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Ep106 Night Games

21:30 10/30/13 Season 1 TV-PG D, L

Keely Summers, Terry’s high school nemesis, is in town. She’s petty and mean and just like she was in high school. Terry just wants to avoid her, until she finds out Keely’s going to Dick’s Halloween party. That tidbit send Terry into competition mode, ready to crush Keely.

Danny wants to get the whole team together to trick-or-treat -- because Vanessa thought it’d be fun. The Angles aren’t into it, because Dick’s son David and his crew always run the streets bullying them. But this year they have a secret weapon: The Cannon. With his plan, Danny and the boys set out to enjoy Halloween and take the bullies down a peg.

Memorable Quotes:

Terry: Every Halloween Danny and I dress up as Raggedy Ann and Andy and go trick-or-treating.
The Cannon: Are all these words necessary? I’m trying to watch a little television.

The Cannon: When I was a kid, the trick was not getting polio. And the treat was getting a job when you were eight years old.

Michael: Last year, they even broke my candelabra. Liberace without his candelabra is just Elvis.

Keely: Gannon? Is that you? Aww, you never grew!
Terry: You’re standing up and wearing clothes.

Lulu: It’s Halloween, darling -- where are your breasts?

Terry: And Dick, in your Alone Ranger costume! How perfect.

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