Ian Bickman

played by Ditch Davey


Handsome and funny, Dr. Ian Bickman is a brilliant neurosurgeon and a known womanizer. His work comes first, and he treasures his freedom, until he meets the beautiful and complicated Catherine Black.


Award-winning Australian television headliner Ditch Davey is a graduate of one of Australia's leading drama schools, WAAPA. Ditch first established himself as one of Australia's best known television actors through a regular role on the award winning, highest rating primetime series Blue Heelers, which also earned him a Logie Award for Best New Talent. During his time on the show, Davey also performed in various classical contemporary theatre productions, including the character of Michael in the world renowned hard hitting play Festen.

Following Blue Heelers, Davey performed a range of comedic and dramatic roles in Australian film and television including a recurring role on the high rating primetime drama Sea Patrol, in the Underbelly telemovie Lucifer Was Here, and guest roles in award winning shows All Saints, Satisfaction, and Wilfred. He also appeared in the feature films John Doe, Blessed, and Under a Red Moon before shooting a lead role in the action thriller Crawlspace.

Prior to his role of Dr. Ian Bickman in Black Box, Davey most recently starred as Nemetes in the last two seasons of Spartacus.

HOMETOWN Melbourne, Australia