Valerie McAllister

Played by Elizabeth McLaughlin


Valerie McAllister is Victor’s twin sister and the sassy teenage daughter of Jack and Elaine. She is navigating her way toward adulthood while trying to define her sexuality in the face of her dysfunctional family.


Elizabeth McLaughlin began her acting career with community theatre groups in Tampa, Florida. At the age of 8 she joined the cast of Entertainment Revue, a professional show choir in Tampa, where performances included singing for Governors Bush and Schwarzenegger. McLaughlin was an honors student in high school, won several speech and storytelling competitions and was a cheerleader.

In 2008 McLaughlin appeared as Massie Block in the film "The Clique," based on the popular teen novel series by author Lisi Harrison, and in 2010 she appeared in "November Christmas," opposite Sam Elliott, John Corbett and Sarah Paulson. Her televisions credits include the series "First Day" along with guest appearances on "Ugly Betty," "Melissa & Joey" and "Dexter."

HOMETOWN Zephyrhills, FL