A Raging Storm Chapter 3 Release

By ABC.com Jun 25, 2012

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We're back with more! Enjoy A Raging Storm Chapter 3.


Duke of Madison’s estate
Somerset County, England

The startled ring-necked pheasant burst from its hiding place in the knee high grasses. The blood red circling its eyes gave the bird a terrified look as it flapped its wings to gain speed. A brown-and-white spotted Cocker Spaniel had flushed it. Like many game birds in England, the pheasant had been bred and reared by a professional gamekeeper and then released to roam the rolling hills of the Duke of Madison’s vast estate under its master came hunting.

The pheasant had flown about twenty feet above the ground when the boom of a .12 gauge shotgun broke the early morning silence. Dozens of blackbirds in nearby trees took wing, scattering in different directions.

A Raging Storm is Part Two of the Derrick Storm trilogy and available exclusively as an e-book on July 3rd.

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