Ep103 Play Hard or Go Home

10/09/13 Season 1 TV-PG D, L


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The Cannon has been in a really crappy mood lately. Terry thinks it’s because he needs a woman. So she sends The Angles out to find him one. They do, but The Cannon doesn’t like her. He finds his own woman. His own phlegmy, thieving, possibly-a-prostitute woman. And she moves in with The Cannon and Terry. Terry got her wish, and now it's turned into her nightmare.

Danny’s crush Vanessa seems to have broken up with her boyfriend, David, so now it’s his chance to make a play. The only problem is that he’s not very smooth. The other problem is that he asks The Cannon for advice. But, somewhat out of character, he tells Danny to do something thoughtful. Then, more in character, he tells Danny that women “eat that crap up.”

Memorable Quotes:

The Cannon: Come on, man, this game is about commitment! And focus! You gotta be committed. You know who’s committed? The Chinese, they’re committed. And one day, they’re gonna come screaming up that beach in Santa Monica, and they’re gonna lop your heads off and send them to your mothers in a little white to-go box.

Terry: This is a whole new level of mean. His forehead veins were giving me the finger.

Terry: I’m gonna sell so much chocolate it’s gonna make you cry like a bitch, bitch.
Dick: That’s dirty talk. And I like it.

Terry: What kind of hair do you like?
The Cannon: Brazilian.

Dong: Coach Terry, I believe we’ve found our lady.
Terry: You didn’t run or call the cops, so that’s a good sign.
Lulu: Unless she’s homeless. Are you homeless, darling? Because you are very tan.

Danny: How did you get Barb to like you?
The Cannon: We sat down, we talked for a while. I got her loaded and asked her nicely to join me in the men’s room.
Danny: Every single part of that sentence would get me expelled.

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