Nathan Fillion Dishes at Comic-Con 2012

By Jason Leung | Jul 16th, 2012

SAN DIEGO, CA - At Comic-Con International this past Saturday, Nathan Fillion took part in TV Guide Magazine's Fan Favorites panel, where he sat alongside other stars from some of TV's biggest weekly obsessions, including Sarah Wayne Callies ( The Walking Dead), David Giuntoli ( Grimm), Joel McHale ( Community), Liam McIntyre ( Spartacus), Jasika Nicole ( Fringe), Tyler Posey ( Teen Wolf), Maggie Q ( Nikita) and Matt Smith ( Doctor Who).

Nathan and Joel spent a lot of the hour cracking jokes, but the Castle star also revealed info that every Fillion fan would want to know. Here are a few highlights from Nathan:

TV show that Nathan geeks out over:

“I’m a big ol’ Game of Thrones fan.”

Best place to learn from people’s mistakes:

In the zombie apocalypse. “Don’t keep zombies in the barn.”

Something fans don’t know about Nathan they’d be surprised to find out:
“I’m afraid of sharks. And I’m afraid of bears – the sharks of the forest."

Sarah Wayne Callies then followed up with her surprise fact.
“I have a secret crush on Nathan Fillion.”
“Just like I dreamed it!”
“I also have secret crush on Nathan Fillion.”

Joel McHale also admitted that he and Nathan danced together at the Nerd HQ party the night before the panel. “His sweat smells like jasmine," Joel intimated, "And the song was ‘The Lady in Red.’”

Other surprising fact:

Nathan and fellow panelists David Giuntoli and Maggie Q are deaf in one ear. Nathan lost his hearing in his left ear in 1973.

What's going to change for Castle and Beckett now that they've finally kissed:
"There's probably going to be a lot more kissing. There's definitely going to be a lot more kissing. I'm gonna make sure."

How is Castle going to protect Beckett?

"Kissing." Nathan went on to say that he doesn't think Castle knows how much danger Beckett is in. "In my head -- I'm making this up -- I picture a terrible situation... someone pulling a gun and the slow-motion 'Nooooooooo!!!'" as Nathan pantomimes diving in front of the line of fire. "And then a very special Castle: Will He Survive?" He mimicks a hospital EKG machine flatlining before quipping, "Then Esposito goes, 'Oops, that's my bad.' He takes the little plug and puts it back in." The crowd responded with wild applause. "Probably the Christmas episode," he joked.

Any more Firefly reunions planned for Castle?

"I've been pitching since the beginning an episode of Castle where the captain of a sci-fi show gets murdered. Brutally. They go to investigate and it turns out the rest of the cast hated him because he was such a prick. And Castle is constantly defending him because he was such a fan. 'Oh, he couldn't have been that bad! C'mon guys, he was, like awesome, right?'"

Fans were also able to catch Nathan Fillion at the Official Castle-Marvel Signing.

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 nathan fillion, castle marvel signing, comic con 2012

nathan fillion, castle marvel signing, comic con 2012

Thank you to all the fans who stopped by for making Nathan's day and our day!