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Ep110 I'll Slide Home for Christmas

20:37 12/11/13 Season 1 TV-PG L

The Angles have a game on Christmas. But they quickly, and without much hesitation, vote to forfeit. So now Danny and Terry can focus on having The Best Christmas Ever. The Cannon’s Christmas tradition is playing poker with some of his drinking buddies. (And maybe some exotic dancers.) So Terry and Danny set off to get this amazing day rolling.

But their best laid plans go awry after Terry nearly kills a diabetic Santa, their car gets towed, and Terry makes a scene at Lulu’s Christmas party. But on the bright side, it gives Danny an idea for the perfect gift for Terry -- and it also happens to be the perfect gift for The Cannon as well.

Memorable Quotes:

Danny: So, what are you getting your mom for Christmas?
Michael: Maybe bangs? Wait, no…that’d be more a gift for me.

Terry: Come on, you guys! We are not quitters. What have I been saying to you all year?
Paul: Don’t let you forget to pay your cell phone bill on the 21st?
Terry: Yes! Thank you! Also, never give up.

Terry: Danny, how about you and I go out for some real Christmas spirit? And your grandfather here can go Scrooge himself.

The Cannon: If it ain’t the Three Wise Men. Except, you’re all dumbasses.

Lulu: Terry! What took you so long?
Danny: Well, you see, there are strippers at our house, Mom might have killed Santa, they towed our car--
Lulu: And a partridge in a pear tree.

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