Behind the Scenes of Episode 505: Probable Cause

By | Oct 29th, 2012


"One of the issues with Tessa's was that the victim had to hang from the ceiling. Usually our ceilings are made of stretched muslin which would not bare the load of the stunt persons weight. We had to make sure sections of the ceiling could carry the weight. To solve this I came up with the type of poured beam ceiling that you find in NY lofts. We added the wallpaper to create chaos and tension to her environment. It's in total contrast to the rest of her apartment."
Production Designer Alfred Sole

Director's Library Set Drawing

"We had to manufacture bridge gates that went up and down. The gate served the scene as well as safety of the crew. We were really proud of how it turned out. It looked exactly like the actual gates on other parts of the bridge. "
Production Designer Alfred Sole

Bridge Scene Storyboards created by Director John Terlesky

Click here to view the entire bridge sequence storyboards created by Director John Terlesky!

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