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The Angles Try to Score a Run

December 12, 2013 | 1:32

Danny blatantly disregards The Cannon's advice in an attempt to bring some dignity to the Angles on Christmas.

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  • The Angles Try to Score a Run
    Danny goes rogue.
    Danny blatantly disregards The Cannon's advice in an attempt to bring some dignity to the Angles on Christmas.
    Episode 10  | 
  • Terry's Campaign Is In Jeopardy
    Dick's secret weapon.
    Terry's leaning on Stan to secure his vote for league president, but Dick shows up with his secret weapon.
    Episode 10  | 
  • Lulu and Terry Throw a Birthday Party
    Dancing and violence!
    Danny and Michael are having a joint birthday party this year: Dancing with the Stars meets paintball.
    Episode 8  | 
  • The Cannon vs. Dick
    Safety bubbles won't repel baseball bats.
    The two men square off during a league-mandated safety class. Take note: A safety bubble will not protect you from a baseball bat.
    Episode 7  | 
  • The Cannon Starts a Grave Battle
    No, seriously -- a battle over a grave.
    The man whose wife is buried next to The Cannon's adds some flair to her grave, and The Cannon takes it as showboating.
    Episode 6  | 
  • Dick Gives Terry Dating Advice
    Dick tells Terry about her new crush.
    Dick gives Terry the lowdown on her new crush, and also fires and unfires both Terry and another employee -- all while wearing a fake mustache.
    Episode 5  | 
  • Danny the Bad Boy
    Danny takes The Cannon's advice.
    The Cannon tells Danny that girls like bad boys, so Danny decides to give it a try in his pursuit of Vanessa.
    Episode 4  | 
  • Dating with The Cannon
    The Cannon doesn't want any "blue hairs."
    Terry wants to sign up The Cannon up for a seniors dating website. Filling out his profile proves a challenge as he doesn't want to meet any "blue hairs."
    Episode 3  | 
  • Barb Makes Herself at Home
    She's a catch.
    She eats their pizza. She washes her flip-flops in their dishwasher. She coughs into their laundry. She's a catch.
    Episode 3  | 
  • The Angles Go to Prison
    The Cannon takes the team to a local prison.
    The Cannon takes the team to a local prison to work on their fear of the ball. The Blade, Silent Julio, Senseless Paul and the guards' Rottweilers are pretty good coaches.
    Episode 2  | 
  • Don't Be Afraid of the Ball
    The Cannon gives the Angles a pep talk.
    The Cannon gives the Angles a pep talk, much to Terry's dismay. The kids actually make some pretty good rebuttal points. And then they discuss the movie Titanic.
    Episode 2  | 
  • The Smarmy Army
    Was it you, Freckles?
    Lulu gives Terry the rundown on the gang that runs the youth baseball league, and Terry makes Dick's acquaintance by way of a snow cone.
    Episode 1  | 
  • Meet the Angles
    Terry meets her new baseball team.
    Terry meets her new baseball team full of misfits and attempts to give them a pep talk before The Cannon interjects.
    Episode 1  | 
  • The Cannon Doles Out Some Justice
    The Cannon sticks up for Danny.
    The Cannon uses a baseball bat to stick up for his grandson, Danny. Or so he thinks.
    Episode 1  | 

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