Message Board News

By | Jan 7th, 2013



Hey Castle Fans! As you know, we recently launched new message boards to provide you a better forum to discuss Castle. We kept the previous boards up to give you a way to continue the conversation while getting used to the new boards.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the new boards! As these boards have grown, many of you have expressed a desire to see the Castle community together in one place. To that end, we will be retiring the old boards on Friday,  January 11, 2013
As Castle fans, you are part of a truly special community, and we hope to see you continue your fun, insightful discussions on the new boards. They're easier to use, feature real-time updates, and allow you to easily share posts with your social networks. Best of all, everyone in the Castle community will now be in one place to talk about the show we all love!