Castle Message Board Tips and FAQ

By | Feb 6th, 2013

The Castle community is now together in one place -- check out the new boards today! Here are a few guidelines and FAQs for keeping this a fun, insightful community for people who share a love of all things Castle.


Share your opinion

Tell us your why you love Nathan Fillion, what you thought of last night’s episode, and most of all, your hopes and dreams for Caskett.

Post respectfully

Keep in mind we Castle fans are a diverse and enthusiastic crowd. The goal here is respectful, fun discussion.

Respect privacy

Don't post personal information about yourself and respect the privacy of other members by not posting any personal information about them. 

Use only one Member Name

Besides being a violation of our rules, it’s just confusing.

Remember the golden rule: What Would Castle Do?

To loosely paraphrase Beckett, Rick Castle is immature, egotistical, and self-centered, but he’s not disruptive on message boards. Do your best to be a charming, polite, ruggedly handsome contributor.

Avoid Disruptive Behavior

Spamming, hijacking, baiting, and harassment are against the rules.



Can I use profanity?

Profanity is forbidden, even if it is masked. Avoid four-letter words. Also, naughty words made with any other number of letters.

Can I talk about Castle content on other sites? What about links?

You can refer to Castle news on other sites, but please do not post URLs to sites outside For security reasons, any post that includes a link may be removed.

What do I do if another user is harassing me?

If you are personally attacked, please report it without responding.

What if I see a violation?

If you see a violation, please report it without responding. Make sure what you’re reporting is a true violation. If you have a pattern of reporting posts that don't contain violations (or you are targeting the content of a member you don't like), your account will be the one that is flagged. 


Thanks for being part of the Castle community! Have fun!