The Ryan Report: Ryan on Plans as a Dad

By Detective Kevin Ryan Jan 22, 2013

A few weeks ago, Esposito played big brother to a kid who needed a little guidance and advice. Apparently, “big brother” means Assassin’s Creed and goofing around. Which got me thinking about what I would do when Jenny and I had a kid.

I’ve put together a list. It’s sort of like a bucket list, but it’s a list of things I not only want, but promise, to do. So here we go. I’m always open to suggestions in case I forgot something.

  • -Ice skating at Rockefeller Center, even if it means getting over my chronic fear of losing a finger to another person’s skates if I fell (hey, it could happen!).

  • -Catching a ball at Yankee Stadium. While holding a hotdog in each hand. Because you’d have to catch it in your mouth. Hardcore.

  • -Showing him/her where Granddad Ryan wrote his name in the book at Ellis Island.

  • -Going up the Statue of Liberty…whenever they get around to opening it again.

  • -Riding a bike…in a law-abiding manner. With a helmet and knee pads. And turn signals.

  • -Seeing Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, because New York is the only place for musical theater. At least, according to Jenny. But have you seen what they’re doing in Vegas lately?

  • -Mooncakes in China town – it was the first time I had Chinese food that wasn’t from “The Great Wall Café” on the corner. It’s a seasonal thing, like a Chinese McRib.

  • -Anything to do with dinosaurs or archeology, really. I wouldn’t mind raising the next Indiana Jones.

  • -Dancing on the giant keyboard in FAO Schwartz. Sure, it’s cheesy, but in 10 years it’ll be so retro it’ll be cool again.


So what am I missing?