A Raging Storm Chapter 2 Release

By ABC.com Jun 18, 2012

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Compliments of Richard Castle, we're excited to share A Raging Storm Chapter 2!


Moscow, Russia
Mayakolvskaya Metro Station

"We are the new Russia!" President Oleg Barkovsky declared, ending his three hour long speech. The crowd leaped to its feet. They stomped on the floor. They hollered. They whistled. No one grumbled about the late hour. No one complained that it had been five hours since the evening’s meal had been cleared from the tables. The vodka had flowed freely all night. Barkovsky’s aide, Mikhail Sokolov, had made sure of it. The many toasts and earlier speeches had been painstakingly choreographed to build momentum for this moment.

Barkovsky’s ovation was the evening’s grand finale.

A Raging Storm is Part Two of the Derrick Storm trilogy and available exclusively as an e-book on July 3rd. Leading up to the release, ABC.com is sharing a new chapter each Monday.

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