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By Jul 23, 2012
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Another week down! As we approach the release of Richard Castle's A Bloody Storm on August 7th, enjoy some advance Derrick Storm action with Chapter One right here


Ten miles outside Oxford, England
Present day

Flames from the engine licked across the Vauxhall’s undercarriage and raced like a firecracker fuse toward gasoline squirting from the sedan’s ruptured gas tank.

Derrick Storm was fifty yards away when the tank exploded, causing an ear-punishing explosion that sent the car’s steel carcass flopping into the air before it came crashing down.

Only moments earlier, Storm had deliberately driven the speeding Vauxhall off the highway into the stone wall of an abandoned farmhouse, sending his passenger, a Croation vixen named Antonija Nad, through the windshield. She had been pointing a pistol at Storm at the moment of impact. Now her lifeless body was limp in the grass beside the burning car.

Storm had cheated death thanks to a seat belt, a driver’s air bag, the car’s crumple zone, and Nad’s foolishness in not buckling up and in assuming that no one would be crazy enough to nosedive into a wall at nearly a hundred miles per hour.

Storm wasn’t sure if his partner, FBI Agent April Showers, had been as fortunate as he was.

We'll be sharing the a new chapter from A Bloody Storm here on each Monday until its release. Be sure to check back!

If you're new to the Derrick Storm trilogy, we have plenty of free chapters and info about the first two ebooks—A Brewing Storm (1) and A Raging Storm (2).

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