate -- and that’s my sweet spot.

The Blade: All of you better stay in that batter’s box. Or you can stay in that sweatbox over there for a month.
Michael: Bikram yoga in prison? Very progressive.
(Michael points to Danny)

Terry: I want to make my own money at a job I feel good about.
Lulu: Ugh. Feminist. Bleh.

Dick: Hey, I heard you’re gonna be rolling in the dough. I’m not talking about the dough you need, I’m talking about the dough you knead.
Terry: Are you having a stroke?
Dick: Homonyms. Boom.

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