Calling All Castle Followers—Let's Take on The Final Frontier!

By | Oct 31st, 2012

Update: Success again! Castle fans, sites, cast, and crew took on "The Final Frontier" last night and got #Nebula9 trending with strength Worldwide, in the US, and beyond! How cool was that? Thank you so much for supporting the show and being such a passionate fanbase.

Official Keyword:

When to start using: 6:00pm PST

Castle fans, we need your help! A tremendously epic, fun Castle episode is on the way—"The Final Frontier" directed by Jonathan Frakes airing MONDAY NOV 5 10|9c . This marks it as an especially good time in Season 5 to welcome potential new fans to give Castle a try, so we are going to try to spread the word on Twitter by getting an episode-related keyword trending. We banded together to do this for the Season 5 premiere ( here's that post) and were a total success by getting our keyword trending in the US, Worldwide, and beyond. So please join us in taking on "The Final Frontier!"


We're collaborating with to rally fans across the web to tweet a Castle keyword into the trending topics on Twitter this Monday night (11/5).

How to Achieve It

1.  Start spreading news of this strategy today! Share the keyword on Monday night.
The more people we have helping, the closer we will get to achieving our goal! You can let others know about this strategy by linking to this blog or the trend blog. And once it is revealed, please share the keyword on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, word of mouth, any way you can!

2.  Return for the keyword on Monday.
At 5:00pm PST on Monday 11/5 on both this blog post and the tend blog we will reveal the keyword we will try to get trending as well as what time to start using it .

3.  Tweet using the keyword starting at the designated time.
If fans start using the keyword too early, we'll lose our momentum. In order to get it trending, it's really important that we're all using it within the same window of time.

Helpful Tips

*Do not include more than one hashtag (#) in any tweet containing the keyword. (Twitter will ignore your tweet!)

Make your tweet relevant to Castle so that if someone clicks on the trending keyword and sees your tweet, they can make the connection to the show. An example would be including something like "Castle, Tonight on ABC at 10|9c"

Retweets count! So feel free to retweet anyone else's witty Castle tweet that includes the keyword.


We again have to thank for carefully crafting this strategy. We're talking years of research, attempts, successes, and tweaks! For an even more detailed blog on this campaign to get Castle trending, visit the tend blog.