Andre Johnson, Jr.

played by Marcus Scribner
Character Biography

Dre's son Andre Jr. asks to be called "Andy," and then announces that like his schoolmates, he wants a bar mitzvah for his 13th birthday -- and their family isn't Jewish. When the boy says he wants to play for his school's field hockey team instead of basketball, Dre has to wonder: would he rather Andre play basketball because it is a black-ish sport? Or could it be Dre wants his namesake to like the sport he prefers?

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Actor Biography

A fourth generation Los Angeles native, Marcus Scribner marked his arrival on January 7th, 2000 in Cedars-Sinai, the same hospital his mother was born.

Legacy has always run strong in his family. Beginning with his name. His father, Troy, garnered his name through his father's love of Greek and Roman history and mythology. He continued this tradition with his own children, Marcus and his sister Athena. At age 7, when Marcus booked his first big guest star on the television show "Castle," he celebrated by getting his first puppy, a feisty beagle he named Zeus.

Marcus' favorite books are on mythology and supernatural beings. He has played on a competitive Lacrosse team for the past 7 years, but also loves football and basketball. He stands right beside his dad in his steadfast support of the Los Angeles Lakers.

On one of his first films, he was given a beautiful clarinet that he has always cherished and still plays today. He is also learning guitar.

Marcus is entering his first year of high school as an honor student. He is working diligently towards his dream of attending one of the great Pac-12 Universities. Stanford and UCLA being his top choices.

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