Ep105 She. Could. Go. All. The. Way!

10/23/13 Season 1 TV-PG D, L

Terry’s got a crush on a guy. The Cannon, predictably, disapproves, but Terry really likes him. They hit it off, but pretty soon, Dick tells The Cannon all about how Terry's new beau is a bad guy. So The Cannon enlists the Angles to help sabotage her budding relationship.

Back at home, The Cannon takes Danny to buy some new shoes -- but of course it’s not that simple. The Cannon makes Danny steal the shoes. They get away with it. And of course, that’s not that simple either. Because pretty soon, they’re also stealing baseball equipment. And also maybe some groceries and stuff. But there’s a lesson in there somewhere. Somewhere really deep down in there.

Memorable Quotes:

Lulu: That ass is so hard you could crack other hard asses off it.

Terry: I haven’t asked out a guy since I got pregnant and said, “Hey, maybe we should go out and talk.”

Dick: Oh, hi Terry. Jack, you know Terry. Terry’s poor.
Terry: Dick gets his hair highlighted.
Dick: Terry’s poor.
Terry: Dick’s afraid of bees.
Dick: Well, you know, nothing that small should be imbued with that much power.

Terry: I’m on my way to work, Danny needs some new shoes. I need you to take him to the store.
The Cannon: Doesn’t sound like something I’m doing.

Terry: Does this dress say “I want to sleep with you on the first date but I don’t do this often?”
Lulu: Oh wow, darling. How long has it been? Was Bush still around?
Terry: No. Obama.
Lulu: Ha! You thought I meant the president. You are so cute.

Dong: Sorry, Mr. The Cannon.

Dick: Well done, Jack. I’m gonna introduce you to The Cannon, AKA… The Cannon.

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