Ep104 The Change Up

10/16/13 Season 1 TV-PG D, L

Terry and Lulu are going out for a night on the town. Terry needs a break from working and parenting and probably more than anything, The Cannon. Once she finds a way to cut loose from the family she cuts very loose -- though an unexpected run-in with Dick sobers her up a little.

Danny wants Vanessa to notice him. The Cannon explains that girls like bad boys and guys that ignore them. It works like a charm, but soon Danny can’t turn it off, and two Cannons in the house is a little too much, even for The Cannon.

Memorable Quotes:

Lulu: How was the game?
Terry: We lost, 21-0.
Lulu: Only 21-0? Oh, that’s fabulous! That’s better than last time, you must be thrilled!

The Cannon: I can't watch Danny. I got bingo tonight.
Terry: You don’t play bingo.
The Cannon: Bingo is a chick. I met her at a bar the other night.

The Cannon: I did my parenting. You’ve never been arrested, you’re not a stripper -- my job’s done.

Terry: I spend one afternoon away from the field and I find out you’re stealing the other team’s snacks? What is wrong with you?
Danny: (pointing to The Cannon) Hey, I only did it ’cause he told me to.
The Cannon: You little rat stoolpigeon. I didn’t think you were strong enough to throw me under the bus.

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