Watch the Most Shocking Moments from "...Number 16"

By Erica Brown Aug 19, 2014

Miss episode 110 of Betrayal or just want to re-watch some of your favorite scenes? You're in the right place! So much happened during this killer episode that it was hard to pick the most shocking moments. With a little help from Jack, Elaine learned a pretty huge secret about Aidan. Jack took a huge step relationship with Sara. Meanwhile, Vic and Val dealt with their own family drama. And Karsten continued to whisper in Drew's ear about Lou Mrozek's murder.

What were the most shocking moments of all? Check out the top moments from "...Number 16" in the videos below.

Drew Warns Sara

Did Jack kill Lou? Drew shares his suspicions with Sara.

Jack Confesses to Murder!

As Jack confesses to killing Lou, Sara has her own confession for Drew.