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Ep108 No Crying In Baseball

21:31 11/20/13 Season 1 TV-PG

It’s Danny’s 11th birthday this weekend, and it turns out it’s Michael’s birthday too. (Michael is planning a "Dancing with the Birthday Stars" theme.) Lulu and Terry decide to throw a joint party, but there’s a little problem: Lulu’s budget is way bigger than Terry’s. Terry wants to keep it small and affordable, but Lulu’s version of that still has a lot of zeros at the end of it -- and trying to reconcile those concepts puts a serious strain on their still-forming friendship.

Danny gets hit by a pitch, and he cries. The opposing team -- including Dick’s son, David -- takes note and teases him. The Cannon won’t rest until he feels Danny has restored glory to the Gannon name. His plans mostly involve hurting other people, but he gets a chance to make a slightly less violent point when Danny’s paintball party rolls around.

Memorable Quotes:

Michael: This is gonna be huge. My mom does everything big.
Lulu: Makes everything big.

Lulu: You can have anything you want.
Danny: Paintball!
Come on, Mom, it’s gonna be so much fun.
Okay, dancing and violence it is.
It’s so West Side Story, I’m loving it.

David: Guess what, Danny? Anyone can show up to a paintball range and ruin the whole party by showing up to the range and shooting the birthday boys until they cry.
Michael: There’s also going to be dancing.
Danny: Not the time, Michael.

The Cannon: So you’re just gonna run away and hide?
Danny: Yeah. That seems like the I-wanna-make-it-to-12 thing to do.

Terry: Cupcakes are special to an 11-year-old.
Lulu: That’s because they haven’t tried foie gras.

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