Castle's Christmas List

By | Dec 19th, 2012


For a grown-up kid like Castle, nothing is more exciting than Christmas. But that doesn't mean shopping is always easy. Here's are our gift guide to help him add a little ruggedly handsome magic to the season.
The Uptight Boss 
Alexis Castle
Castle is used to charming just about everyone, but winning over  Captain Victoria Gates has proven to be a challengie. A stickler for the rules, Iron Gates has made it clear she's not thrilled with Castle's presence in her precinct. 
But in " Secret's Safe with Me," the captain's ice begins to melt when Castle gives her a rare doll found at a crime scene. It turns out the captain has been collecting Gemini dolls her whole life, and Castle has unwittingly completed the captain's collection. Gates begins to see Castle in a new light, raving about "Frozen Heat" and even asking for his autograph -- until Castle smashes not one, but t wo of the captain's collectables in order to solve the case. And as quickly as it arrived, the boss's newfound affection for Castle is gone.
So this holiday, Castle's Christmas gift to Gates is a no-brainer. Using his detective skills and considerable wealth, he should track down the dolls and once again complete the Captain's collection. What better way to offer some holiday spirit -- and get back into the captain's good graces?
The (Almost) Grown-Up Daughter
Alexis Castle
Castle has always had a special relationship with his daughter  Alexis CastleWise beyond her years, Alexis is often the one giving advice and support to her free-spirited father. So in " Secret's Safe with Me," it's a surprise when Alexis reacts poorly to the news that her dad is finally dating Beckett. Eventually, Alexis admits she's not concerned about losing her dad to Kate -- she's worried about missing him now that she'll be living in the dorms at Columbia.
So this holiday, Castle should reassure Alexis that no matter how much things change, they will always keep their special bond. The perfect gift? A dad-daughter day filled with light saber fencing and laser tag
  Th e Too-Cool  Co worker
Javier Esposito
In " Swan Song," Detective  Javier Esposito is hurt when Castle assumes that since he's a cop, he can't be a good singer. "No, I think you can't sing because I've heard you sing," Castle argues. "That karaoke machine was busted!" Eposito insists, and later proves his chops by jamming with the band Holy Schemp.
The best gift Castle can give his buddy Javi is to acknowledge him as the singing sensation he clearly thinks he is. Sure, Castle could go the obvious route and buy Esposito his own karaoke machine, but what good is being a millionaire myserty writer if you don't use your connections to hook up your buddies? Castle can call in a favor from a friend of a famous friend and give Espo a chance to play with the boss of rock 'n' roll, Bruce Springsteen. And if that doesn't work out, there's always that karaoke machine idea...
  The Partner / Secret Girlfriend
Kate Beckett
After years of being kind-of partners and sort-of friends, Castle and  Detective Kate Beckett are finally a real couple. In " Secret Santa," Castle is thrilled to share his first Christmas with Kate, but she tells him her tradition is to take a shift so another cop can be with his family. In the end, Castle is ready to give up his special night to spend it at the precinct with Kate, but when he opens the door to leave, she's standing their waiting for him. 
For "Caskett," it's time to start making new traditions, together. The best gift Castle could give Beckett is the chance to spend a  real holiday together.