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By Aug 06, 2012
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We're just a day away from the official release of Richard Castle's A Bloody Storm! Hang in there with one more advance chapter from the final piece of the Derrick Storm trilogy--enjoy Chapter Three!    

Excerpt: “What’s today?”

Those were the first words coming from Agent Showers’s mouth when she awoke from the anesthetic.

“You was brought in yesterday morning, miss,” a nurse sitting next to her bedside answered. “I’m supposed to fetch our matron now. You’re quite the celebrity. You should see all the reporters hovering around, trying to get a story. They got cops at your door to keep them away. They told me not to talk to you, but I want you to know that I’m happy you’re okay, and I don’t want you to worry a bit, because I won’t tell anyone about your bloke.”

“My bloke?”

“Sure, your Steve,” she replied. “Isn’t he your bloke? I mean, I just assumed the way you was going on and on about him and mentioning his name. But don’t you worry, ma’am. Lots of people are as mad as a box of frogs when they’re gassed.”

“What did I say?” Showers asked.

If you're new to the Derrick Storm trilogy, we have plenty of free chapters and info about the first two ebooks—A Brewing Storm (1) and A Raging Storm (2).


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