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Ep109 Massive Election

21:32 12/04/13 Season 1 TV-PG L

The Cannon thinks the team needs a leader. They nominated Danny; he passed. Cannon = not happy. Terry is pissed too, but feels she has to be supportive of Danny. So she leaves it to The Cannon’s bad cop routine -- and requires him to make Danny a leader, or else.

Dick wants to ask Terry out. He’s getting more blunt about the fact he likes her. Not just pestering her, but actually liking her. She turns him down; he turns down her request to move the Angles practice time. So she starts running for league president against Dick. But is there a chance that Dick is actually good for the league?

Memorable Quotes:

Terry: We need to talk.
Dick: Great. (pats the seat of his golf cart) Hop in.
Terry: Will you talk to me if I don’t hop in?
Dick: I will not.
Terry: Fine.

(The Cannon puts down his golf club)
The Cannon: I’m out of balls. Speaking of which, we gotta have a talk with your son about growing a pair of those things.

Lulu: With my money, and my looks, and your…intelligence and sad past, those guys don’t stand a chance.
Terry: My sad past?

Danny: If being a leader is so important, why aren’t you guys doing any better?
Terry: I’ve often thought that.
The Cannon: Kid’s got a point there.

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